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   Chapter 16 Parking Lot Kiss

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10356

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I opened a conversation again after a minute of silence.

"Ahm... we're going on a sun-date tomorrow with my friends----"

"No!" he didn't even let me finish my sentence. He dropped his napkin on the table and his face holding a serious expression.

"Alex, it's just a friend-----"

"Rian, i said no. And we already talked about this. You're not going to go out with Gavin or any man-----"

"Can you just let me finish a single sentence?" i bring up my elbows on the table. "Why do you hate Gavin so much? He doesn't do anything bad to you."

"I don't hate him."

"If you don't, then why don't you want me to hang out with him?"

"Because he's a man Rian. And i didn't say you can't hang out with your friends, i just don't want you to be alone with him."

"We've been friends and bestfriends for two years and running three this year. He's been there when i needed a friend, a brother. And i don't want him to feel that i am setting him aside now that we're okay."

"Baby, trust me, that's not what i mean." he's now holding both of my hands.

"I just don't want you seeing with another man that i don't trust after what happened at the resort that night."

I shake my head and smile that doesn't reach my eyes.

"If you were just been in my life in those four years, you would have seen how Gavin means to me. I hate to tell you this, but you can't just barged suddenly into my life telling me what to do or not, especially to those who've been a part of my life when you're not there." i said standing up and taking my both hands from his hold.

I get my purse and my phone on the table and started to walk out of the restaurant. I don't know how he payed our bill, probably just leaving some cash on the table, because after a while i felt him trailing behind me. I hate it how our first date ended up like this.. me walking away and him trailing behind me.

Its just feel like i wanted to tell him those things. I don't want him to judge my friends as i am not judging what circles of friends he had.

"Rian!" he called out but i didn't stop walking until i exited the door.

"Rian! Baby, i'm sorry." i instantly stop on my tracks.

-'did he just say 'sorry?'-

He reached my hand and he held my face.

"I'm not good at saying sorry----"

"I can clearly see that." i cut him off. I already know that. Alexander Jonathan Smith doesn't apologize, it's clear as a water on the falls.

He tightly closed his eyes before opening it again but now as if he's in pain.

-'is it hard for him sometimes to admit that he's wrong?'-

"Baby, I'm sorry okay? Believe me, it's not my intention to dragged you away from your friends when i showed up in your life, again. I made a mistake of letting you live alone in this marriage, and trust me when i say i want us to work. I want us to give a chance on this marriage. Please, I want you to give me a chance to cover up all those years that I've been a coward to face this. Baby, i want to be with you in every step of the way and i want you all just for me."

Tears are now welled up in my eyes. If i am still not us

ys control myself to them, but when it comes to you, i don't how to control myself. You're making me insane Every time you walk swaying your hips infront of me.!"

-'swaying my hips? I can clearly not remember ... when did i do that?-'

"Everytime you speak with that sweet mouth of yours and that plump lips, God! I don't know if i can survive without touching you. I wanted to touch you, to feel your body against mine, and to make you completely mine, but i can't and I'm trying not to because i know you're still not ready for it."

My face turned in a deep shade of red after hearing his words. My mouth fell open and i don't know how to respond from it. We both fell into silent when he started again the engine and started to drive. His gripping the steering wheel and his knuckles turning in white.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Our sun-date tomorrow, actually it's for us girls only. No boys allowed." i only speak when he parked in front of my apartment. We are still in the car and his head snapped at me.

"No boys allowed." he repeat not in a question form without looking at me.

"Yes. No boys allowed."

"What time are you going out?" he asked now facing me.

"I think, before lunch until 9 to 10 pm probably."

"That long?" his eyes widened in disbelief.

"Yeah. Actually it's still short. You know girls time.. we can hang out the entire day around with out being exhausted."

His mouth shaped an 'O' but didn't say anything. He opened his door side before he walked over to open mine. I waited for him this time, because i know he hated it when i didn't wait him to open my door. So, i just sit there and watch him doing his part of being a true gentleman.

I smiled at him before taking his hand that is in front of me.

"Thank you."? I don't forget to say thank you even in every small things that he do, like opening my car door, closing it, walking to the door, giving me food and some other small things. Although he always telling me that i really don't need to say thank you because it's his job for being my husband.

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