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   Chapter 98 The charity Event

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10675

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Taliya couldn't watch their intimacy. she bit her lips and she clenched her fist on the seat. Yun could clearly see the annoyance on Taliya's   face and she wanted to irritate her more. Yun was watching the furious Taliya through the rearview mirror and her sad face was enlightening Yun's heart. Yun smiled at herself and kissed her husband's forehead. She knew that Bee has no interest in this girl but his decision to help the girl is having  a bad vibe on her. Yun is not a nagging girl but Taliya's presence is causing a kind of insecurity to her. She is actually trying to be cool with Taliya but the way she glanced her husband irritated her.

They have already reached Bee's mansion and he asked his men to drop Taliya to her home along with her luggage. He also instructed them to arrange a maid for her who will serve her 24 by 7.

" Taliya! You don't need to join the company tomorrow, you can take rest, and when you will feel okay. You can come to my office."

" But Bee! I don't want to stay here. Can I come with you?"

" No! We have already discussed the topic and I think you should stay here. Bye Tali!"

" hmmm! Miss you!"

Taliya bid bye to him unwillingly and they got inside the house and Yun was staring at him as if she is trying to read his feelings for Taliya.

" What happened? What are you looking at?"

" Do you really think that she is just your friend! I mean why do you care for her so much? You are keeping her beside our home. Giving her job in your company. I don't think that you are just friends. Something is fishy. Bee please don't play with my feelings. It's better to tell me the truth! Come on! Open up to me!"

" Oh oh! Oh, man! Come on just cool down! She is just my friend and I am only trying to help her. She has helped me to save my father and it's my duty to take care of her. Why do you still find it difficult to believe even after explaining everything to you? and there is no weird relationship between us. You are stressing yourself out!. Just leave the topic and try to concentrate on us!"

" Hmmm! If I find out anything between you guys, Mark my words I will leave you. I won't rethink! I really don't like her and I don't like to see her around you. If your relationship turned out to be something more than friendship, I wouldn't mind getting a divorce from you."

"Hey! You are just creating a mess out of it. She is only my friend! I knew that she likes me but I don't like her since I have already found my soul mate. Yun for God's sake please just stop mentioning her name to me. But to be frank it's good to watch your possessiveness! And believe me you don't have any idea how much I was trying to hold it for so long and your jealousy kept me turning on. "

" What the hell? You are such a pervert!"

" Oh, man! Do you think that I am a pervert? If I were the pervert what should I call you? You were constantly checking me out at the hospital as if you were counting my muscles!"

Yun was embarrassed to hear him and she blushed heavily. She just tried to run away from there but he grabbed her waist and laid her down on his bed.

" Bee! Stop it! You are tickling me!"

" hmmm! Your smell is so addicti

and it brought her back to her senses.

She stared the man who pushed her and he was a handsome man at his thirties. He sat before her and introduced him. She has no interest to listen to his bluffing but when she saw her husband's focus was on them. She began to flirt with the man. She really wanted him to feel the pain and hurt. She tried to act cool and laughed at his silly jokes. The man thought that she was enjoying his company but little did he know that she is only using him to teach her husband the lesson of trustworthiness. She could see that he was annoyed and irritated, he couldn't concentrate on the ongoing discussion. He saw the man kissing her hands, it was the moment he excused his partners and rushed towards Yun. He asked Yun to dance with him, but she rejected him. Bee grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

" Hey what are you going? The lady has clearly denied your request. Why are you trying to force yourself on her?"

" What's your fucking problem! This lady is my wife and what the hell do you want?"

" What? Oh sorry, sir I didn't see her ring and I am sorry! Carry on bye!"

The man went back to join his friends. Yun knew that Bee is angry and he is going to punish her for flirting with the stranger.

" What are you doing with him? You are actually flirting with him. Who was he and why did you let him kiss your hands?? What happened, you, Yun? What did I do now? Why are you behaving oddly towards me? Is there anything you want to tell me? Did I hurt you? Just tell me God damn it. What is your actual problem?"

" Nothing. I think its time to have our dinner. Can we have something. I am not feeling good and I need something to eat. "

" okay. He guided her to the table and they started to have their dinner. Bee was studying the girl he knew that Yun is disturbed and she is after something. They finished their dessert and left home. It was a wonderful event and they had collected 24 million for the orphan kids. Yun felt happy too. When they reached their home Yun just rushed to her room ignoring her husband. But he caught her off-guard and asked her


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