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   Chapter 37 I love You

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"Oh shit! Sherlock!"

I heard Cari's startled voice when she opened the front door.

I was about to go to the kitchen, and it's only 6:00 am. She pushed me to go with her in her early morning routine.. jogging to shake all the negative energy and mood i have from last night happening.

"Why?" i asked her confused.

"Oh my, Rian." she looked at me with an expression i couldn't understand.

That's why i walked closer to her as she opened door wide, and my heart almost dropped when i saw the view from the outside.

Alex is leaning on the stairs railing while still asleep. His jacket was on his side and his back is facing us.

"He still here?" i asked not knowing what to react. My husband was just outside of the door while i was crying my heart out last night. He slept outside.. in a cold breeze of the night while just leaning on a cold metal railings of the stairs.

I looked at Cari and she smiled patting my shoulder.

"Talk to him. Let him understand your situation."

I nodded.

"One point for your husband." she said before she walked inside and closed the door.

I am in the burge of crying when i walked closer to him and take a sit on his side. He still not aware of his surroundings. His lips were partly opened and he's snoring lightly. I restrained myself from hugging him as i don't know how exactly i feel right this moment. Pity, amazement, together with so much love i feel for him.

"Alex." i called his name while patting his shoulder. He didn't move a bit.



"Let's go inside."

I watched him how he slowly opened his eyes and jolted out of sleep when he saw me.

"B-Baby?" i know he noticed that it's already morning as he look around before he looked at me again.

I bite my bottom lip as i smiled a half.

"Baby." his eyes full of regrets when he stared at me. "I'm sorry."

I closed m

ng all his love and care on his kiss.

"I love you too." i whispered to him when i pulled back. "I love you, hubby. I love you too, Mr. Alexander Jonathan Smith." i smiled as he cupped my cheeks. He wiped those new tears that keep on flowing on my face.

We were about to kiss again when we were interrupted by Cari's voice.

"Aherm! 6:32 am to be exact from my wrist watch. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. Excuse me guys, honestly i am about to jog but when i saw you outside, argh! I can't do it anymore. If you want, you can also continue your PDA inside."

Cari said with her both hands on her hips while having a fake scowl on her face.

"It can't be called PDA anymore if we do this inside." Alex fired her up and i laughed when she narrowed her eyes on us.

"Argh! You guys better get a room before the neighborhood can see you making out and doing your make up sex there!"

My face turned into crimson red when i heard Cari's words, but Alex just laughed at her and teased her by capturing my lips again.

"Argh! I hate you guys!"

We both looked back at retreating back and we laughed together when she slammed the door. He kissed me again after that and hugged me tightly.

"I love you."

He kissed my forehead.

"I love you, too."

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