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   Chapter 2 Violated

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Fabulous, bold and beautiful, were the words that Willow could use to describe herself years ago, back when she still had everything. Most people called her the spoilt brat or Daddy's girl. She never cared about people trash talking about her. Without question, everything she ever wanted was handed to her on a silver platter.

Now there were many words she could use to describe herself in her current state as she stared at a full mirror: ugly, hopeful and sad. She thought about her parents, her mother who disappeared without a trace when Willow was thirteen. Her memory jogged back to the last conversation she had with her father, Dylan Broachwood.

"Honey, sweetie pie, have I ever asked you for anything...anything since you were born. Please do me this one favor." He cajoled. They both sat in the living room facing one and another, most pieces of furniture in the room noticeably missing, leaving the room without its complete glow. Her mother's favorite vase she had gotten from Paris from a close friend was missing as well.

She knew her dad was gambling and probably getting drunk too. He was missing his wife so much. Her Daddy was falling apart, she didn't like to see him this way. She wanted to help him out but he was asking too much of her.

"Dad, no. This is too much. I can't and won't do it, never, " Willow folded her arms to herself. There was no way she was going to marry her smelly old Godfather, Mr. Daniels.

He gave a tired sigh while rubbing his eyebrows, "I didn't tell you this Willow for you to refuse. Am getting bankrupt. Soon there won't be any money left anywhere. No more fancy trips to the mall. Since your mother left us things haven't been going well.

Her expression changed into concern. She had been so busy with shopping and school to notice the hard lines and eyebags under her father's eyes. Immediately, she frowned, her mother was behind everything, she thought and dislike for her mother grew, she didn't even want to talk about her.

"Willow dear, just a month and everything will be back to normal. Please, my dear, just for a month, I promise to come get you, " he begged.

Slowly, she nodded.

When the first month rolled into the second month, she was a little disappointed. All Mr. Daniels did was to play dress up and show her gloatingly as a trophy in front of his business partners. Although he didn't touch her it still made her feel very uncomfortable.

After wishful thinking and prayers, months later on a cold winter night, she saw her father again. Giddy with happiness and thankful for the opportunity to leave her worse nightmare, she ran to hug him, missing him so much.

To her shock, before she could reach him, he moved away. She was confused her father never acted that way towards her. And as if that wasn't enough, she was dragged into the drawing-room with a new marriage proposal made by Mr. Daniels.

"You would marry Bryan, Willow. Bryan is a friend, it has already been decided. That's why your father is here."

Motionless, she stared at Mr. Daniels for some time then turned to her father. Dylan looked serious but in his eyes read a very satisfactory glance. He barely paid attention to her. "But Daddy, I have been waiting for you. You said you would come back for me, " she said tears rolling down her cheeks.

Instead, aa reply, both of them snickered. "Take you away? Why, my dear Willow, you're are not going anywhere. You're my wife and soon to be Bryan's too." He paused. "Even so your father can't take you anywhere."

Willow looked questioningly at him. "Except you want to be given as a trophy to the team of loan sharks Dylan owes, " Mr. Daniels alongside Dylan Broachwood stood up from their seats in the drawing-room and headed to the door. "Do know darling, that your wedding is arranged for in two days time, " He said, satisfied with himself.

Immediately the door closed behind them, Willow broke down. Instantly, she wanted to crawl into her 'safe place' where she always hid fro

m the maids and Mr. Daniel's. It was the only place in the house that made her feel safe. Suddenly, she gave a bitter laugh, another husband? She was still having troubles believing her life had turned out like this and she was married to an oldie not to talk of another one?!

She wanted to hate her father, he had abandoned her. But she couldn't do it. He was bankrupt. Was he gambling and drinking again? 'This is all mum's fault. She broke our family apart, ' she thought angrily, hating her even more than she already did.

"Daddy will come soon he would soon take me away from here. Yes, he just needs more time I'll wait for him, " she said aloud, biting her nails furiously till they drew blood.

He will come.

He had to come.

Someone knocking on her door snapped her out of her reverie. She had been lost for a while.

"Come in." Willow felt something wet on her face she tasted it.


She had been crying. The lock had already been opened someone was already entering the room when Willow turned away from the door and reach up a hand to wipe the tears. Apart from the maids, it could have been anyone else. The maids were also chatterboxes, every simple gesture she made, it was reported.

As usual, a new maid strolled in. "Mr. Bryan wants you in his room by evening. Please do not be late, " she looking at me skeptically then walked out of the room. This maid was much older that she didn't bother to bow when she left.

Willow made her way to bed. Unconscious of the state she was in, what does he want now, she grumbled. It had been two days since she saw Daniel in the drawing-room. It wasn't like he could do anything to help her in the current dilemma she was in.

She shut her eyes tightly. The memory of a bodyguard harassing her last night was still fresh in her mind. She had no idea how he got into her room. She remembered she was fast asleep when he entered, immediately, she jumped off her bed. The room was dark and she tried to leave through the door he came in through but, it was too late. He saw her and grabbed her started trying to kiss her and his slim, hairy hand all over her body.

She screamed, begging him to stop as he pushed her back to the bed. He got on top of her, she screamed louder, "shut up you bitch, " the gruff voice said as he landed a meaty fist on her right cheek. He continued to kiss her, the smell of alcohol was strong. He was drunk, his lips drifted down to her neck and bit her. She cried and begged for him to stop.

Suddenly, he stopped. He got up from her and left the room. She sniffed, gathering her blanket around her, to shield herself from everything. At least this time, he didn't get too physical. She felt disgusted with herself, each passing day in the mansion made her feel dirtier and there was nothing she could do about it.

Most nights she got nightmares visits. The thing about the visits was that they backed out and walked away like they were following commands after inflicting pains on her.

Just then it clinked. Discreetly, Willow looked around the room she thought earlier that there where cameras in her room but she wasn't sure her assumptions were correct but now, she didn't think so anymore. Willow gripped the blanket tighter as she gently curled into a ball and fell asleep.

She raised a hand to touch the cheek, she couldn't even cry the way she wanted to her cheek hurt a lot. The cheek was swollen and red. Slowly, she made her way back to bed careful laying on her left side. She needed a few hours without pain, troubles or hurt.

Her mind wandered to when a year ago, she was allowed to send a maid errands outside the house. She had told the maid to go to her house to meet her father but he wasn't home neighbors said he went off a business trip.

The same story came back six more times on six consecutive days and six different maids.

Her father was nowhere to be seen.

'Daddy, please be okay, ' she said sleepily as her eyelids drooped and she fell asleep.

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