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   Chapter 31 Our Unspoken Love

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He helped me first fixing my own clothes before he fixed his own. After that, he scooped me in a bridal style and seated on the couch with me straddling on his lap.

He wrapped his arms around my waist as i also wrapped mine on his neck. He kissed my forehead and lingered on it for a seconds.

"Why didn't you informed me?" he asked me after a while.

"Because i told you i wanted to surprise you. But i was the one who seemed surprised by your employees. They were all seemed protective over their boss."



"How did you get up in this floor?" i bite my lip as he asked suddenly.

"By using the elevator, of course." i answered in a 'duh' tone.

"Don't be silly. Of course i know that. But how did you find which floor i am?"

"I asked the receptionist, Rosie."

"How did you explained to her that you want to surprise me when you don't have any appointment?"

"I introduced myself as your wife."

"And how did you convinced her?"

I looked at him as i frowned.

"Oh my God, baby! How many questions that starting with 'how' are you going to ask me today?"

He stopped and he smiled.

"It's the first time i heard you calling me 'baby'."

"Ohh." i blushed and i bite my lips as he chuckled. "Is it?"

"Yeah, and i like it. I love it." he said seriously while staring at me. I stared back at him and this time, i am not sure if i am seeing it correctly. There's a love and adoration from the way he looked into my eyes.

"Have i told you, that you're so beautiful?" he asked while putting the few strands of my hair behind my ear. His stare never leaving me.

I curled up

be jealous because i am all yours. And they mean nothing to me as i have you in my life'.. you know something cheesy as like that.

But we're talking about Alexander Jonathan Smith here.

"Wow! My husband and his ego." he just laughed at me again. "Bu the way, what happened to your former secretary?"

"You mean, Melissa?"

"Yes. Melissa. The one and only Melissa the bitch."

He chuckled again before he answered. "Well, i fired her." he shrugged.


"Because she wants commitment and she said something to you."

My eyebrows knitted. "And what is that?"

"The same things that you're telling about here. A slut."

My mouth dropped with a thud. "She called me slut?"?? i glared at him as if he was the bitch i am talking with right now.

"Yeah, that's why i fired her. Besides, she's no longer working her job well."

"Okay." i said nodding.

Then he smiled and stared at me again as i smiled back to him. We didn't say anyword after that. He kissed me again in a passionate way. Expressing both of our unspoken love through our kiss.


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