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   Chapter 4 The Past

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Rian's POV:


Four years ago...

I am currently sitting ot the floor in our rented studio, watching my 2 band mates cleaning their musical instruments... when Gelo, our pianist called me because of my phone's continuously ringing.

"Rian, your phone! It's disturbing!"

He pointed my phone on top of the table near him.

I just raised my eyebrows and smiled at him.

"Let it be. It's not important. Just continue what your doing."

I shrugged and smiled inward. Because instead of picking my phone, i let it ring for few more minutes. Haha... sometimes it's so nice to irritate your friend once in a while, 'cause you know...they love you and they wouldn't stay mad at you forever.

"Oh my God, Rian! I swear if you didn't get that, i'm going to eat your phone!"

And once again instead of being threatened, i just laughed my whole life out together with Jordan, one of the 2 boys. Funny how Gelo's face is fuming with anger.

I really tried to bite my inside cheeks just to control my laughter...but goodness...i can't.

"Wow man, i didn't know you can eat a damn phone when you're mad." Jordan teased while also trying to suppress his own laughter.

"Yeah! And when you don't shut your damn mouth, i'll make sure to feed you your damn guitar!"

And our laughter died immediately. Gelo's now glaring at Jordan while cleaning his piano.

"Wait! Guys, why so suddenly become serious? We're just playing around!"

I already stand up and placed myself in the middle of the boys when i noticed that Jordan's also have the same expression like Gelo.

"Gelo, why you're so grumpy today? What happened to you?" my cellphone rings again but i just ignored it.

"Well, for sure you're also going to get grumpy when you saw your ex, who broke up with you just a week ago...together with your cousin HHWW." Jordan seriously answered my question.

"Oh shit!...wait-----what is HHWW?"

"Forgoodness sake, Rian! What are you 5? Seriously, you don't know what is HHWW?"

I narrowed my eyes at Jordan.

"Great! I know what is HHWW...that is why i'm asking right now the meaning of it? Can't you see i'm not that clueless here!"

"Hey...hey...easy." he puts his hands on the air like a surrender position. "You're also being grumpy. Holding hands while walking. Gets?"

I rolled my eyes.

And with that, Gelo walked out of the room after throwing the peice of cloth that he used from cleaning his piano.

"Hey, dude----"

"Jordan, let me."

I cut him off by tapping his shoulder, indicating him to stop for following Gelo.

"Are you sure?"

" Yup, let me take care of it." i said walking to the door.

"Hey, wait! Rian, bring your phone!"

" No need. Just answer it whomever may call. Thank you, Jordz."

I found Gelo outside of our rented studio sitting on one of the outside bench, while his both elbows are on his knees and his hands are on his head, carrying the weight of it.

"Gelo." i sit beside him waiting for him to respond, but he never spare a glance at me.

"Are you okay?"

No response.

"You know, you can tell me anything." i tried again hoping for him to atleast look at my direction, but it's also a failed try.

After a few minutes of trying, i sighed and decided to use my bitch side.

"Okay fine! Listen... i won't let you eat my phone ever! Instead... i will let your damned problem to eat you! I have to go!" i stand up to make my act real.

"And no!...don't call me when you needed me, because i will just ignore you!" i folded my arms in front of my chest and take a step to go back inside.

"Rian!" i mentally smiled at myself. See? Thank you to my fake anger. "What?"

"Can you stay with me for a moment?" my expression turned immediately into softer one when i saw his eyes glistened with an unshed tears. I take my seat again beside him.

"I'm sorry. I acted like a bitch to you." i rubbed his arm feeling guilty the way i acted a while ago.

"No, it's okay. It's not your fault. I'm sorry about your phone."

I smiled when i heard the word 'phone.

"It's okay. I know you won't do that." still smiling, i tried to lightened his mode. He smiled, but it didn't reached his eyes.

We sat down in silence. None of us talking. And after like forever... he now started to share his problem. He said, Jordan was right. He saw his ex-girlfriend of two years walking together with his own cousin. Not just a simple walk, but full of sweetness like lover's usually do. And his assumption was true when he actually caught them kissing at the gym. He said he loved her for those years and he still do. He already planned his future with her, having a wonderful family and kids running around. But those wonderful plans of him with her, suddenly crunched down on his feet when she decided to broke up with him. At first, he didn't believed her that she only needed some space, until he saw her right in front of his eyes...with his cousin kissing the hell out of them.

And the rest of the story were all about how he feels...hurt and betrayal. I kinda feel sad for him after he shared his story to me. I've known him for years now but i've never seen him this vulnerable like he is right now. So, i decided to give him the great advice i can give to him, which i know he needed this moment instead of pity.

I told him that maybe...Tweenie (name of his ex-girlfriend) is maybe not the right girl for him. He still young and he's smart. There are lot of opportunities that might awaits for him in the future, with or without her in his life. He can be a successful musician someday or a journalist or maybe a news anchor, he wouldn't know. If Tweenie can't see the future she might have with him... it's her lost. And if she can't love him the way a boyfriend should loved by his girlfriend and the way he deserved...then, it's her lost again.

I must say, his kinda lucky because he discovered early the real her before he decided to give his own life to her. He maybe single for now... or hurting in the process trying to forget her... while focusing on his career... but that's worth it... if in the same process, he will learn to forgive and see the future ahead of him.


for now, since he's in the lowest part of his life, he can have us... his friends, his family... and me... not just a friend but a little sister to him.

When we decided to go back inside, we found Jordan with a knitted eyebrows while still holding my phone.

"What?" i asked eyeing his movements.

"Check your phone." was all he said.


"Just check your phone." i picked up my phone and checked it... then i saw 5 missed calls and 1 answered call. It was from my dearest brother and the call was from my mom.

I want to ask Jordan if what was my mom told him, but i found him talking to Gelo in one corner of the room tapping Gelo's shoulder.

-'maybe he's apologizing'-

So, i just sit on the nearest armchair and return the call to my mother. She picked up the call after 3 rings.

"Hi, mom." i greet her before she can say anything.

"Arriana Angela!" but to my surprise, it's not my mom but my brother Daniel, who's sounded pissed.

"Oh..hi, bro." i bite my bottom lip.

"Don't you dare 'bro me, Rian! What's gotten in you? We're calling you for almost 1 and a half hour! Where have you been? Why aren't you answering your damned phone?"

I put my phone further from my right ear because of my brother's high pitched tone.

"Hey... just one question at a time, brother. First of all, i'm at the school, second...i was in the middle of our make up class so i can't answer your call. I'm sorry, okay?"

"Make up class, Rian? At this point of hour? It's 6:15 pm. And who's that Jordan who answered your phone?"

"Jordan is my classmate. I told him to answer my phone when i used to go to the bathroom." i rolled my eyes.

"Wow! What a really nice excuse. What else do you have?"

"My phone was on silent mode."

"My God, so stubborn!"

I can imagine him tapping his forehead like he always do whenever he's really pissed at me and he doesn't know what to do next... or what to say next.

When i glanced back to Jordan and Gelo, they have both an amused expression and raised eyebrows. You know why? Because they knew that i was just lying. I lied when i told my brother that i was in a make up class. No one in my family knows about me being a band member and especially the vocalist of the band. And these two boys here, also knows about my secret.

Why do i have to keep this from my family? Because they don't want me to joined any activities at school which is not related to my course as a journalism student. They believed that i may not and can't use it in the future. That's why i never told them every practice that my group were doing after class.

I don't want them to know this activities because for sure, they would just force me to stop and follow what they had instructed me to do.

Who knows what my future might be? As a journalism student, maybe i can be a reporter, an anchor or a writer. And since my passion is singing and i love music, who knows i can also be a singer someday... or have my own school for voice lessons, or an entrepreneur that sells musical items such as guitar, piano, and etc.

What my point is that, we don't know what might happen in the future... we only leave ones..why don't we enjoy what we have today... as long as we're not abusing it. It's our future.

"What do you want? Why did you call and why mom's phone is with you?" now my turn to bombarded him my questions.

"They were both in the office."

They both have an extension office at home including my brother, where they usually sent their visitor whenever it regards to business.

"How about your phone? Why aren't you using your own phone?

" Because i know, little sis... that you wouldn't pick up your phone when you noticed that i was the one calling."

-'nice excuse big brother.'-

"Okay. So, back to the topic. What do you want and why did you call?"

"You need to get back home right now, Rian." he suddenly became serious.

"What? Why? Is there something wrong happened?" i started to panic inside.

" No.No. It's not that. We need to have a family meeting." i let out a sigh of relief.

" meeting." i repeat. This time, i don't know why but i do feel nervous. The last time we had a family meeting was about our grandfather's health condition. "So, what's with the family meeting this time?"

"I'm not in a place to tell you what's this meeting is all about. I just want to tell you that this is for your future and for our family's future."

"Dani, what are you talking about? What's happening? I'm becoming nervous right now." i told him honestly.

"Oh, don't be, sis. Just go home and mom and dad will tell you the details."


"Rian please, don't over think about it. Take care, okay? I love you."

"I love you."

With that, he ended our call. I stayed on my seat for a moment still in dazed.

"What's with the call?" Gelo asked me while taking his sit on the other armchair in my left side. And Jordan just remained standing.

"Family meeting?" it sounded a question instead of a statement.

"Well, i think you should go now." i looked up at Jordan. "It might be important because he...your brother... wouldn't threat to kill me when i was the one who answered your phone."

"He did that?" my eyes widen with what i heard. I can't believe my brother did that stupid low threat.

"Yup. I told you to bring your phone."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." he just shrugged his shoulders.

"No...i mean i'm sorry for my brother's attitude. He's just so overprotective sometimes. You know..."

"Nah... don't worry, i'll have to say i'll do the same if i was on his position."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, having such a sister so stubborn like you, for sure i'll do the same...or more than----Ouch!"

I punched his shoulder.

"Your so mean!" i told him while pouting.

They just laugh at me.

"See? That's what i'm talking about."

I stand up and rolled my eyes on them.

"I think I have to go, guys. Please just tell Eric that i can't wait for him. I really needed to go home." Eric is one of our band mate.

"Take care. We'll kust explain it to him." said Gelo while handling me my bag.

"Thank you, guys. Bye."

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