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   Chapter 24 Their kind of breakfast

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5611

Updated: 2019-06-28 13:03

Contains Mature Contents:

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Alex POV:

I carried her towards the kitchen, holding her tightly as he wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

Seeing her in tears almost break my heart. I couldn't think straight whenever i see her crying. I could lose my mind.

There were so much changes happened over these past weeks. The feelings i had for her grew bigger and stronger as the days goes by.

Not hearing her voice makes me all grumpy all day. And not seeing her beautiful face and her charming smile almost make me go insane.

I still hadn't say those three words. I'm just waiting for the right moment. I know she has the same feelings for me, and i can feel it the way i caught her looking at me. There's always the same emotions on her eyes like mine.

And what happened last night was the best feeling i felt in my life. It only proved to me that we're really meant for each other. Honestly, i really didn't expected it to happened last night. That she will finally give herself to me. I love her with or without that thing. And I can wait for it till she was ready.

But it really suprised me when she said she's ready.


Feeling her soft skin against my body maked the beast in me grew wild. I can't hold it back anymore hearing her moaning and screaming my name. It makes me proud of it. And being her first and only man in her life maked me the most happiest man alive. Actually it didn't really bothered me if she already gave it to someone, what's important to me was that, i can be the last man who can touch her and love her the way she truly deserved.

But the fate and destiny

he softness of her skin and pinching slightly each one of her nipples.

I feel not contented as i brought my hands on top of her panty, rubbing her clit in a circular motion and down to her core. He granted me with a long and needy moaned that's been music to my ears.

I put my hand inside her panty and slide it down to her clit, circled it with my finger and down again to her sensitive core. And her wetness makes my throbbing cock twitched in pain.

"Fuck! You're so ready again for me, baby!"

I pulled her panty down and let it fall on the floor. I also pulled down my boxer before i pulled her to me and positioned myself to be inside her.

Once the tip of my cock touched her center, we both moaned in pleasure. I hold her waist tightly before thrusting myself fully inside her.

We both dance in the rhythm of our love and desire. I pounded her faster as we both reached our orgasms. I kissed her on her forehead like i always do as if it was my new mannerism.

Our breakfast this morning is our each other's body. I have never felt so happy and contented in my life than having her in my arms.

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