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   Chapter 5 Ensnared

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"Wake up, my dear." A voice injected with grief said. 'Good grief' fear snaked all over Willow as she heard Jacob's voice. She was certain he was him, she knew that voice so well.

She heard shuffling. The next time he spoke, he was much closer to her ear, "Oh my dear! How dare you try to run from me, from us, " he said threateningly. "We still have so many things to teach you, especially how to be polite, " he whispered. It felt like ants crawled over her as he talked.

She tried to move from the bed but her body felt heavy–too heavy. Was she in a hospital? She wondered.

Willow couldn't move, but she could feel something cold wrapped around one of her arms. It felt cold and metal like a...a handcuff!!! Had he handcuffed her? Surely he wouldn't have. If she was at a hospital he couldn't do that. It could be the bed, she thought.

"I know you can hear me Willow and it gives me great pleasure to see you just lying limp on a bed quiet. I think I'll keep you like this, for a little while till you have learned a lesson, and I am satisfied, " he whispered.

Jacob Daniels looked around the room his young wife laid in. It was full of patients like her. He held on to his walking stick as he waited for his assistant.

Slowly, he looked down at his beautiful young wife looking so at peace while she slept and smiled. Surely, he would miss that sassy tongue of hers, but she needed to be taught a few lessons.

Finally, after years of patience, he finally had her. They had enjoyed it so much and so did she. He had married her as collateral from her useless father.

Dylan Broachwood, the bastard, knew that he had always liked Willow more than a goddaughter, and he had sold her off quickly to him not that Jacob gave any complaints.

He remembered her beautiful smile, her laughter, and her happiness. Willow had always been beautiful but for the past few years, she had become the shadow of herself.

She no longer smiled or laughed anymore. He remembered how his wife had cherished Willow until her death two years after her goddaughter was born.

"Excuse me, Sir. Are you her father?" Someone said behind him disrupted his thoughts.

Jacob slowly turned to see a doctor and two nurses behind him. Jacob frowned at the term the doctor used.

"No, doctor. I am her husband, " he said, attempting to sound cold.

The attempt seems to have worked because the doctor's face shifted from all smiles to confusion then puzzlement.

'He was probably thinking how would I be married to such a young woman, ' Jacob thought.

He had been part of the business world for too long to be able to know how to read people. He had been able to take over his late father's business and control people with money.

"Oh! My apologies. I am Doctor Russell King, her doctor, " the doctor took out his hand for a handshake.

Jacob Daniels stared at the doctor who was full of all smiles. Skeptically, he shook hands with him.

"The patient, Miss Willow had a set of broken ribs and bones. She seems to have been in shock." Doctor Russell stated suspiciously.

"Did anything happen recently?"

Gritting his teeth, Jacob almost turned red at the doctor's questions. The doctor almost sounded like he suspected him.

Quickly, he changed his expression to a more worried one. "It's Mrs. Willow Broachwood and in heaven's name what happened to her?"

Doctor Russell stared at him, "it appears that she was raped, sir."

Jacob fell back to the chair next to the bed, his walking stick clattered against the tiled floor of the hospital. One of the nurses behind Russell hurriedly held him from falling off the chair.

"How is that possible? We haven't seen each other for the past days because I was

busy with work in my office. My home is very safe, there is no way." He said lowly, looking up to see the doctor's reaction. The doctor's face had moved into somewhat pity. Good. Just the reaction he wanted.

"Am sorry, sir.but it appears your home is not as safe as it appears to be. We will be monitoring her over the few weeks so let's say at most in the next four to five weeks, she would be good to go." Russell explained.

"Thank you so much, doctor, " Jacob got up and held Russell's hands. Russell tapped Jacob's hands as a sign of comfort.

"Please Sir, follow the nurse to fill some forms regarding the patient, " Russell said, gently removing his hands from Jacob's.

As if on cue, Garrett, his secretary appeared with few hospital staff, "the VVIP room you requested for Mrs. Broachwood is ready, Sir."

"Good. Dr. King, if you don't mind, my secretary will fill out the forms and every other thing."

Doctor King shrugged, surprised.

"I guess." Then turned to Garrett. "Please follow the nurse."

Garrett followed immediately behind the nurse.

"Have a good day, Sir. I will see the patient again later, " Doctor Russell said as he walked away.

Jacob walked behind as Willow's bed was wheeled out of the noisy room. He was about to walk out of the room when the doctor's voice stopped him and he turned around.

"Sir, the patient is in a very critical state. She must not be disturbed. If she awakens, you can talk to her but, don't bring up upsetting topics only happy talks. It is very good that you are taking her to a private room. Have a great day, Sir, " the doctor said before moving to the next patient with a nurse in tow.

Jacob pulled his eyebrows together as he slowly turned and walk out of the room. By the door, there was a nurse waiting to escort him towards the direction the VIP room was located.

Call that an old man's tuition, but Jacob did not like Doctor King very much. The doctor seemed a little careful around him, he didn't reveal all of the details of Willow's condition to him.

Willow was his wife, he was going to talk to her and speak to her how he liked, and he was going to make her pay for everything he had done.

He thought as he walked behind the nurse about going to the hospital's management to request a change of Willow's doctor. He knew a lot of people in the hospital and donated a lot but he decided to give Doctor King a chance.

He just had to be careful around him. Going to request a change in doctor's would bring unwanted attention towards Willow's case and that was the last thing he wanted right now, he thought.

He was going to make her happy with him and Bryan on his own terms and she was going to be happy.

When he got to the room, Jacob thanked the nurse furiously until the man turned red. He watched the nurse leave before he entered the room. Willow had already been stationed in a more comfortable bed. The room was bigger with a TV and two couches with a lot of privacy.

He grinned to himself, they were finally alone.

With the support of his stick, he walked over to a couch and grabbed one of the pillows

And then, he headed for Willow's bed.

"You tried to run, my dear. For that alone you most pay."

He hit her stomach once with the pillow, and he saw she squeezed her eyes tightly shut from the impact of the pain he inflicted on her already abused ribs. He smiled as she winced a little.

Jacob brought out the handcuff he had gotten for special purposes and clasp it around her free hand and use the blanket thrown over to cover it.

"Be ready, my dear Willow, because you are going to be here for a long time.

"Willow, my beautiful wife. We are all finally going to be happy together."

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