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   Chapter 13 Coffee and Cake

Contractually Married By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9298

Updated: 2019-06-27 16:56

Rian's POV:

I sighed as i continue to walk. I don't want to assume things that i know would not possible to happen. I take a deep breath and inhaled the morning breeze that filled in my nostrils.

I looked up and the sun is starting to become visible in my view. I take a sip of my coffee.

"Good morning." i almost stumbled and i choke on the coffee that still in my mouth, when Alex came to my view.

"Baby, I'm sorry." he hold my shoulders to steady me as i cough so hard because of the coffee.

"Why did you do that?" i glared at him when my breathe's become steady. I punched him on his chest.

"I'm sorry, i didn't know you hadn't noticed me earlier." he hold my hand and smiled.

I blushed and take my hand as i continue to walk. And then i noticed that he's wearing a jogging suit.

"You came from running?" i asked not looking at him.

"Yeah. How about you? What are you doing here in this early in the morning?" he suddenly stop walking so i also stopped. I turned to look at him only to find him looking at me seriously. "Aren't you afraid that maybe there's another like that fucking man walking around here?" now he's really serious.

"Ahmm.. at this early? I mean it's not even seven o'clock. Who on this earth would be in such as drunk like that man last night?"

"Oh.. baby, we are in California. A city that is also not sleeping. You should have more careful. What if i didn't heard you screamed? What would possibly happened to you? Fuck!"

"Hey! It's done. And by the way, thank you. I haven't say thank you from yesterday.. so.. thank you for coming on time."

He sighed.

"Your welcome. Just don't do this next time. Don't walk alone! You can call me or text me if your going to walk alone like this."

"How can I call it alone if i have companion?" i just muttered to myself.

"Rian! I'm fucking serious!"

Huh, he heard me.

"Why are you offering your help to me now? Your not doing this in the last four years. So why are you helping me right now?"

I waited for him to answered, but i didn't hear anything. He just sighed.

"It's okay. You don't need to answer. I understand." i take a sip of my coffee.

"No. I can't answer your question. Not now."

I looked at him.

"Why can't you answer right now? Is it a hard question?"

"Drop it for now, Rian." he said with finality.

"Fine." i huffed and take a sip again. "Coffee, you want?" i don't know but i offered him my coffee. I am expecting him to decline my offer but to my surprise, he smiled and take my mug from my hand.

"I thought you're not really going to offer me. I'm so thirsty, you know." he said before he brought it to his lips.

He drink exactly on where my lips touched the mug. I didn't wear any lipstick or lip gloss so there's no trace of

uth. I unconsciously licked my bottom lip because of the frost left on it when i shove my last bite of cake.

"Fuck!" i looked at him, confused and shocked was written on my face.

"Don't do that again!" he narrowed his eyes on me while gripping the poor spoon. He's knuckle is turning white now.

"Do what?" i asked him really confused.

-'What did i do? I can't remember doing anything. I'm just eating. I did sorry for my moan.'-

He sighed. "Nothing. Let's go." he stand up and take his phone fron the table.

"But you haven't eat your food." i bite my lip again as i felt a little embarrassed. I finished my cake on that split of minutes?

"I'm good. Don't worry about me. Just bring your coffee." he wait for me to stand and take my coffee. He take my hand again and intertwined with his and we walked out of the shop.

We are walking back to where we came from earlier. I noticed him being silent. Is he seriously like this all the time? Being playful and naughty for a while but in a span of seconds become serious and cold? Well, he still holding my hands right now, it's just that he's not talking to me. And it really bothers me for some unknown reason.

"You suddenly became silent, Mr. Smith. Why?" he stopped immediately when he heard my voice. He turned to me.... now smiling.

-'Huhh? Seriously? He's smiling again? What the--- bipolar?'-

"I'm just thinking something, Mrs. Smith." he answered smirking.

Now it's my time to became silent.

In all of God's glory, why did i ever mentioned his last name? Forgodsake! Why did i forget that it's also my last name?

"Care to share that something?"

-'Oh... Rian, you're digging your own hole.'-

He smiled. "Someday." was his only answer.

I just shrugged and i didnt force him to speak. I don't want to spoil this small moments that we have. Atleast for me.

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