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   Chapter 14 Confrontations and Kisses

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We are now in front of the hotel, walking towards the elevator.

"You don't need to come with me. I can go on my own." i told him while taking my hand from his hold. But he just looked at me and tightened his hold on my hand.

"I know. But i want to do this."

"Okay." i said stepping inside the lift.

"We're going out after this. We're going to buy you a new phone."

My head snapped immediately on his direction.

"And i told you to don't bother yourself. I can buy myself a new phone!"

"And i also told you that i insist!"

"Why are you really doing this? Why do you need to do this?" i asked him the same question that dancing again in my mind.

"You really wanna know the answer?"

My toes curls in anticipation of what will be his answer.


The elevator door opened, we stepped out and starting to walk in the hallway towards our suite.

"Why, Mr. Smith?" i stopped him by pulling my hand. And because he didn't expect this, i successfully get my hand.

"Do i really need to answer that?"

I cant believe this man! He is such a bipolar!

"Yes-----" my mouth hanged open and stopped what i am about to say when he pushed me to the nearest wall and caged me by his hand on the side of my head and the other is in the side of my waist.

"Because Mrs. Smith, you are my wife! I am your husband! My last name is in the end of your name and we are married four years ago! Is that enough to answer your questions?"

"But four years has passed and you didn't do any of this before, so what's the difference between those past four years and now?" my voice almost became whisper as i looked into his eyes.

"Because this is what i should've done the first time. To ask you what you need, to ask you if your okay... to make sure you were okay." i'm not sure if it's sadness is what i can see in his eyes.


"And last night, i was scared Rian! It's my first time to be scared and mad at the same time in my whole life, when i saw you lying on the sand and on top of you was that motherfucker bastard!" he said gritting his teeth and clenching his jaws.

I gulped. He's scared? He was scared for me? But why? And i remember how he became a madman last night.

"I'm trying to delete that memory. I was scared too." i said looking down at his chest. "But you came and you saved me." i looked up again to see his eyes. But it held a serious expression.

"You promise me from now on... you wouldn't walk alone in any dark areas. Or even walking alone on your on!"

"What? You know, i can't do that!" i pushed him on his shoulders but he didn't budge.

"And why is that?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Walking in the dark areas... yes. But walking alone on my own, my God Alex... i am not a kid anymore. It just happened once and it's because that man was drunk!"

"No! I am telling you Rian, you will do as i say. It's for your own safety."

He pulled back himself but he took my hand.

"I think i should hire some bodyguards for you."

And with that, my eyes really widened. Widened more like than a saucers.

"No.. No.. No..! You can't do that!" i get my hand and walked passed him.

My goodness! It's been four years and I am living on my own without any bodyguards walking behind me or looking what i am doing. And i can't live having them again anymore. That's why i don't want my parents to know what happened. They will surely insists that thing also. And i can't let that to happen. I can protect myself.

"It's just for your own safety, Rian! I am not there 24/7 to protect you in case that happened again!" i heard him talking behind me.

-'What dis he say? He cant be there for me?-'

I stopped as soon as i realized what just he said. Irritation instantly creeped out my body.

"What did you say?" he also stopped and looked surprise when he heard my voice laced with anger.

"You can't be there for me 24/7? Why? When was the time you've been there for me?"

"Rian, that's not what i mean----"

"No, Alex!" i bitterly laughed. "You're really not there for me for the last four years! For four years of us being married. No one was there to protect me. I tried to lived on my own without you in this marriage and in my life! That's why i am asking you, why are you doing this? What is the difference between now and then, for you to not be there for me for that four years? And then you're here now? Claiming me suddenly as your wedded wife?"

"Rian..." he sighed. "I'm here now. I can be your husband you wanted me to be-----"

"Alex, it's not that simple!"

"I know! And I'm sorry." he just take two long steps to get to near me and hold my shoulders.

"Sorry? Sorry for not being there for me? You don't need to."

"I'm sorry. For not being with you i

"Yes?" and his face turned serious again.

"Yes. Cari always setting me up on a blind date, before." i answered nonchaly before i stop myself. His hold tightened, and i just smiled.

Seriously? I can smile in front of him despite of his bloody dark glare?

"From now on, your also not going on a date with any man! Blind date and any kind of date especially with a man. You understand?"

"But how about my friends? How about my sun-date with Gavi----"

"And most especially not with that Gavin!"

"No! He's my bestfriend!" my eyed widened.

This man is so impossible.

"I don't care whether he is your bestfriend or whoever he is in your life! I said your not going out with him, alone!"

I raised my eyebrow. Yeah. Of course he didn't know who is Gavin.

"You said alone.. so that means i can still go out with him if we are in a group?" i smiled inwardly.

"But no pairings!"

"What?" i asked him in disbelief. "You're impossible, you know that?" i walked to the other side of the table.

"That i am!"

"Oh God! You're just jealous with Gavin!" i shouted subconsciously... it's too late to take it back. I looked at him not so sure what was the written emotion in my eyes.

He laughed.. not the kind of happy laugh but a warning laugh.

"Oh, sweetheart.. yes i am! I'm jealous with him every time he touches you!"

My heart stopped its beat. I am really hearing this?

"He's just my bestfriend!" i don't know why i have to tell him this repeatedly. But of course Gavin's secret will be safe with me even with Alex.

"Yeah. And your bestfriend always that touchy when it comes to you!"

"Huhh! Alex, do you hear what you're saying?"

"Yes. And i have all the right because you're my wife! And from now on, even if i will have to prove to the world that you're mine, i will do that. You're mine, Rian! Four years ago and until now!"

"Your crazy!"

"Yeah.. and i want to show you how crazy i am right now... sweetheart!" my eyes turned wide when he started to walk towards me.

I am about to screamed when someone did it for me.

"Hey, hey! You two .. couple! You seriously want to do that on the kichen? My God!" I blushed hard as i heard Cari's voice with Ryan on her back... laughing.

How did i not noticed that the front door opened? And how long have they been listening to our conversation? My face really turned in a tomato red. And i squealed when i was pulled back into a hard chest of Alex. He's now also chuckling and he hugged me from behind.

"Mind your own world!" he just only said before he spin me around to face him. "Gotcha!" he said smiling.

I rolled my eyes.

"As what i was saying, i want to show you how crazy i am." he said smiling like a maniac before capturing my lips again. But this time, in a sweet and passionate kiss.

"Jeez!" i heard Cari muttered before they disappeared from the kitchen, but i didn't have time to look at her because Alex held my face to steady me from moving.

I respond to his kiss with a smile on my lips. Silently hoping that this would be our start. I still have questions to ask, but that could wait. And I don't want this moment to ruined by that.

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