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   Chapter 100 The Trap

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10482

Updated: 2020-01-27 20:27

Taliya knew that she couldn't turn Bee against Yun as his connection with her is strong. So she decided to stay silent for the time being.

Bee was getting late for the meeting and he almost ran to his car. Tali looked at his back with a grieving heart, she had a hope when he asked her to stay with them but when she entered directly inside his bedroom, he was about to kick her out of his room. She was embarassed and hurt to get rejected by him repeatedly. She was ready to do anything to get him back to her. Tali had a quick breakfast since she wanted to join Bee in his meeting. she saw Yun in the kitchen and she deliberately started to irritate her.

" Hey Yun, What happened to you guys? I mean Bee has changed so much, why did he love me so much? I mean he is so damn caring. He has asked me to go with him but I denied his request. I am going to work with him and I hope he won't force himself on me."

Yun didnt utter a word to her, she heard her and drank the whole glass of water in a single gulp. she left the kitchen after asking Lilly to prepare something for lunch. Tali couldn't believe her eyes, Yun has not spat out at her even after her spurious words. she was so confused and curious to know the actual problem in that house but she heard her phone rings and hurried herself out.


Zhen has already waiting in the lobby to meet the CEO of D&B company and he was asked to get inside the conference hall. Zhen has tried his ass out to fix the meeting with the CEO and his entire life is depended on it.Zhen sat on the chair and he was angry to see a lady who is asking him to brief his reason to meet the CEO. He wanted to hit the girl on her face but he composed himself and replied her politely. She wrote down the important notes and after which she left him alone. He began to lose his patience and he started to walk through the room restlessly. suddenly, the door got opened and Three men in executive dress entered I'm the hall, Zhen saw them coming towards him and he stopped on his track.

"you must be the person who wanted to meet our boss, right?''

" Yes, is he going to meet me? I have been waiting anxiously to meet him since the morning. But it has already become noon and I couldn't see him coming here to meet me as he promised."

" He will definitely meet you. You are so lucky that he had let you to meet him.Otherwise he won't entertain such low profile company owners like you to meet him. you just wait here we came here to ask a few questions."

" What the? You guys are really irritating. why do you guys conducting the interview while I am not here to take your job offer. See, it's not rocket science to understand. my project got declined and I need an answer for that and that was why I asked him to arrange a meeting with him. But now I think it was my foolishness to meet him. Why do you want to collect so many details? It's just a simple meeting. If you think my motto differs from what I have stated in my mail, you can very well file a case against me. But this us too much!"

" Anyway if y

unfaithful bitch who has cheated on me.. You do't have any idea about her character and I am damn sure that one day she is also going to leave you for money."

Bee got up suddenly from his chair and marched to him. He caught him by his color, Zhen knew that he had spoken too much about his wife so he stayed silent.

" If you speak anything against my wife I will make sure that your tongue get pulled out before leaving this country."

When Zhen pushed him slightly, Bee released him suddenly as a result of which he fell on the ground hurting his legs.

" You bloddy. I won't leave you and I will sue you for cheating on me. Yun is going to pay for this. I won't let her live a peaceful life with you."

" Try it buddy, Opps didn't I tell you something? Your whole company shares has been transferred to my name. You are such a fool Zhen, you didn't read the document completely. There is a clause in the end of the agreement according to which if the party is going to back out from the deal, then he needs to transfer the remaining 50% share in the name of the second party. How will you go to complete the project when you will be in jail? You signed the legal contract and just look at you how pathetic you are. You lost everything."

" You cheat, You double crossed me and I am not going to leave you, I will file case against you and you guys are going to pay for this."

" Zhen, if you are going to file the case in the police station make sure that they won't catch you for the crime you have committed."

" Crime? I didn't do anything."

" Well they will come to know the person who is selling drugs and running the prostitution business in the name of DD. I had already send them your pics with detailed reports which are quite enough to prove you are guilty. More over they are going to arrest you for murdering your father. Oh man so many charges and I think you are definitely going to get the lifetime imprisonment. Yun should be here to watch your face. She missed this chance! Have you seen your face, Zhen? It's such a pathetic face. so good to watch!"

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