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   Chapter 20 Heated Dinner (Part 2)

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This Chapter also have MATURE CONTENT..


Rian's POV:

"What do you want to watch?" i asked him when we finally seated again in the living room with a bowl of popcorns on my lap. We just had our dinner and he helped me with the dishes.

"Anything's fine with me." he said shrugging.

"Okay." i decided to pick a romance movie 'A Brush with Love' of my favorite Canadian actor, Nick Bateman. Beside my husband he's the other one who makes me feel like a teenaged girl again. But of course, i'll choose first my husband.

I give him the disc and i didn't missed his furrowed eyebrows after taking it from my hand.

"Oh... you said anything. Anything is fine with you?" i asked raising my eyebrow.

"Yeah. Why? I haven't say anything." i rolled my eyes on his defensive tone. I bite my bottom lip for trying not to laugh at his reaction. He's also a terrible liar.

"That's a good movie, i'll promise. You will also enjoy it." smiling, i patted his shoulder when he sit again beside me.

"Yeah.. you would really enjoy this." he muttered something in his breath but i still heard it and it makes me laugh at him.

I yelped when he suddenly pulled my waist and put me in his lap with my both legs rested on his left side.

"Much better." He said kissing my forehead and circled his arms around my waist. I didn't complain, instead rested my head comfortably on his chest. I can hear his sharp breathing and the fast beating of his heart inside.

I get some popcorn and lift up to his mouth. He looked at me first before he opened his mouth. I smiled and kissed the corner of it.

"Why do you have to be so handsome?" i crack a simple but honest joke which make him laugh.

"Yeah, i know that. And you forget something, baby. I'm also hot. It's in my genes, so blame them."

I rolled my eyes.

Yeah, remind me the next time not to repeat this joke again... it makes my husband's head grew bigger than the Pacific ocean.

"I already know you would say that." i rolled my eyes again as he continue to laugh.

"I love this movie." i said thinking something that will test his ego. "Especially the lead actor, Nick Bateman." i didn't look at him, i focused my eyes on the screen to make my act more believable.

"Why?" he asked being serious again.

Yeah, that's it.

He kissed my hair and i snuggled more on to him. He also tightened his hold on my waist.

"Because he's a good actor. He became a model first before he became an actor. His hunk, his hot and handsome. Oh my God!" i said squealing. I can now feel him shifting from his sit and i am mentally laughing. "All the sexiness and hotness that you can describe him and his body. All the girls screaming his name whenever he smiled!" i exclaimed feeling the excitement, almost forgetting that i am doing this just to annoy my husband.

I jumped a little when i see Nick Bateman smiled at Jaime, the lead actress.

"Oh my... he's really an epitome of sexiness. A greek God sent from above." i added dreamily.

And i was back to the real world when i noticed him stiffened and his hold tightened. I bite my lip, looking up at him and wearing my cutest smile that i can make. He had a furrowed eyebrows and an annoyed expression.

"Don't do that again!"

"Opps.. don't do what?"

"Don't jump again like that. And you really describing another man's body while I'm just in your side?"

I didn't understand his first sentence. Why do I'm not allowed to jumped on him again?

-'Ohh..Forgodsake!" i got it.

But the second one, it's clearly indicating that i got what i wanted.

"Aww... come on. It's true. He's really hot and he has six freaking abs, a toned chest and a body of a Greek God! Oh my... isn't he gorgeous?" keeping my best actress smile, he didn't know that the one i am describing is not longer Nick Bateman but him.

His smiled disappeared when he stared at me this time more serious than the other.

"Are you serious? You're still gawking at another man's body?" this time, i can't really supress my laugh.

"Come on, i can't help it. Besides he's an actor and a model. What's wrong with that?"

"Everything in that man is wrong! I'll show you!"

Is he seriously jealous with an actor? And without any seconds he pulled up his shirt over his head and i gasped.

"Huhh! W-What are you doing?" I asked feeling my mouth dries with th

ow how it made me crazy the time i saw you wearing those little lingerie of yours." i bite my lip because of the moan i am suppressing.

His hands go around my back and unclasped my bra. He removed it from my body with one hand. The other one is rested beside my head, supporting his body weight.

"Fuck! Baby! You're going to drive me insane! This is it, you can't be able to stop me!" he said after seeing my hardened pink nipples that showing the needs to be touch.

'-Don't worry, i won't ever stop you.-'

He lowered his head and bring my left nipple to his mouth, while kneading the other one by his fingers.

"Alex..." i subconsciously moaned his name because of the sensations and lust that creeping down my whole body. My toes are now curling and i need to wrapped my legs around his waist to control its shaking.

"Yes baby. Say my name." he continue kneading and sucking my nipples and it almost make me screamed for pleasure.


"Hmm?" his hand travels down my stomach while sucking each of my nipples. He massaged my butt, kneading it.. and down my thigh, to my inner thigh. I am just wearing a thin sheet of clothes and my shorts can't shield the burnt from his touch.

I shuddered when his hands travels up and finally touches my aching center. He massaged my clit over my panty and i gripped his shoulder hard and moaned again his name.

"Alex... please..." i don't know why i am begging but he continued sucking my nipple. He turned my panty aside and he plagued me by slowly inserting his finger inside my throbbing core.

"Fuck! Baby! You're dripping!" he groaned as if he was in pain. I returned it with my moaned of pleasure. He then again kissed me and inserted another finger inside me which causes me to whimper in pleasure.

The pleasure and something i couldn't explain by words are now building up inside me that i know needed to be released.

"Alex... please.." i begged again.

"Patience baby, patience."

I want to scream in frustrations when he pulled out his fingers from inside. I groaned and glared at him but he only chuckled.

"Baby, as long as i want to take you here, i cant. The couch is too small for us. There are things that needed to be done in bed." he said with his flirtatious grin before he picked me up in bridal style and started to walked going to my room.

I didn't complain as i can feel my face heated up when i heard his words.

This is it. We're going to consummate now our marriage after of four waiting years.

I hold on to his neck and rested my head to his chest while he's walking to the direction of my room. I can't helped but to run again my other hand on his bared chest. I put a feather like kisses on it that make him glared at me.

"Don't do that! You're making me weak. You don't want us ended making love on the hallway, do you?, My eyes widened and i giggled. I stopped what I'm doing and just rested my hands on his chest.

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