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   Chapter 4 Escape

Fire meets Rain By RukkyTiffany Characters: 5669

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Willow moaned in pain as Daniel's bodyguards dropped her on the cold, hard marble floors like a sack of potatoes. They had dumped her so carelessly that her face she had received blows was now hurting. She felt nauseous. Willow spat out blood. She was very weak.

The last time she was allowed out was better than this, she thought.

She couldn't stay here, waiting till Daniels changed his mind to allow her enter the house again. She had to do something, she wasn't a slave to wait for her master's forgiveness, she realized. It's wasn't even her house for God's sake.

"I am Willow Damn Broachwood not some lost protocol. I don't take others from anyone, " she whispered to herself.

She had to get out of this hell personified hole.

She was going to escape.

Slowly she picked herself from the cold marble and pushed herself up. She staggered as her body screamed at the impact of her actions. It was still very dark out so she couldn't be seen except by the security lights situated everywhere except the garden where there was just one street lamp. Yes, the garden that's where she should go, she thought

Immediately, she pushed herself up again, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She wobbled and felt weak and drowsy. Her body wanted to crawl into a hole and sleep. She couldn't afford to think about sleep now that she had to make a run for it.

She tried to moved as quietly as she could but her body felt heavy the bunny slippers she had forgotten she was wearing slapped hardly against the granite road. Ruby steered away from the bright lighted road and into the dim lighted gardens where no one could notice her quickly.

As she struggled on, she slip on a rock and fell into a pile of shrubs. Wincing, she breathed harshly and her eyes began to close. 'Just for a few minutes, ' she whispered to herself and closed her eyes.

"Where is she?"

"She couldn't have gone that far."

"If we don't find her we are going to be in big trouble."

Voices continued to taunt her as she slept. The voices seemed distance at first but now it was getting much closer. As she raised her hand to rub her eyes she felt pain on her shoulders.

What happened?

She snapped her eyes open to see she was lying on a neat packed pile of shrubs. She looked around and it was almost bright. Then she realized it, she had slept through the night. Angrily, she started bitting her nails while her other hand was on her scalp, pulling her hair hard.

She could still try to escape, she thought. It wasn't bright enough yet for people to see without flashlight and she couldnt stay here any longer.

She release her hair and looked towards the direction of the gates, it was still milles aways but she was going to get there even if she died while trying. She ignored the question that had started ringing

in her ears about how she was going to pass through the gates and broke into a run.

"There she is."

"Get her."

"Yes, boss!"

Soon heavy boots were hitting the ground behind her as she ran faster with all her might. She turned to see six men behind her waving flashlights, yelling at her to stop and she couldn't bear to.

She couldn't afford to get caught, she told herself. She would never go back to her prison. She broke into a sprint, blocking out everything.

Soon, she could see the gates. She smiled to herself, 'almost there.'

Immediately, she was out she would look for her father. They would work something out to together and live like family again.

Suddenly, she slipped and she hit the ground. Next she knew, she was lifted by two men, one on each side. Slowly, she opened her eyes realizing her was being carried she began to struggle, pushing against the two men but she was too weak to kick one in the groin.

"Quiet, you bi*ch, " a voice said and a slap followed. Her cheeks stinged with pain.

She looked up to see a large man in front of her. His front teeth missing probably from a fight, his hair was pulled into a ponytail, he had a large scar on his face that ran from the right side of his face to his jaw. He looked very terrifying and she knew him too well because he had been in her room multiple of times to torment her.

She was afraid of them but too weak to show it.

"Was the sex not enough for you? You want more attention, bag." She cringed at the nickname because it reminded her that was what she had been turned to, a punching bag.

The man smirk then hit her in the ribs. She felt whooshed as if all the air had been taken from her. She wanted to die but the two men held her firmly up.

He hit her again and as he was about to land the third hit when a voice rang out.

"That's enough!!"

She lifted her head to see who spoke but she could barely even keep her eyes open. Ruby could still hear their voices as she started to close her eyes.

"Yes, Sir." They all rang out. Ruby swears she heard the terrifying man's voice.

"She is a woman. Is that how you treat your daughters? Frank, what were you doing?" The voice said.

"Nothing, Sir. We are just doing as we were..." The terrifying man whose name happened to be Frank was saying but was cut short with his own groan.

The man had kicked him.

Immediately, the two guys holding Willow up dropped her, leaving her to tend to their boss not even caring if she hit the ground. Willow fell into warm arms and she had no doubt that he was the guy with the voice.

She gave a sigh of relief and whispered, "thank you." and she fainted. Soon she heard the sounds of an ambulance and she was lifted to a stretcher.

"You would be okay, " the voice whispered in her hair.

And she believed it.

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