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   Chapter 34 Jealousy and Possessiveness

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7882

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Alex's POV:

I went straight to the bar after sending Rian to her apartment. I also called Jack and Ryan to drink with me.

I got furious after knowing that she's working with him. It's not that i don't trust her. I love her, but the way i treated her before was keep on coming in my head and i can't help but to feel jealous and envied with what she and Gavin shared... which was supposed to be me.

I felt a tap on my shoulder after thirty minutes of sitting alone in a cold and noisy ambiance of our usual bar.

"Dude, what's up?" it was Jack who now seated in front of me. He's wearing a confused look while Ryan has a deep frown on his face

"What's with your call and this get together all of a sudden?"

Ryan asked while bringing the bottle of beer on his mouth.

I didn't answer yet, i just gulped the remaining contents on my now fourth bottle.

I was about to get another one when Jack tried to get the bottle from my hand.

"Dude, that's enough. You're drunk, man."

"No! I need this!" i swatted his hand keep and the bottle in me.

"Fine. Tell us what happened." Jack sighed as he waited for me patiently.

"What would i suppose to tell you? There's nothing happened."

"Come on, dude. You're not going to call us if there's nothing happened. Is this something about you and Rian?"

I took another gulp before i answered them.

"We had a fight."

I said unconsciously gripping the neck of the bottle.

Ryan seemed to notice this and called my attention.

"Hey, easy dude! That bottle is nothing against you."

"So, you said you had a fight. What happened?" said Jack who stood up and seated beside me. He slightly patted my shoulder.

I didn't look at them, i just continue glaring my bottle.

"Because of that Gavin boy."

"Gavin? Rian's bestfriend? Oh dude.." Ryan asked with a light chuckle as if he already knows this would happen in the future.

"Yeah, but why? What did he do?" Jack asked in disbelief.

"It's not actually him, i mean he's not directly involved."

After saying this, they started their questions simultaneously. Ryan's first then Jack, and after Jack it's Ryan again.

"If he's not directly involved, then what?"

"I visitid Rian at her work earlier. I didn't inform her because i wanted to surprise her. This was my first time of picking her after work. But you know what, i

hip to grow up."

Right after Ryan's long speech, our head were both snapped at Jack's direction.

"Fuck, Ryan! I didn't know that Shakespeare has a long lost son! Whoah! Congratulations to us, we found you!"

I can't help not to laughed at Jack's comment. But Ryan returned it with his middle finger and the word 'Fuck you!'

"Seriuoly Ryan.. you're the greatest fuck boy of the group, i didn't know you had a talent in giving an advice." Jack exclaimed faking his surprise look.

"That was before!" Ryan threw him an evil snarl. But they just laughed after a while.

"You think i messed up again?" i asked seriously that caused them to stop in their trance.

"I think so." Jack shrugged his shoulders. "You know dude, honestly among the four of us, me, you, Ryan and Daniel, I was the only one who never had an experience in this kind of things. But if you're going to ask my opinion.. dude, you messed up for years ago and you messed up again this time. Sometimes you have to set aside your jealousy and possessiveness. I didn't mean that you're not allowed to feel it anymore, but in your situation right now, it could be worsen the gap between you and your wife. You know, i think it should be in this formula, 75:25."

"75:25, what's that?" Ryan and i asked in unison.

"75:25. That means, 75% of love and trust and 25% only of jealousy and possessiveness, so that your relationship will stay healthy no matter what. that your relationship will stay healthy no matter what." he ended it with a shrugged.

But it's the opposite of Ryan's reaction.

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