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   Chapter 38 Rhythm of Love

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6778

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Guys... this chapter contains mature content..



Rian's POV:

We ended up our making out session into a hot and hungry love making inside my room. As soon as we entered the door, he carried me in a bridal style while hurrying towards my room and to my bed.

Every touch that he's giving me, ignites my skin in their wake and drowning me in the pool of lust and the love that seems to overwhelm me.

He climbed on top of me and kissed me hungrily on my lips, while his hand on top of my breast, massaging one after the another. I kissed him back. My hands ran on his muscled arms to his back down to his waist, feeling the steel of his muscles.

I don't know how he managed to take all my clothes, because the moment he laid me down on my bed, things got blurry in my head. All that matters to me right in this moment, is the man i love and the feeling of excitement from within.

His lips found my breast, sucking my perked nipple while his hand kneading the other. A soft but needy moan bubbled in my throat. And he groaned as his lips torturing me from the extreme pleasure and it keeps on moving down to my belly.

And when his finger circled along my sensitive bud, my body automatically arched forward because of the sensation he created down my core.

"God, baby! I missed this."

A naughty smile formed on my lips after hearing his grunt. He became a religious man again.

He continue to moved his finger and his lips found my aching center. I gasped as he shoved his tongue inside me while his other hand's on top of my belly, stopping me from moving. He parted my second lips by his two fingers as he continued sucking and licking my pre-juices.

His warm breath blew across my throbbing core while his expert tongue continue on torturing me from licking my clit in a circular motion and slid down my center.

I moaned his name uncontrollably when he inserted his finger inside me and added it with another finger. He pushed it deeper and

wly walked towards the bathroom.

"!" i immediately closed the door and locked it.

"Mrs. Smith, open this door." he sings outside the door.

"No, Alex. Stay there."

"Ahh.. i waited for you outside your door. I confessed my love for you... i maked love to you..."

"And so?"

"Didn't i have a reward for that?"

"Excuse me? That's your duties of being my husband! Haha."

"Oh.. baby, please.. i love you."

"And i love you too."

I smiled widely. Who would know that after of four years of being just a contractually married, we will end up a true couple. Although we were legally married, but by that time we can't called ourselves as husband and wife.

"Baby please-----"

I opened the door when he was about to knock again. I pulled him inside and kissed him hard like my life depended on that kiss. I didn't wait any longer before he kissed me back as he lifted me and placed over the counter.

And again, inside of my bathroom .. we started to dance in the rhythm of our sweet and passionate love making.

And we ended up again inside the shower and in the bathtub. I wonder how my husband gets his energy everytime we started every round. He seemed not contented with just one.. until we ended up completing the four hot and exhausting rounds of our love making.

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