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   Chapter 21 Her First Time

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10372

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Contains Mature contents:


Rian's POV:

He closed the door with his right foot and walked to the bed. Once he laid me down, he attacked my lips as if he's hungrily needing for foods. His hands roamed again my body, kneading my breast and pinching lightly my nipple.

He break the kiss to suck down my perked nipples and i need to bite my bottom lip to control myself from another moaning. He noticed my action and he looked up to me.

"What are you doing?"

"Huh?" i don't know what he is asking.

"You're suppressing your moan."


"Don't. I want to hear that. I want you to scream my name every time i causes you pleasure."

I nodded as i felt myself dripping more just by his words. Then he continue again savoring my upper body. My hands were on his shoulders, feeling the hardness of his toned muscles. His other hand is now on my thigh, holding the garter of my thin shorts while the other is on my side supporting his weigh2 with his elbow.

I take a deep breath when he finally pulled down my shorts together with my panty. The coldness from the AC is directly hitting my bared legs and flesh.

"You're so beautiful, baby." i looked at him and i found him not looking at me but to my bared flesh.

I blushed as this is my first time being nude in front of someone, although this someone is none other than my husband. I crossed my legs to cover it feom him but that was a very wrong move for me, because as soon as my legs came contact together, it just added pleasure to my already aching core, and i didn't noticed the moan that escaped from my lips.

I heard him chuckled.

"I told you, don't cover it. You're beautiful and you don't have to feel shy and hide it from me." i can feel the amusement in his voice.

I gasped as he parted my legs wide to his gawking eyes.

"Fuck, baby! You're so wet!"

I gripped the sheet when his fingers touches my clit. He entered one finger inside me and another one that causes my body to arched forward because of the sudden ecstasy surging my body.

"Hmm... Alex..." my lungs almost giving up from oxygen when he pulled it out. He didn't say anthing. He walked and stood at the end of the bed and i gasped when he pulled my legs towards him. I wanted to protest but my words died down my throat when he kneeled down the floor, spreading wide my legs. He put both my legs over his shoulders and his face and tongue came in contact with my core.

"Oh God!" i exclaimed and my head turned from side to side. His tongue doing circles on my clit.


He inserted his finger inside and i screamed more his name. He put his one palm on top of my stomach to steady me from rising up my body.

"Don't move, baby."

I did as he said but i can't help my legs pressing together every time his tongue slid from my clit down to my core repeatedly.

"Oh, baby. Don't do that, you're suffocating me." he complained and parted my legs again.

I didn't move after that. I just closed my eyes. I don't know but it tensed me and the picture of him doing such this things in his pa

ust. I also wrapped my legs around his waist.


He pounded me even faster and i reached my second orgasm. My body is shaking under him and my mind went to the world of dream tnat he's the only one could bring me into.

When i went back to the real world, he's staring down at me while continuing his move.

"I love the look on your face, baby when your coming."

I can feel him hardening more inside me. Sweats are dripping from his forehead and chest.


He groaned as he dropped dowm his head on tje crock of my neck. He's pulsating down inside me, filling me all of his seeds. Our chest collided with our pantings and his heavy breaths tickling my neck.

He laid still in top of me until his body and breathing became relax again. He kissed me on my forehead before he pulled out himself from me. I catched mu breath from the sudden feeling of emptiness inside me. I felt exhausted after that extremed activity.

My eyes were closing on its own but i still can see him walking towards the bathroom with his bared butt facing me. I smiled as a naughty thoughts came in my mind again

And that's the sight he found when he walked back again feom tbe bathroom with a clean towel on his hand.

"May i know what was that smile dor2, Mrs. Smith?"

I smiled widely with my groggy eyes.

"You had a very nice butt, hubby."

He chuckled at my sleepy words. He wiped my legs with the towel and after cleaning me, he walked back again inside the bathroom.

I didn't wait long before i felt the bed dipped down beside me because of his weight. He pulled the comforter over our body and pulled me more to him.

He put my head on his hand while the other one encircled my waist.

I snuggled more to his chest and i wrapped my hands on his waist. I sighed loudly at the content feeling i have right now.

"Good night, baby."

He kissed my forehead again and his chin is on top of my head.

"Good night, hubby." ...'i love you'

An i dripped off.

I'm not sure if i said it out loud or just in myself? I hope the last one.

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