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   Chapter 18 Friendship Moments

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Rian's POV:

Rian's POV:

I woke up the next morning feeling the sunlight on my face. It's 8:30 in the morning according to my bedside table. Alex is no longer in my bed. He's probably left for work when I'm still asleep. But it's sunday today and it's supposed to be his day off from work.

I sighed as i remember what happened last night. It's not the first time that we slept together since we talked about our marriage situation in the resort, but i always felt sad every time i woke up in the morning and i found him no longer at my side.

I missed him already. I am wondering if he feels the same way as i misses him. We still not consummated our marriage. Well, he's not really forcing me on that, he said he can wait for me whenever i am ready.

I sighed again as i sit up and planning to go to the bathroom for my morning routine, when my cellphone ring in the bedside table. My eyes widened in surprise when i see a single white rose beside my cellphone. I picked up my phone and the single rose and brought it to my nose. The name 'my handsome husband' appears on the screen. My heart filled with excitement with his simple gesture. He was the one who saved this when he found out that only 'Alex' was his only contact name saved in my phonebook. I smiled as i swiped the answer button.

"Hello." i cheerfully greet, smelling the single rose.

"Good morning, Mrs. Smith." i can also notice the cheerfulness of his voice even in the other line. "Have you seen my morning present and the note?"

"Good morning too, Mr. handsome-Smith." i heard him chuckled. "Yup, i saw it and thank you. But i haven't read the note yet."

"Oh, okay. By the way, my PA called me this morning, something important came up, that we need to discuss here in the office. I didn't have the heart to wake you up because you were in the middle of your snoring." he said with a light amusement.

"Hey! I don't snore... So, you're in the office?" i asked a bit sad but i tried not to show it in my voice.

"How would you know that, your asleep? And yes, I'm at the office."

"I know it. I dont snore!" i said pouting and i know he knew it because he chuckled again.

"Okay, if you say so. Anyway, i have to go they're just waiting me to start the meeting."

"Start the meeting? So, where exactly are you?" I asked confused.

"Conference room." he answered quickly.

"Conference room--- with the people you're going to have a meeting with?"

"Yup, you're smart my dear wife." he sounds happy.

"So, you're talking to me while you're in a meeting." it didn'tsounded a question but a statement.

"Yes, and they're actually looking at me right now and listening to what I'm saying."

I gasped and my eyes widened.

"You're such a jerk Alexander Jonathan!" i gritted my teeth and i heard his throaty laugh.

"I'll hang up now. Bye."

"Okay. I'll call you again later." he said still laughing.

"Fine. Bye."

"Bye, baby."

Somehow, my smile couldn't leave my lips. I reached for the note and read it.

Good morning, baby

Enjoy your friends-date today

I'm looking for our movie-date tonight.

Take care

Your husband, Alex

My smile grew bigger at the word 'movie-date' and 'your husband'. I feel like a teenager who had first received a love letter from her crush. I kissed the note and brought it to my che

d to be a mother hen to her just for her to confess with us her problems. And she's not the 'adviser' type of a person, but i am happy that with me, she can be that person and friend that i need.

We continued our chatting until we decided to call the girls. I didn't change my outfit, i just added some accessories like my round brown hat, brown shoulder bag and some danglings on my wrist.

Spending time with the girls is my number one stress reliever. The examination week is over so Sierra could finally joined us. We spent our time on shopping, buying some girly stuffs, lunched at the pizza house in the mall and non-stopped chatting.

And because Sierra weren't with us in our last get together, she has what is called 'wheel of questions' for us. How did Cari got a boyfriend in just three days? And the news she can't believe the most is that... how did i ended up married to a freaking billionaire and the number one bachelor in L.A California? And got an instant husband in the span of three freaking days?

We just laughed at her non-stopped and hilarious questions and comments to us. Cari answered her first and i also explained what was my real status when they met me.

At first, she gave me her mother hen side with her ramblings and irritations for Alex. But at the end of the story, i became the villain, saying i should give him a chance and give our marriage a chance once again.

She's happy for me and wishing me goodluck and whatever may happen i will have their supports and of course... don't forget them to get to be my baby's Godmothers.

At three in the afternoon, we decided to watch a movie. It lasted 3 hours so, i still have time to buy some ingredients for my menu tonight.

I didn't text Alex that we finished our friendship date early and that i'm finally home at 7:00. Ryan picked up Cari at six so i was left alone. I cooked Italian style spaghetti and meatballs, i also baked a small chocolate cake for dessert.

After preparing for dinner, i texted him and got an instant reply ... just seconds... after i sent my text, saying he will be here within thirty minutes.

I take my shower first and change into something comfortable with my favorite hamster head slippers.

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