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   Chapter 17 You can survive without a kiss in your life

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"So... i can't even have you for lunch tomorrow?" he asked while were walking. His palm placed on my lower back that creating hot tingles to all my senses. His eyes having a hopeful glimps. We stopped at the door way.

I sighed. Why does he have to be handsome?

"Maybe tomorrow night if you're not busy or have nothing to do, you can drop by here and i'll cook something for you. How's that sound?" i smiled at him at hold his hand from my waste.

"You can cook?" he's eyes were round and looked surprised.

"Yeah. I can cook. I can definitely cook for the whole town." i answered with a wink.

"Uhm... sounds tempting, but add some more convincing idea."

I rolled my eyes on his grinning face. "How about after dinner we can watch a movie and eat some popcorn in the living room."

"Hmm...."? he put his right thumb on his chin as if he's really thinking if he would agree.

"Oh! Never mind mister, I'd changed my mind. I better going to sleep tomorrow night. That would be better." and now his grin immediately become frown.

"Don't you dare left me hanging on a cliff, woman."

"Because you're really taking so long for your answer. It's just a simple yes or a no."

"Fine. What time are you coming home?"

"Uhm.. i don't know. I'll just text you an hour before so i could still prepare for dinner." i turned around to insert my key to the keyhole, but he snatched it from me and he's inserted it himself. I entered the living room with him behind me. He closed the door behind him.

"I'll text you from time to time."

"What?" i instantly turned around. "What am i, a five year old kid for you to monitor from time to time?" i put my bag on the couch before i go the kitchen to get some water. He followed me there and get the glass from my hand after i drink. I didn't emptied the glass so it still has a half content of water on it. He drink it in two gulps while his eyes were locking at me.

My breath hitched at the sight of his lips fully covered the side of the mouth glass. My mouth and throat feels dry. I moved my eyes from his lips to his eyes and i found him staring at me, smirking. My face turned flushed at the idea that he caught me staring at his lips.

-'Why is it so hard and complicated like this? He's my freaking husband, forgodsake!'-

"So, about your question Mrs. Smith." he put the glass on the table and take a steps forward so his now invading my private space. Our breaths mixing each other and it almost stops me from breathing. I can smell his cologne filling my nostrils.

"I will text you from time to time to know you were safe..." he paused and place his lips on the crock of my neck, giving me feather like kisses. I take a deep breath because of the sensation he's also giving me.

"And i don't want other man gawking at you.." his lips were moving up to the back of my ear. He bite it and i gripped the hem of his shirt to stop my moan. His hands drawing circles on my waist. "So, if you're busy talking with your friends while you're also busy on your phone texting me, they wil


"Oh, i mean it. All of it!"

"No! you can't!" he placed his head on my neck and i almost give in. But i continue my stunt.

"And why? It's just a kiss, Alex. You can survive without a kiss in your life!" i say trying myself not to laugh.

He spin me around to look into my eyes and i was shocked... he's pouting. Seeing him pouting makes me want to kiss him so hard. And i peck his lips, i can't control myself not doing it because he is so cute. I wish i can capture it with my phone.

"Just kidding, baby." i laughed when i see his eyes lightened up when i called him the endearment he often used to me. But not a split of seconds, his expression changed.

"Ahh... you little tease." he said with a mischievous smile.

"Peace?" i made a sign of peace on my finger while still grinning.

"No." he said shaking his head. I want to take a step back but he's always fast. He scoop me by my legs and he seated at the edge of the bed. My legs spreading on his both side of his waist and my eyes widened when i felt his bulged poking my butt.

"Whoah! You're...." i can't finish my thought as he nodded while grinning.

"Yes, baby. Can you feel that? that's what you do to me."

"Huhh!" i gasped.

"Don't worry, i promised you i won't force you on this. Not... if you insisted me to take my rights on you. And to consummate our marriage. You can always ask me and I'm willing to obey." my face turning into red again but he just laugh at my state.

We started making out again, until sleeps takeover on us. We sleep together in my room with me in his arms for the first time. I want to whisper him those three words, but i stopped myslelf. We're not yet on a stable situation and i don't know what would be his reaction if he knows my feelings. I also don't know if he has the same feeling as mine. I closed my eyes with a smile on my lips. I snuggled more on to his chest and his arm on holding my waist tightened.

"Good night, Alex."

"Good night, baby." and he kissed me on my forehead before we dozed off.

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