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   Chapter 1 Dispassion

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She paced around her chambers worriedly. It was morning, weren't they not coming for her today? Or she had already been forgetting inside her cold room. Although the air-conditioning was turned on and it was blasting her with full force, she didn't feel it.

She didn't feel anything at least, not anymore.

She had to think of something, anything to get out of the room and out of the mansion forever. She had to get away, away from her monsters.

She looked around the room the same way she had done for the past four years, looking for a loose end or a hidden trapdoor but to no avail. For years, she had been chained down inside this one room only going out occasionally. Her food was served to her inside her room. She couldn't go anywhere. She was trapped.

The heavy and huge beautifully designed mahogany door creaked open and a young girl wearing a maid's attire walked in quietly before shutting the door behind her. "Mrs. Willow, Mr. Daniels has requested your presence in the drawing room.

"Coming, " Willow responded blankly. The maid bowed lowly before leaving the room, closing the door behind her.

It was a sign, a sign that the maid was waiting outside. The maids that attended to me were changed every day. The same maid was never seen two weeks in a row they were changed on a daily basis to avoid the sense of familiarity.

Sighing deeply, Willow straighten the black chiffon gown and moved to the door went she opened it as expected, the maid was there waiting with a set of keys in hand.

It had been four years and they still didn't trust her, she thought as she followed the maid through the set of corridors. They continue to lock her in her room. Four years since Willow Broachwood was forced to marry her old godfather, Mr. Aiden Richards by her father.

"Please my dear, do this for me. The company is going bankrupt I need you to do this for a few months, my dear, till am back on my feet." He had said.

Bearly eighteen just out of high school, Willow agreed to please her Father. Soon months turned to a year and two years later, Mr. Broachwood struck another deal and she was married again to her godfather's friend, Mr. Jacob Daniels.

Both men were old but she had no idea of how old they were.

"Madam we've arrived, " the maid announced.

Willow l

ooked around her surroundings. She had been so lost in thought that they passed the loud cluttered kitchen, the comforting library and the rows of chambers.

"Err...thanks Miss..." She drawled, hopefully, the girl would say her name which will lead to a beautiful friendship that would be her ticket out of this hellhole. The girl opened her mouth to talk as if realizing Willow's motive she clamped her mouth shut, her eyes widen into saucers and scurried away.

So much for trying.

The trick never worked for anyone.

Knocking on the door in front of her. She heard a low baritone "come in."

Slowly she entered the room. The drawing room was huge it was filled with shelves of books and chairs and tables were scattered around the room in an orderly fashion but like everything and everyone else in this mansion it was old fashioned.

The maids behaved like it was a private castle with two Kings and no Queen of the Kings were old fashioned, the people had to follow.

Mr. Daniels was seated in a large armchair when she finally saw him. He had a keen resemblance with the room old, smelled old, clean and dull. Mr. Daniels had probably been handsome and muscular when he was younger but wrinkles and stress already covered him up. His once brown hair was now sprinkled with grey hairs.

Mr. Daniels was the most reasonable and easy to talk to out of both her husbands at times he allowed her to eat at the dining table and once had allowed her outside.

"You sent for me." She said making her presence known.

His frowning face creased into a smile. "Willow my dear, please do sit." He gestured for a chair facing him.

"Have you thought about what we all discussed a week ago, Willow dear?"

"Yes." She said. She didn't even need to think he was talking about her virginity, her womanhood. On both of her wedding days, she had sworn never to give them anything.

"The answer is No, Mr. Daniels, I cannot give you both what you have asked of me, " Willow said firmly.

Mr. Daniels stared at her for a while before lowering his gaze, " of course. Sure. Who am I to say anything about that? You can go to your room, Willow." He said in a dismissal tone.

Happy to comply, she nearly ran off the room only to see another different maid waiting for her.

Great, just great.

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