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   Chapter 103 The Surprise 2

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10469

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Yun tried to move away from her but still, she pulled her towards her.

" Oh my God! What are you wearing? Is that the beautiful H diamond? How did you get it? It is the most precious stone in the expo and you snatched it? Oh, I think you must be trying it on you? But do you know something sister? Diamond won't suit you because you are fucking shit!"

" Just shut up Biyu! Why do you want to degrade yourself before everyone? I don't need to explain to you anything! So please just stay away from me!"

Yun tried to keep Biyu's hands from her wrist but Biyu was not going to leave her so easily and moreover, she didn't want to miss the chance to insult her cousin. She rolled her eyes at Yun and asked the salesgirl.

" Did she pay for this?"

" No madam but she is going to pay soon. The bill counter is not opened yet. She will pay since she loved it and being the wife of the richest man she can very well buy it. She is so lucky and her husband really wanted her to wear it!"

" HusbandjQuery21404702562290223449_1583899022467 Oh man, you are so fast! Your husband got jailed and you have already got married to some shitty old man? Oh my my!! He must be your sugar daddy? Isn't he? My mom was always right about you, You are such a gold digger!"

" Stop it Biyu!"

" Why would I?? "

" your words are not going to affect me! But the problem is that you are spoiling the mood of the guests! Please be quiet and stop bluffing nonsense!"

" Ho, so you don't want others to know your little secret! Wait a minute!"

" Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention, please! "

Everyone went quiet and they started to listen to her. When Biyu realised that most of the guests are staring at her, she pulled Yun towards her front so that everyone could see her clearly!

" Thank you so much for your attention! I just want to show you a mean and filthy girl who got married to a rich old man to be the rightful owner of his wealth after his death!"

" What?"

" Is that Mrs Bee?"

" Yeah! But who is this girl?"

" I don't know either!"

" This girl doesn't know anything about Mrs Bee and I don't know why is trying to insult Mrs Bee?"

" Yeah! You are right! Why did Mrs Bee let this girl insult her? Something is fishy!"

The guests started to murmur themselves and Biyu thought that they were spreading rumours on Yun. Biyu saw the ladies staring at them With disgust. Her face got brightened up and she gave them a warm smile. She pulled Yun towards the centre and started her drama!

" This girl has managed to buy the beautiful H diamond! Look at her neck, she is wearing it proudly, in fact, she is showing us how did she sell her body for this? Oh man, look at her! Her heart should be made of rock. It's not something big to get this diamond with the help of your sugar daddy. Even though you got it you are still a loser!"

" That's it! Take your filthy hands off me!"

" ok ok just cool down sis! I will spare you! But first, up all tell me how are you going to buy this billion-dollar diamond?"

" I have money to buy it!"

" what the fuck? Are you joking? It cost around

Why are you trying to protect her? I mean she is the one who tortured you and their family treated you like a gross! But still, you are speaking for her! I can't believe you."

" She is still my cousin Bee no matter how she treats me!"

" What is going on here?"

Biyu was confused to see their friendly talk and she was jealous of Yun so she asked them.

" Dear cousin! I think I should introduce myself to you! I am the one who bought her this necklace!"

" But why did you do that? I mean did you know her? How did you know our past? Is she working for you?"

" So many questions! Well, she is my beautiful wife!"


" Why did you think so?"

" He is my husband Biyu and he bought me this necklace too! I am not going to give it to you !"

" No! You are lying! You can't be his wife! He is too damn rich and handsome! You can't get married to him!"

" sorry cousin! I think it's already getting late! Yun, shall we leave now?"

" Okay! Bye Biyu and Roxy!"

Roxy was trying to calm his wife. Bee and Yun

Were about to exit the hall but Bee asked Yun to wait him in their car since he needs to meet one of his business partnerss. Yun obeyed him and she exited the hall. Bee went back to them.

" I am sorry Roxy! I came here to tell you the saddest news that my company is not going to sign the deal with you. I won't sign the deal with a bunch of stupid people who can't respect my wife. I knew that it's your dream project but find someone else. I am cancelling the all tie-ups with you."

"what? But who are you?"

" I am the CEO of the company to which you were about to sign the deal!"

"No please don't do this to us! We will get bankrupted! Please show some mercy to us! Give me a chance! Please I won't do anything stupid! Please sir!"

" I am sorry! Teach your wife some manners! I am not Yun who will forgive everyone! Bye!"

Bee left them and went back to his wife. Biyu could not believe her ears she collapsed on the ground crying. Roxy was so mad at her and he slapped on her face without showing any mercy.

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