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   Chapter 27 Office visit (The receptionist)

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Updated: 2019-06-29 08:14

Rian's POV:

Speaking of a husband, i need to inform Alex regarding Dani's engagement. We haven't discuss our new arrangement to our family and for sure, they were going to be shocked or if not... to celebrate.

I am now wearing again my wedding ring and it really makes me happy when i saw the same ring on his finger. I really wanted to tell him how much i love him but there's always something pushing it behind.. or maybe i'm just scared.

It's been a week since Alex and I finally consummated our marriage, and since then my phone hadn't stop from beeping because of his text messages that has been doubled after that night.

He'd been more passionate and caring --slash-- possessive and protective over me. Not that i am complaining, actually it's been my dream ever since and I'm so happy about it. And... that is also why as much as possible, i avoid mentioning Gavin's name. Funny isn't it? We are now in the second level of progress in our relationship.

And speaking also of progress, i am now cooking Alex's favorite dish "menudo", in filipino style that i learned from my mom and from my nanny.

It's Saturday today and i don't have work, so i came up with an idea to surprise him in his office.

I put it in a clean container together with the rice and vegetable salad. I also packed apple juice because it's his favorite.

I wear my sexy and tight black dress with a black high heeled shoes. Hmm.. i looked professional yet sexy in it.

After checking myself in the mirror, i headed downstairs to get the bag from the kitchen..

It's only 11:15 in my wrist watch and it will take 25 minutes of drive to the Smith Corporation building. Actually, it's my first time of doing this after of our marriage.

I didn't informed him my sudden visit because i want to surprise him.

Entering the building, i smiled at the receptionist at the reception area.

"Good morning." i greeted her. I saw her nameplate which has her name--- Rosie.

"Good morning, maam. How may i help you?"

I smiled again. Thanks God she wasn't like those snobby receptionist that you can encounter in some private and public buildings.

"Ahm.. I'm looking for Mr. Alexander Smith, the CEO. May i know which floor he is in?" i asked politely.

"Do you have an appointment ma'am with the CEO?"

-'Oh shit!'-

I was taken aback by her question. Yeah, i don't have an appointment, but do i need have one to talk to my husband? But the problem is, no one knows in this entire building that he's already married.

-'Forgodsake! How did i forgot?'-

"Uh-Uhm.. i

okay. It's not your fault. Actually we've been married four years ago. We just kept it confidential and secret to the media." i smiled as i put my things back inside my bag.

"No, maam. I - I'm sorry for my not-necessary comments about those-----"

I chuckled as i cut her off. "About those woman claiming as his wife? It's okay, i'm used to it. Our marriage has been a secret to all, so i can't blame those women who still dreaming of my husband."

'-Liar!'- my heart shouts inside of my ribcage. I smiled at myself, because even me, i also dreamt to be his claimed wife before.

"Maam, do you want me to go with you to his office or do you want me to call again his secretary to assist you-----"

"No. No. It's okay. I told you i want to surprise my husband. Actually i brought him lunch." i pointed the lunch bag in front of us.

"Ohh.. I'm really sorry maam. Are you sure you don't want someone to carry your bag?"

"Yeah, i'm okay. It's not heavy. Just tell me which floor he is. I promise i can manage."

"Okay maam. The CEO's office is at the 28th floor."

"Thank you, Rosie." i said mentioning her name.

I was about to step when she called me again.

"Ma'am, i'm really sorry again about what happened earlier. I just didn't know that he's-----"

"No, Rosie." i cut her off. "Actually you're good at your job. You approached me well and handle your job in a nice way. You've never been a snobby to me, even though you're thinking that i am just the same girl who bothered you about my husband. For me, you're just doing your job and thank you. You're a great asset to this company." i smiled as i see her let a sigh.

"Thanks.. I'm going." i told her before continuing my steps.

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