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   Chapter 102 Surprise

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10411

Updated: 2020-01-30 22:00

She heard the screams and cursing of a girl and she knitted her eyebrows. she felt like someone was carrying her and when she heard the loud scream and the sounds of the boots, she opened her eyes and she was shocked to see her husband staring at her worriedly. Yun was surprised and she squinted her eyes, rubbed them gently and still she saw him before him. She hugged him and checked his entire body to make sure that he is not bleeding or hurt.

" Yun! Just calm down what are you doing? Everything is fine. Don't get panicked. I am here to save you."

" Save me! You were the one who got hit by a truck and you were hospitalized by Tali. But you are not hurt and there are no wounds. It was my dream oh God I was so much worried. I fainted and I didn't remember much. But I am so happy that you are fine and healthy. Thank God. I won't doubt you. I can't bear the pain of losing you. I am sorry Bee I should have believed you. When we were in our college and I came to know your fake marriage with Tali, I felt like my whole world got crushed down because of you. You forced me to go out with you so that you will tell everything to your father but on the way to your home, Natasha drove her car over us. The accident was a massive one and I saw you dipped in your own blood and I lost my consciousness. I thought I lost you, Bee. But you didn't lose the hope and you have waited for me all these years. I love you so much. "

" Yun you remembered it! I mean you recollected the memories of our past! I love you so much. "

" Yeah! See I remember our past and I won't doubt you again. You are the best thing happened in my life. "

" I am so happy that you will love me with so much passion just like our old days! I missed you so much. Watching you trying to recollect things of our past was the most painful thing. But you made it finally."

" Yes! "

" I should thank you Tali for being the reason to enlighten her memory. But still, you tried to murder my wife. I have clearly told you to stay away from her, but you never listened to me. "

" Bee! What did you say? She has tried to murder me! When did she do that? Wait a second! So she was telling lies to me? About the accident, so it was not my dream. "

" Yes! She was trying to kill you by poisoning you. She was the one who attacked our Gardner and Martin."

" But why would she attack them when they had done nothing wrong to her?"

" She was trying to murder you. The bullets we're meant to you but she is not a good shooter. Thank God She missed her aim and you are alive. "

" Oh my God. But she didn't do anything. She didn't poison me. I just fainted. She didn't harm me. But why did you keep her tied up? What did exactly happen? I could not remember anything."

Yun started to rub her head. She felt a tremendous headache and Bee rubbed her forehead to soothe her down.

"It's okay! Anyway your face. Don't think too much."

" I think you are right."

" Tom, take her away. I don't want to see her filthy face."

Tom obeyed his boss and untied her, he removed the plastic sealer her from her mouth. Tali used this

m from her face.

" Don't you ever try to hide from me! I want to see your soul by looking through your eyes. This is the best time of our life and we are going to spend each day together as we planned. I won't leave your side and we are going to bring our Baby together to this beautiful world."

" Yes! I love you Bee and I want a cute boy!"

" But I want a girl. We will take care of her every need and we are going to be good parents!"

" I think so!"

Weeks passed and Bee needs to go back to China to attend the meeting and his company's biggest project has started in China so that he needs to spend some months there. He brought Yun with him and they started to live his mansion happily. Her baby bump was visible and she has become more gorgeous. Once they were invited by the Big Dimond dealer Hikoyi to attend the exhibition of the finest and rarest diamond jewellery collections.

Bee and Yun attend the party. Everyone was so amazed to see the supermodel's wife. They are the best couple and everybody praised them. Bee was with her throughout the time and when he was invited by his business friends to have a little chit chat, he asked his wife to select some beautiful jewellery for her so that she won't get bored.

Yun smiled at him and she began to search the displayed collections. Her eyes got stuck in a beautiful diamond necklace set which was very unique and elite. She took it and the lady helped her to wear it. She looked stunning and when she was about to call Bee, her wrist got pulled by someone and when she turned back to see the person, she was shocked to see none other than her half-sister Biyu.

" It's you! I heard that your ex was imprisoned! Now, look at you. Such a pathetic piece of shit. I thought you were dead, but you are alive. How do you manage to get inside the show? Who did allow you?"

" Biyu, I don't want to fight with you. Leave me, not interested to talk."

" Is that a warning? Are you deliberately trying to avoid me? You must be very proud of your husband ha? Such a pathetic loser !"

" Whatever!"

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