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   Chapter 22 Waking up beside him

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8570

Updated: 2019-06-28 12:52

Rian's POV:

I woke up the next morning feeling the sun peeking through my lashes. I really want to cover it with my hands but i can't move. I looked down my body and i found my arm under a big and muscular arm that belongs to my husband.

An involuntary smile creeped on my lips as i remembered the happenings from last night. I tried to pulled my hands and looked beside me to see the figure of my sleeping husband.

I lifted my hand to his soft messy hair, down to his forehead and perfect sculptured nose. I can't believe what was happened few weeks ago. It started it all from the drunk man in the beach who was tried to rape me.

I'm always imagining this from the very beginning since i admit to myself that i love him. Waking up in the morning with him beside me. Holding me tightly as if he never wants to let go of me. And this time, in finally happened. He's now sleeping beside me, peacefully. He still had a furrowed eyebrows and his lips were parted slightly.

I stretch his eyebrows and bring down my fingers to his pink lips. I smiled dreamily as i traced my fingers on it. My eyebrows furrowed when it turned up slightly upward into a full smile. I stopped what i am doing and gulped as my eyes widened when it hit me --- he's awake. I looked up at him with my face and neck flushed of red as crimson.

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to wake you up."

He chuckled. "No baby, you didn't."

I hide my face to his bared chest to hide my blushing face, but God! It didn't help because it vibrates with his chuckles.

"Why are you hiding your face baby?"

He caress my cheek and i yelped when he pulled me up so his face was levelled with mine.

He kissed me on my lips but i slightly pushed him.

His eyebrows crunched.

"My morning breath." i said covering my mouth with my hand.

"I don't care. Besides, trust me baby you don't have a bad breath." he said taking my hands away from my mouth. He climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately. But remembering the time, i pushed him again.

"Oh my God! What time is it?" i asked as his eyes laced confusion.

He looked over the bedside table where my small clock placed.

"It's 8:30, why?"

"Oh my God, it's monday today!" i exclaimed loudly as i tried to get up. He just back into his earlier position.


"So... it's monday today and I'm late for work." i hadn't fully sitted on the bed when he pulled me down on his side.

"No. You're not going to work today. You're going yo rest the whole day."

"But Alex----"

"No. Just call your office and tell them y

Oh my God, Gavin! You really have a millions of question!'-

"And since when, had you started calling me Sir? What is happening to you, are you drunk or are you on drugs?"

-'Oh shit! This is ridiculous!'-

"Sir!" i repeat with a loud and hard tone to get his attention.

"Yes, that fucking shit of 'Sir'. Explain it to me!"

"I just called to inform you that i can't be able to go to work right now, because i'm not really feeling well. I'm sorry."

"Wait... wait! You're not feeling well? You're not usually telling me that you're sick unless we visit you and see it for ourselves! Trust me Rian, I am really going to believe that you're on drugs!"

"Okay Sir. Thank you for understanding. I'll get into details once i get back to work. Thank you, have a good day." and i ended up the call.

I mentally sighed in relief.

"What did he say?"

Alex is eyeing me intently but i looked away. I don't want him to know that there was a lie on that call.


Because purposely didn't informed him that the number i dialled was Gavin's. And of course, i also didn't mention that Gavin is my boss, that i worked for him... not exactly, but in their company.

And for sure, you don't really want to ask me again... why?

Because you already know that Alex has a big thing called 'jealousy' when it comes to Gavin. But i don't blame him of it because it's actually our act to keep Gavin's precious secret. And Alex doesn't know any of it.

"He said 'okay' and wished me to get well soon." i said rolling my eyes. He walked towards me and give me a toe curling kiss.

I lied to the both of them. But i do have my reason. And you understand it for sure.

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