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   Chapter 19 Heated Dinner (Part 1)

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5893

Updated: 2019-06-27 17:47

Rian's POV:

Guys, there would be a mature content on this chapter..


Rian's POV:

After spraying my favorite baby cologne, exactly i heard the knock from the front door. I take my phone and my ponytail before i exited my room. Heading down stairs, i put my hair in a messy bun before i walk to the door.

I can feel all my nerves tingling in my body because of the excitement and a bit of nervousness that creeping me inside. I know it's him base on the rhythm of my heartbeat. I can feel him outside the door or maybe it's my heart telling me that's it's him knocking on the outside.

I exhaled the air that blocking on my throat before i decided to open the door... only to engulfed into a tight hug with two muscular arms that belongs to my husband. I almost stumbled due to his sudden action. I am a bit surprised by his tight hug.

He put his head on the crock of my neck and inhaled my scent.

"You're smelt like a baby." he said and keep on smelling my neck. I giggled as i am a ticklish person.

I wrapped my hands on his waist and also smell his cologne that filling my nostrils. After almost a minute of hugging, i decided to speak again.

"You really missed me this much that you don't want me to let go? Let's sit down first, I'm not going anywhere." i said it in a form of joke. But the response that he gave me is more surprising that what i am expecting. He kissed me. He kissed me in a way of telling me that he also really misses me like the way i felt.

It's a toe curling kissed that also make my stomach churned and i kissed him back. Our chest were pressed hard together that even a thin sheet of paper cannot slip between us. My hands knows its own direction, to his nape and his

ng and talking."

He just nodded his head.

"How about you? How's your day and your meeting?"

"Uhm.. it went well. They were going to sign a new contract with us together with their investment." he had a wide and happy smile on his lips. It's just a proof that he loves his work and he loves what is he doing.

"Wow! Impressive. That's my hubby!" i proudly said cupping his cheeks with my both hands. His smile turned into chuckled and my face flushed into a red shade.

"I like it... hubby." he said testing the word on his tongue. My already red face, heated up again. And because i don't want him to see me in this state, i hide my face to the crock of his neck. His chest vibrates due to his constant laughing.

"Argh! Shut up. I'll never call you that again!" i playfully punch his shoulder that makes him to laugh even more.

"Why? I said i like it. You can call me anything. And you can also call me... hubby."

That's it. I don't want to hear his teasing voice again, it makes my face redder than crimson and my stomach churning inside. I am about to stand but he pulled me again and captured my lips into a quick kiss.

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