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   Chapter 36 I'm sorry

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Updated: 2019-07-02 17:26

Rian's POV:

As if i have another choice.. i exited my room and headed downstairs to open the front door and to stop the continuously ringing of the doorbell.

-'Who's this one who loved to press the bell? My goodness, doesn't he know that we have neighbors?'-

I asked myself before i stopped and opened the door only to face my husband looking rugged with his jacket on his shoulder and his forehead on the door frame.

And then it hit me, Cari knows he's coming and i don't have to ask her again who informed her just by the non-stop beeping of her cellphone.


My voice died in my throat when he suddenly lunged at me and hugged me tightly.

He didn't say anything, he just hugged me. His breath smelled so much of alcohol. He repeatedly kissed my temple and my forehead and then put his head on the crock of my neck.

My traitor heart wanted me hug him back but my mind also screaming inside about our 'talk' earlier. I already gave him myself, my heart and everything that i have in me

I know he noticed my unmoving response and he looked at me. But i stayed emotionless and avoided his gaze.


Just by hearing that endearment, my tears welled up in my both eyes but i don't want him to see those tears, so i immediately blinked them away.

"What are you doing here?" i tried to ask him in my coldest tone.

"I'm sorry."

He sounded like he's in pain but i remained silent. He lifted up my chin and tried to catch my eyes.

"Look at me, please." he pleaded but i just turned my head to the side.

"You're drunk."

"I know, but I'm okay."

"What are you doing here?" i asked again my first question.

"I wanted to see you and i wanted to apologize for what i did. I know i acted such a jerk earlier. Baby, I'm --------"

"Alexander, you're drunk. Just go home. Let's just talk about this tomorrow."

"Baby please, don't call me that." he said in a bit surprised by the way i called him.

"Don't call you what? Alexander? But it's your real name, so what's wrong with that?" note my sarcasm.

"Baby, please. It hurts me when you call me by my whole name. I k

his stare on my face but i keep on looking down on my hands. All that we heard in that moment was our both intake of sharp breaths.

When we heard the horn of a car from outside, we both stand and walked towards the door. It's not actually one of his car. Mark chose to commute by a cab. And as soon as he took his first step outside..

"Good night, Alex." and i didn't wait for him to reply or to react. I immediately closed the door and let the tears flow down again on my cheeks.

When i heard the sound of his car driving away, i clutched my chest as the sudden surge of pain. I wished i know by that moment that only Mark was in the car, and Alex stayed outside the front door, waiting for me to open it again.

When i walked back again to my room, i found Cari sitting on the end of the bed, probably waiting for me.

"What happened?" she patted her side informing me to sit. And i did what she want.

I started to cry again as i tell her what happened. She just hugged me again and patted my shoulder.

And my tears doubled when i remember my brother also doing this to me when i am down and sad. But no matter how i wanted to call him this time, i know i should face this on my own. I am not a kid anymore. I am a married woman now and have a husband whom i don't know.. was still outside of our door.

I fell asleep thinking Dani was the one hugging me to stop me from crying.


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