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   Chapter 97 Their fight

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10508

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Zhen got the complete information Yun and her husband. He was planning to kidnap her from Bee and keeping her as his hostage. He had already fixed a deal with his partner in exchange for her and he didn't want to take any risk since, in their business, excuses are not allowed and the outcome of denying a deal is a punishable offence and they ain't get the further chance. So Zhen didn't want to lose the golden opportunity and he asked his men to get her back to New York. He wanted her back to his life and he would do anything to reclaim her.

Zhen was about to leave the room, his office door got opened by the fiesty Jessica and she just seated on the couch crossing her legs over the side table.

" What the hell are you doing here Jess?"

" Oh! Now you are asking me? What the hell were you doing? Why did you tell the bank to cut my credit limits? My cards are not working and I was embarrassed before my friends while we were doing the little shopping! You are such a disgusting man Zhen. Tell me why did you do that?"

" You have become a shopaholic Jess! Can't you see? You have already spent millions on your shopping and our home doesn't have enough space to keep your clothes. You are bringing 5 to 8 pairs of dresses and shoes every day and why did you bring so much? When are you going to try them? You have already bought to do many things and you are actually ruining my money! I can't tolerate it further so I inform my bank to cut short your monthly credits."

" Are you serious? How could you do that Zhen? I have helped you to get rich and now you are paying me off by restricting me from buying affordable things?. Unbelievable, I thought you loved me and you would let me buy anything I want! I don't know why do you care so much? I am spending only millions, not in billions and your father has already saved billions for you. I am taking only a little bit of it!"

" Jess! I will give you 1 million monthly and you have to adjust your lifestyle according to it! "

" I hope you are not joking! My grandpa used to give millions and he never made any time limit for it. I can't live like a beggar, I want more and don't tell me to live so cheaply! I have equal a claim on your asset and if you are not aware of it I will let you know the reason too!"


" What the hell? Are you threatening me? Hahaha! Ok well, if you don't want me to spend your money extravagantly! I want you to give half of your asset to me. I want you to sign it legally and hand over it before 2 weeks!"

" What the fuck?"

Zhen rushed to her and pulled her hair towards him. He was shivering with anger and she could see the feisty eyes on her. She gulped the lump on her throat and tried to get released from his hold, but the more she tried the more he tightened his grip on her hand. She wanted to be in peace with him so she started to convince him.

"Come on Zhen, now you are hurting me, please just release me!"

Zhen released his hold on her and her pushed her aside.

" Do you really think that killing me would ease your hardships. You have underestimated me! I

sing the accident. So it's crystal clear that Bee is only trying to be nice with you and you mistook it as his love! Such a shameless girl! Rotten bitch!"

" Are you done talking to me? Because I don't have any time to hear your bullshit! I don't want to show you that his much my husband loves me? He is my soul mate and we knew that we can't live without seeing each other. He has been waiting all his life for me. He was the one who wanted me to get married to him. Because he is in madly love with me. But why the hell am I telling you all these?"

" You bitch how dare you?"

" Don't you dare to call me that! I will break your legs for sure and you have to crawl on the floor. Don't test my patience!"

Taliya knew that Yun is angry and she decided to keep her mouth shit since Yun won't hesitate to break her legs and she really doesn't want to take the risk.

They saw Bee coming towards them and Taliya started to cry suddenly.

" Bee, I am not able to walk properly and I really need your help. Can I come with you guys? Can I stay with you?"

" No dear, it will be an inconvenience!"

" No no it won't be an inconvenience for me Yun, I am ready to adjust!"

" Oh Tali I am not talking about your inconvenience I am talking about our inconvenience to keep you with us. See we are just married and your presence is a kind of intruding our privacy but don't worry we will arrange a maid for you. She will spend day and night with you. If you are not happy with this, I have a better option. Why can't we fix your marriage with someone? Someone who loves you more? Someone, who risks his life for you? Someone who will sacrifice everything for you! I am in the search of Mr perfect for you. What do you think Bee?"

" Wow!! That's nice. You should get settled. Otherwise, you won't get any time to get married."

" Bee! But I am in love with someone and I can't marry another man! My heart beats only for him."

" just like the way his heart beats for me right Bee?"

" Yes! My cupcake!"

Bee slightly pulled Yun towards him and kissed her fingers affectionately.

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