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   Chapter 23 I'm not worthy of your tears

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This chapter contains matured content again.

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Rian's POV:

Alex carried me in bridal style to the bathroom with the sheet still wrapped around my body.

He placed me over the counter while he walked to the bath tub and filled it with water.

After testing the warmth of it, he walked back to me and stand in between my legs after spreading it.

"I think this cover is not necessary when you're going to take a shower together with your husband."

My face flushed a shade of red again when he slowly take the sheet from my body. It slid down on the floor.

His breathing become rigid at the sight of my perked nipples. His cock now grew bigger and his eyes turned darker a shade of gray.

"You're really driving me insane, baby." he said with a heavy breathing. His pupils dilated and he bite his bottom lip.


The sight itself makes my body shuddered by the lust and causes my core to dripped another pool of wetness.

I put my hands on the back of his neck and he captured my lips, sucking and biting my flesh. His hands rested earlier in my thighs now doing magic on my hardened nipples.

I moaned as i gripped his hair and pulled him more to me to taste him like his my favorite chocolate ice cream this morning.

He groaned as he kissed me down to my throat, neck and down to my breasts, living my skin wet kisses and marks from his light bites.

He sucked my both nipples, one after each other while his hand travelling down my thighs, igniting my skin with each every touch.

His thumb circled my clit and his middle finger inserted my core. I moaned loudly as my body arched forward to meet his touch.

"Oh God!" my toes are curling behind him.

He groaned when he noticed my wetness.

"God, baby! You're so wet again."

He plagued it in and out and his mouth back into torturing my nipples.

My body tensed as the knot building inside me again.


He continued his assaults. I can feel my body nearly reaching my peck.

"Don't hold it, baby. Come for me."

And he added more pressure with his fingers down my core. And then i reached my orgasm.

My head tilted backwards as my body convulsing on his hand.

He pulled my head and he kissed me hard, dying my scream. I kissed him back and he pulled out his finger. He wrapped his arms around me as he kissed me again hungrily, down to my throat, my neck and my nipples again.

-'Oh my God!'-

I silently prayed as he parted my legs widely again. I shake my head to him as i know where his lips are going to. I don't think i can take another orgasm at this moment again as i can still feel the tingling

by, you're over thinking again. I'm sorry, i did a lot of mistake in the past by sleeping with them. If i can just returned the time, i wouldn't ever tried touching them. I'm sorry." he kissed my forehead and he seated beside me, placing my face on his two hands. "But baby, please... don't let them get over your head. There is no woman in my life that can compare to you ever since, until now."

My mouth hanged open by his words. For some reason, my eyes glistened with tears. For those four years waiting to hear these words from him, it really made my heart dancing in happiness.

He noticed my unshed tears and he closed his eyes tightly before he pulled me into a hug.

"Oh baby, don't. I'm not worthy of your tears. I'm sorry." he held me tightly, soothing my hair and kissed my head repeatedly. "I'm sorry. Please, trust me. Give me this chance to make it up to you and to show you how much you mean to me."

I know he hadn't mentioned yet those three words. But right at this moment, it's more than enough for me. I waited for him for that four long years. I think i can still wait for him for another four years, as long as i can hold him like this. I can touch him and kissed him the way i always imagined before.

We stayed in the same position for a while before my stomach called for attention again.

I pulled out from his arms and we chuckled before he kissed my forehead.

How many times did he kissed my forehead since this morning? I already lost count.

"Now, let's go to the kitchen and I'll cook something for our stomach."

I noticed that he's in his boxer now. Since when did he put it?

He scooped me like a child and he wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked towards the door.

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