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   Chapter 26 Dani is getting married

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Updated: 2019-06-29 08:09

Rian's POV:

At lunch time, i decided to call my brother and ask him about his sudden engagement. He picked up the call after the second ring.

"Little sis." i can hear the tiredness from his voice.

"Big brother." i greet him with a cheerful tone. "How are you?"

"Doing good so far. How about you and Alex? Is there any progress?"

"Progress?" Thanks God he can't see me, because i'm sure he would going to tease my blushing face by just mentioning Alex's name. "We're fine. He's making up for his four years of absence in our marriage. And when i say he's making up.. my God Dani, he is so over protective and possessive."

He chuckled from the other side of the line.

"Good. That's a good sign, Rian. Let him be. And I'm happy for you."

I arched my eyebrow. "Really, you're happy for me? But you weren't sounded happy." i paused and sighed. "Are you sure you're okay, Dani?"

"Of course I'm okay. I'm just tired, you know. We'd just closed a deal from our Canadian investors, and at the same time... Dad is really pestering me to win the deal with the newest European investors. The problem is, they don't trust an unmarried man. So lucky for me, right?"

I sensed the sarcasm from his voice.

"Wait, Dani. What did you say? European investor--- unmarried man? Is this connected with your sudden engagement?"

I heard him sighed. "Yes."

"Ohh..." i said nodding. "But why Dad wants you to win and close the deal? Is it really a huge investment?"

"Yes. If i can make them sign the contract of partnerships with us, it will brought both the company a huge profit in the future."

"I see... and because you're still unmarried, you have to do some way to make them your partner, and to take one huge step by marrying someone who will portray as your wife?"

"Why are you so smart, little sis?"

I raised my eyebrow as i chuckled. "Thank you. Such a small thing." i said confidently and he laughed at the other line. "By the way, have you found your soon to be wife or you're just going to choose with one of your slut of a girlfriends... i mean ex-girlfriends?"

"Hell, no! First of all, they wouldn't passed by mom's hawk eyes. You know her."

"So that means, you still don't have a bride?"

"I already have."

"How did you do that? I mean.. do i know her? Is she beautiful?"

ally my intention to let him heard it.

"You know what..." i paused. "It really doesn't make any sense talking to you about that matter. Just call me when your not as stubborn as you are right now." I huffed loudly.

I hears him chuckled at the other side of the line.

"Okay, thank you, sis. You really maked my day. You don't know how much this call means to me."

I smiled as i heard him become my drama-king brother.

"Ahh.. i missed you, Dani. Even if you're so over dramatic."

"I missed you too, sis. Take care always, huh? And please tell Alex my regards."

"Okay. I will."

"Wait... are you two are now leaving together?"

"No! But he asked me once."

"And what did you answer?"

"I said, let me think about it first."

"Ohh.. poor man."

And i laughed at him.

"Anyway, take care little sis, huh? I love you.

"Okay. I love you too."

And then he hanged up the phone. After our conversation, i couldn't help but to think and reminisce all that's happened in my life these past four years. When i turned 18, our patents made a contract with the Smith to solve our company problem. Which was lead to me being marrined with Alex.

Isn't it so funny how my brother and I's lives were almost the same? Well... destiny truly repeats itself. The only difference is that, I've already known the man i am going to marry with by that time. But for Dani, It's so funny yet annoying how he didn't even know the last name of his bride to be.

What do you think of a husband he would be?


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