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   Chapter 15 First Date

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7475

Updated: 2019-06-27 17:13

Rian's POV:

It's been weeks since our vacation with my friends and my interaction with Alex. We're back home and all things starts to normal again, there's just a bit changes and added this pask weeks. I think, because i openly see Ryan in our apartment doing -- you already know -- with my bestfriend Cari.

There were times i accidentally caught them 'making out' if not in the living room, sometimes in the kitchen. And take note, Cari's room becoming noisy almost every God damned morning and night, because of their grunts and moans than can be fucking heard from my thin walled wall.

And my situation with Alex got instantly into a new level. I am experiencing now having a possessive husband, always jealous of a boyfriend, an over protective father, a tease of a brother and a caring mother in one. Although I'm not complaining. I'm actually happy of it.

He really bought me a cellphone the next day he promised me, even though i insisted that he doesn't need to buy me as i can really buy my own. But as persistent as Alex, i didn't got a chance to argue with him. Since then, i received messages from him everyday. Saying 'good morning beautiful', 'have a nice day', please safe at work', don't skip any meal of the day', 'take care', goodnight gorgeous'.. He even calls me three to four times in a week.

But our family, doesn't know about what's happening between us. We only keep it to ourselves, and not actually talking or planning on telling them.

I am lying if i say i don't want any of this or I'm not happy, because i am. But of course, you can't never take having doubts in me because no one informed me about this feelings. I can say Alex really care for me, but i haven't hear him say those three words.. you know what i mean.

We're actually having dinner out for tonight. Cari is in my room picking a dress for me.

It's a saturday today and my satur-date night with my friends, was already taken care of my husband who firmly say "No Pairings". If he just only knew.

"You're husband is not so possesive right ?" Cari teased me, coming from behind the closest with a dress on her hand.

"Yeah, but of course. i still can't spill him what Gavin's precious secret." i said wiping my hair with a

hen i was just saying was i find you amusing." he chuckled and i arched my eyebrow.

"What is exactly that amusing? Kindly enlighten me, please?"

"Well, you said you eat a lot. I already know that actually. I just don't know where you put your eaten foods in your body because you seemed-----"

"Fat?" i narrowed my eyes.

"No! I - I ... that's not what i mean. I just haven't seen you working out but you still in your figure. That's why i find you amusing."

"Ohh, you haven't seen me working out because I'm not into that. But i do jogging three times a week. You wouldn't really know because you were the one who weren't at my side, ever since." i just said without thinking. My eyes widened. It makes him stop on his trance and his eyes suddenly held hurt and sadness.

"I - I'm s-sorry. I didn't mean to say that. It's just slipped from my mouth." i bite my lips and mentally slapped myself.

"It's okay. You're just saying what's in your mind. And besides it's true. I wasn't there -----"

"Alex, I'm sorry." i hold his hand which on top of the table. "I don't want it to hold as a grudge on you. I want us to start over without the past coming in between us." he hold back my hand and smiled but that doesn't reached his eyes.

-'stupid! why do i have to mention it again? argh!'-

"Hey, you don't have to say sorry. It's not your fault. It was on me. And i understand." he smiled again before bringing my hand to his lips. My breath instantly stop on my throat.

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