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   Chapter 39 Gavin's Secret

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6419

Updated: 2019-07-06 00:45

Rian's POV:


"Hmm, yes baby?"

He turned to me with a smile on his face. We're now in the kitchen, and he's cooking some breakfast for us. Cari's already out for her early morning routine.

"Can we talked about yesterday? About Gavin?"

He inhaled deeply before he nodded.

"Baby, i can't promise not to get jealous again, but i promise not to over react like what i did yesterday."

"Ahm... we... we have an upcoming competition."

His eyebrows crunched in confusion.

"Upcoming competition? What's that... is that related to your band?"

"No. It's a part of the thanks giving event of the company."

"Okay. So what kind of competition is that?"

"It's a dance competition. Actually it's dance for a cause. Half of the prize that the winner will get, it will goes to their chosen charity."

"Uhuh... and?"

"I am one of the participant."

"Wow! That's great baby. What type of dance are you going to perform?"

"Actually we're all going to perform a modern dance. And me and my partner choose to compete with a couple dance."


"And Gavin is my partner."

His smile dropped as his expression turned into serious.


"Alex, please."

"Baby, i can't let you perform with him in that dance competition!"

"But why?" i asked in disbelief. Jealousy problem again.


"Because you're being jealous again?"

"No! it's just that, he can touch you in every part of your-----"

"What if i tell you that he's a gay? Would you let me then?"

"What? What did you say?"

"Would you let me dance with him, if i tell you that he's a gay?"

His mouth slighty opened and he looked at me with his bewildered eyes.

"He's gay, Alex. Gavin is a gay----

"Fuck! I heard you!" i gasped as he cursed and raised his voice. "Then why didn't you tell me the first time i met him?"


"Why didn't you tell me when the first time

"Can i?" i asked smiling.

"Can you what?"

But i didn't answer him. I pulled the sleeve of his shirt and blow my clogged nose on it.

He looked at me with his jaws dropped.

"Sorry. I don't have tissue." i smiled as i also stepped backward.

"Ahh.. you used my shirt as your tissue?"

I didn't missed how his lips curled up into a devilish smile.

"I can wash that hubby, you know." i continue to step backward as he also continue to step forward towards me.

"I know, baby."

"What are you doing?" i asked as he grabbed both of my hands and pushed me to the closed door. He caged me with his two muscular arms.

"I'm just going to give my wife a punishment."

"And that is------"

.....that is when he kissed me but instead in passionate way. I kissed him back and our lips moved in sync. I wished every punishment that i would have to receive from him, is something like this. Because i am telling you.. I'm not going to stop doing such punishable things.

"Making out again? God!"

We stopped as we both looked from where the voice came from. And there.. behind him was Cari and Ryan. Her both hands were crossed over her chest, while Ryan is just grinning like a idiot.

I wanted to laugh at her face when Alex kissed me again infront of them.

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