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   Chapter 29 Office Visit (Lunch Together)

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"Ms. Thomas, make it sure that this won't happen again." Alex held again his authoritative voice.

"Yes, Sir."

"Wait a minute! What do you mean, not to happen again? You mean to say, she will just let those woman came here and claimed you as their husband?" i placed my two hands on my hips and narrowed my eyes on him.

"No! Baby, that's not what i mean!" his eyes widened as he startled and grabbed both of my hands. I raised my eyebrow this time, challenging him to explain.

"Not those woman, baby. What i mean is, i don't want you to get hurt the next time you're going to visit here." he massages both of my knuckles. I can see from behind him the amusement from the other men inside.

"I'm really sorry, Mrs. Smith. I promise this will never happen again. And i'm sorry, Sir." Olivia apologised looking down on her hands.

"It's okay, Ms. Thomas. On the other hand, I'm glad you show me this." I'm talking about the situation. "Uhm, by the way.. can you just give me an ice for this?" i lifted up my wrist. "Thank you." i smiled and she returned it back before exiting the room.

Alex sighed loudly and pulled my two hands around his waist and engulfed me into a bone breaking hug while kissing my hair. I hugged him back and that's when i remember the four gentlemen that watching us in amusement.

"Oh my!" i pushed him slightly. He looked down at me with silent question in his eyes. I pointed the four men that still sitting on the couch in front of his desk.

"Oh, I'm sorry gentlemen, i was a just discourage by what happened." he said pushing me more to his side and put his arm at the lower of my back.

"It's okay, Mr. Smith. We understand you. It's just that we're really surprised that you're already married." One of the man stated.

"Yes." he smiled looking down at me. "We've been married four years ago, but we'd just keep it confidential and only friends and relatives knew about it." his eyes shines in so many emotions that i couldn't read. He kisses me on my forehead and my breathe stocked on my throat as i blushed.

"Ohh.. young love, so sweet. By the way, we have to go Mr. Smith and thank you for your time. We will just let your secretary knows about the schedule of the contract signing." the second man was the first to stand and offered his hands for a handshake, followed by the rest of them.

"Mrs. Smith, nice to meet you."

"Thank you." i also accept their hands inspite

. You cooked that for me and you got bruised just to surprised me. I appreciate it." he showered me with kisses all over my face.

"Hey, let's eat! Your kisses can be done later." and he immediately stopped.


"Promise." i just nodded. "I still have some salad and apple juice." i smiled and opened the container of vegetable salad in a creative design.

His wide smile turned into chuckled after seeing the design of the salad.

"You're such a creative woman." he chuckled while shaking his head.

"Ohh, yeah? I still have one here. I know you're going to love this, hubby. He's your favorite." my mischievous smile appeared as i opened the container.

His laugh died in mid-air after seeing the rice with spongebob design. He narrowed his eyes on me.

"Why? Isn't Spongebob Squarepants' your favorite? Don't you like it?" i asked controlling my laugh.

"You know i like it. But you're teasing me."

"Ohh, I'm not. Why would i do that? I just want to make you happy."

"Oh baby, you're a terrible liar."

And i laughed at him, after a few seconds he's also laughing with me.

We started to eat after that. He keep on glancing at me and giving me a peck on my forehead which i complained.

"Eww! Your lips are oily!" i said wiping my forehead with tissue. He just laugh and continue to eat.

After our lunch, i put back the empty container inside the bag and clean the mess on the table that we created while eating.

He went to the bathroom to clean his hands and i throw all the used tissues and mess to the bin behind his desk.


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