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   Chapter 28 Office Visit (Facing the mad secretary)

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8056

Updated: 2019-06-29 08:22

Rian's POV:

With my shoulder bag on my left and the lunch box on my right, i approached the woman behind her desk. I am now at the 28th floor and her desk was the first to be found after you stepped out from the elevator.

"Good morning." i cheerfully greet her. I think she's at her early thirties. She's wearing a minimal make up with eyeglasses on her eyes.

She's a bit surprised when she me standing at the front of her table.. She lowered her glasses and raised her eyebrow.

"Good moring, maam. May i know your name and do you have an appointment on this floor? Because the receptionist hadn't informed me-----"

"Ahm, yes." i cut her off, smiling. "I don't have an appointment, and i told her not to informed you, so i can surprise my husband."

She furrowed her eyebrows and blow a snicker at me.

-'Oh my God! I think she's more difficult to convince than Rosie. Argh!'-

"Excuse me, Miss. But i think you are at the wrong floor. Your husband is maybe at the other floor and not in here. Because if you wasn't informed yet, this is an executive floor and-----"

"No. My husband's office is located at this floor and he's actually your boss."

After explaining to her, she laughed. She just laughed at me. Well, who would i expect to believe me at this instant? No one knows about our marriage.

"Miss, I'm sorry to cut your illusions, but my boss is a completely single and a bachelor. So if i were you, go find your husband in wherever floor you want and stop bothering me, because i don't have all the time in this world to listen to your drama and daydreaming! Can't you see, i'm busy?" her voice raised a bit.

"Wait... i have my ring and my ids as a proof that i am married to your boss." i tried to stay calm no matter how her voice raised. Because like Rosie, she's just also doing her job and i can't blame her for that.

"Oh, come on! You really don't have to show me your precious ring or any proof, because that tactics has already been used and awarded in Oscars!"

-'Wow!'- my mind was taken aback by her words for a second.

"Really? I think i'm going receive the real trophy later for being the winner among those girls who claimed my husband as their." i can't help but be proud of it.

But it didn't help the situation.

"Miss, this is my last warning. You will go out from this floor on your own or you want me to call the security team to bring you out


"I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Smith. I-I really don't know that you're------"

"Pack your things now Ms. Thomas! This will be your last day of work!" Alex massages his temple while still holding my hand.

I gasped and Olivia's eyes suddenly glistened with unshed tears.

"Oh my God, Alex! You don't have to do this. Let her stay. It's okay, I'm okay------"

"But she hurted you!" he cut me off by a higher voice.

"It's not her intention to do it. She's just doing her job. Besides, you can't blame her. She doesn't know that you're married." i rubbed his forearm.

"But she could have asked! If she'd just asked me that you're here, this won't happen-----"

"It's not her fault. It's actually mine because i hadn't informed you and i didn't get an appointment first!"

"Appointment? You're my wife, you don't need to get any appointment every time you want to go here!" he said as if i have grown in two heads.

"I know, but let this passed, okay? You can't blame anyone especially your employees if they're just doing their jobs and following your instructions. Actually I'm glad that you have such a secretary like her, because i can entrust you with her."

"Entrust me with her? What do you mean?"

I smiled at they both looked at me in all confusion. "Yes, because i can be sure and sleep the whole day without even bother that there were lots of girls that keep on coming here and claim you as their husband." i looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

But a smile creeped to his lips.

"Ms. Thomas, you can go back to your work. And don't worry, you're not fired." i winked at her.

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