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   Chapter 3 Damaged

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She woke up with a start as the lock on her door clicked. She blinked a few times before rubbing the sleep away. Why was it so dark in her room? Had she been sleeping for a long time?

She tried to reach her lamp on her nightstand but instead, accidentally her hand hit something hard and soon the loud sound of glass breaking was heard. Her beautiful glass paperweight was smashed into pieces, she thought bitterly.

Suddenly, someone moved slowly into the room. For someplace this dark, the person knew their way around. The lights were turned on, giving the room a soft glow. The maid made her way to the windows and opened the curtains.

Truly she really been asleep for a long time, the sun was gone and the moon was hidden within the clouds. It was already night time.

Slowly, she closed her eyes and rub again when she opened them, the maid stand at the foot of the bed.

"Mrs. Willow, Mr. Jacobs ordered me to come and fetch you for your meeting with him today, " The maid said curtly.

"Sure, go, I'll be sure to meet him shortly, " Willow replied as she left the bed and headed to the bathroom. She was about to open the bathroom when the maid's voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Afraid I cannot, Mrs. Mr. Jacob specifically asked me to bring you to him, " she said, voice getting higher at every word. Willow could tell the maid was pissed. Willow smirked, been tied down to a house with nothing to do was a bore except you had people to order around.

Willow turned to face the older woman. "I did I ever tell you I didn't know that. Don't repeat the same trash you idiots repeat all year. It's sickening. Wait outside for me, I'll come out when I am ready."

If looks could kill, Willow knew she would have been dead a long time ago. The woman stared angrily at her before leaving the room with her fingers digging deep into her palms.

Five minutes later, she came out of the bathroom refreshed. She pulled on her undies and an equal pair of baggy sweats. Not bothering to look prim and proper, Willow tied her hair into a ponytail.

Immediately she turned the doorknob, it opened instead and she walked out of the room, the maid quickly took her place behind her.

The maid knocked on Mr. Jacob's large mahogany door before ushering Willow in.

For a rich man, his room was very small and smelly, she thought as she walked in. Her room back at home was effortlessly bigger than his.

Mr. Jacob's room had a library, a king-sized bed in the middle, big closet and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

She couldn't help but scoff, "there is saying big things come in small packages. All he does is to pose around in front of his rich friends. He built a big mansion but inside is sooo scanty of pieces of furniture and cursed with full doze loneliness. Isn't that right, lady?"

The hardened stare behind her made Willow smile smugly, she turned around. The maid was red with anger. If she had the power the maid would have throttled her this very minute.

Willow didn't understand why the woman was getting so angry at her. She was forced to lived in the house too. Couldn't she be allowed to voice out her own opinion? Besides the house was great. Except...

The thought made Willow laugh, "oh! Now I have got it! You have got a crush. I mean he is old, you're old. He has that oldie smell I know you would love. Besides, he even lets you call him Jacob. But your love is so pathetic..." Willow laughed and Mr. Jacob walked into the room. The maid looked so close to passing out.

"That's enough now, Willow. You may leave now, Abigail." Flustered from head to toe, the maid, Abigail rush out immediately.

Silence loomed over the room as he led her to a room. They both sat at different sides of the room. Jacob sat in the single couch in the middle of the room whilst Willow sat at the extreme end of a large sofa.

Jacob raises an empty glass for a maid to fill up. Wendy was her name, Willow remembers hearing the name after the times she had been summoned. Wendy was Mr. Jacob's personal maid.

"I have heard a lot of complaints about you from the maids recently, Willow, " Mr. Jacob said after taking a large gulp of his drink. For weeks now, the maids had complained endlessly. She ordered them around apathetically, other times, she refused to eat and criticized the maids cooking, Jacob shuffled in his seat.

The fact Willow was arrogant and stubborn was many of the reasons he wanted her to be his. He liked her undying dedication she had to her father. Till date, she still waited for her coward of a father, Dylan Broachwood, and he wanted all that dedication for himself. He wanted her to be willing but she was too stubborn and strong-headed but that would all change after tonight, she would learn to be submissive, Jacob smiled smugly to himself.

Oh, it was today? She thought. Every month, she was summoned by Mr. Jacob and Mr. Richard. But Mr. Richard was nowhere in sight. That made her smile. She was going to leave this room earlier than expected.

"So? Maids are bounded to gossip what else do they have to do?" She said with a bored look on her face.

"You're absolutely correct, my dear. The maids have nothing else to do. Can I offer you something to drink?"

She winced. She couldn't help but feel irritated and sick when he called her any endearments.

"No thanks. Am alright, " Willow said although she hasn't had anything to eat yet.

"No, no, please. I insist. Whenever you come here you never take anything, " he urged.

"At least a soft drink, Wendy brings a bottle of cherry cola, " he called, cutting her short on her adamant refusal. And before she could blink, a bottle of cherry was in front of her.

"The maids are doing what they are ordered to do and that is to make you comfortable as you can be."

Rolling her eyes, she poured some in a glass and took a large gulp. Comfortable! If they wanted her comfortable, a way out of this air hole would be nice.

"Yeah. That's what you want them to think. I'll never be 'comfortable' here. So tell your fucking maids to stop clinging to me. If you want me comfortable, then let me out of this hellhole. I don't need babysitters. Am not so old you see, " she said lowly at first until her voice turned into a yell.

Immediately, she charged up and moved towards the door. Not getting very far, the room started to spin quickly. She felt so weak, Willow held on to a wall at a corner for support.

The room started to spin very fast that the form of support couldn't sustain her and she sank low into the hard and cold tiled floor. Willow felt light head, she felt weak and drowsy. Aware that everyone in the room was staring at

her, she grips on to the coat rack next to her. She started feeling sweating and when trying to grip the rack for support, she fell again.

After several attempts trying to regain herself, a set of large muscled hands easily pulled her up, taking her with them. Willow had no idea where they were taking her she was losing her bearings really fast.

What's going on?

What's happening to me? Where the questions swimming through her head.

Now she could barely keep her eyes open, everything had turned blurry around her. As quickly as it happened, the hands released her. They dropped like a sack of potatoes on a flat yet soft surface. Willow smiled widely the surface was too soft to be a table or a door. It was either a sofa or a bed.

Slowly, she turned and spread her arms over her head to feel if it was a chair or bed. Soon she felt pillows. Happily, she scooted closer to the pillows once her aim was achieved, she buried her face in the pillows. Those men were so kind, although they weren't the best gentlemen, they still brought her to her room.

"Thank you. You may all leave." An eerily familiar voice said, rousing her from her half-conscious state.

Angrily, she sluggishly sat up on the bed. Her head was spinning and she could only see blurred images and hear light footsteps leaving with the door closing behind them.

Willow dropped back on the bed finally the disturbances where gone she could finally visit happy her mother in Happyland. The footsteps started again and she frowned few persons where still in the room.

"What are you people still doing here?" She yelled, pulling herself up into a sitting position. For a minute, she could swear she heard low chuckles from them and she was certain they were men.

Men!! What were they in her room for?

The mattress dipped and one of them climbed on the bed, caressing her cheeks.

Willow laughed. Had husbands had sent men to her again? She didn't understand what she was doing but she wasn't going to let them do anything to her again.

"Fuck off, you piece of trash, " she said, flinging her hand towards aimlessly his direction and hit him in the groin. He groaned and the sound sounded pleasing to her ears and she stuck her tongue out at him.

Suddenly, the other side of the bed dipped and a hand traced her neckline. Willow had spent all her life reading romantic novels and when the females get touched it feels electric and passion but right now, the fingers on her neck felt slimly and cold.

"You have been a bad girl, Willow, and after today that would change, " the voice said while pressing a kiss to her neck.

That voice! She knew that voice anywhere!! The voice that had read her stories and bought her presents for seventeen years.

A tear rolled down her cheek as the other man laughed. "We are going to have so much to do tonight, my dear Willow."

It then made sense, the cherry soda, she started feeling this way after taking the soda. Some fog in her mind cleared she was now seeing a little clearer.

And both men had smug smiles on their faces, it was all planned. She took one look around to realize it wasn't her bedroom but a strange one.

"Fuck you both, bastards, " she spat at Mr. Richards and Mr. Daniels, her husbands.

They both laughed before Mr. Daniels pressed his lips to hers forcefully. She shook her head multiple times to release her mouth from his when her lips started bleeding, he released her.

She started to struggle as Richards's hands reached under her sweatshirt to her breasts.

Realizing that they didn't just come to torture her, she began to kick and scream.

"Help!!! Please. I beg you please!!!" She screamed louder and louder. Becoming weaker at every scream.

Her foot connected with Richard's groin again. He grunted punching her hard in the face, stilling her movements, already so weak that she couldn't move.

"Is this better now, Willow dear. Now you are subdued. I love your mouth but its much better closed, " Daniel said, tearing open her sweatshirt and pants. Suddenly, hard metal connected with the floor.

"Please. I beg you. I'll-I'll do anything you asked" she pleaded weakly as the tears flowed freely.

No answer.

They touch her everywhere. Willow looked on helplessly as they laughed and continued to play with her body. With every single passing moment, curse words and bile rose in her belly. Willow struggled to keep herself alert while her body was limp. The spot on her cheek she had taken a blow had started to swell and it was itchy.

Her thoughts were cut short when she saw Mr. Daniels and Mr. Richards arguing amongst themselves.

"I'll take the lead, do not argue with me on this, Bryan. All of this was my plan in the first place. I have waited so long for this, " Jacob hissed.

"No, I refuse to be second, Daniels. She is my wife too."

The argument continued as they both soon began to raise voices at each other.

Willow looked around the dimly lighted room. She breathed heavily, their attention wasn't on her. She could escape from this horrible place.

Slowly and drowsily, she pushed herself up from her lying position to a sitting position before quietly slipping out of the bed. Finally, she was away from those horrible men, she sighed happily. Silently she wobbled over towards a door.

Suddenly, her hair was painfully pulled back and she landed on the bed.

"You naughty, naughty girl, trying to run? You get punished for it, " Mr. Richard's voice whispered into her ear. Irritated, she turned her face away, trying to push him away from her again he didn't budge.

"Am going to show you a good time, don't you forget it."

Willow gasped as she felt pain as he entered her.

Daddy, she cried.

The tears begin to pour down as fast as they both took turns ramming into her.

Daddy where are you?! Save me, please!!! Her insides screamed.

Gaining a little strength, she screamed and another hit on the face followed. She closed her eyes, she was now numb, she couldn't feel the pain anymore as tears continued to roll down.

The next thing she heard was Mr. Daniels telling his men to get her out his room.

And immediately she was lifted unto a hardback.

Slowly, she was carried out of the room, Willow weakly fluttered her eyes open as Mr. Richards came over and gave her a peck on the forehead.

"Do you know what both of you are? Monsters! I see both of you are monsters and that would never change. Trust me on this. I'll never forgive you two bastards." she slurred out boldly.

Mr. Daniels looked taking aback for a minute before grinning, "Finn, take her out seems like Miss Willow needs a little bit of fresh air."

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