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   Chapter 96 The Fight Is On

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8358

Updated: 2020-01-19 12:43

" Yun. I need to sort out things with her. Hope you don't mind. I can't fell in love with her and if you don't, believe me, you can come with me too!"

" No it's ok! I am fine, you can deal with her and I really don't want to play the murderous wife character. I knew that she has helped you during your tough times and you need to return her favors! But I don't know why the hell am I getting a bad vibe about this? I have a weird feeling about this girl and I hope this time God won't keep us apart!"

" Don't you ever think about leaving me for such silly issues. Promise me! You won't leave me!"

" okay okay, just cool down! I won't...!"

A loud knock on their door startled both of them and Bee ignored it since he was eagerly waiting to hear his wife's promise. He was little bit irritated and asked her.

" You were about to promise me something. Go on, I am waiting, come on! just tell me that you won't leave me!"

Tuck tuck tuck

The person started to knock the door furiously and it was really uncomfortable for Yun to keep her coolness. so she pushed him aside.she knew the person behind the door and she spat out at Bee in a sarcastic tone.

" I think your ex desperately wants to talk to you! Go and meet her! We will discuss it later! I need to get freshen up! It was such a long journey and I am really tired! I need a break. hence you can sort out things with her! Bye Bee!"

Yun ignored him and she got inside her bathroom. Bee knew that Yun was hurt. He was frustrated to the core and he opened the door. He saw Taliya starting at him with puffy eyes.He couldn't hide his irritation and he asked her, " Why are you smashing the door Taliya? Can't you wait a little bit? You have become such an arrogant lady, uff what shall I do with you? "

" Bee, I think you didn't like my presence here. I was eagerly waiting for you all these years and when I realized that you are going to settle here, I thought of coming here and meeting you. But you didn't seem to be happy and you have changed a lot! You couldn't see my pain and hurt. You didn't care to hug me or kiss me even after seeing me. It's really hurting and you are running after that lady like a lost puppy. What did i do wrong Bee?Why do you hate me so much?"

" Taliya! You are so mean! Why should I show you that I have a concern for you? You are not my girlfriend and not my wife! You were my friend and your attitude made me break the relationship with you! So don't try to play the role of an innoc

eams and she slightly pushed him away but Bee didn't let her leave him in the middle of their unfinished business. He hugged her tightly and forced her to lay down on the table. She was about to say something to him but he attacked her lips with so much passion. Finally, when they finished their business they heard the screams coming from the hall.

Bee put on his dress and got inside the hall to check Taliya. He was shocked to see that Taliya was screaming in pain holding her legs. Blood was oozing from the wounds on her legs and her whole leg was dipped in blood. Yun saw the hall filled with Taliya's blood and she saw her crying at them.

Bee was about to rush to her and tried to lift her but he was stopped by Yun.

" Dont you dare to do that Bee!!!! Martin! We need you here! Please come!"

Martin is their security guard, who reached there literally running and Yun asked him to keep Taliya to a safe place. So he lifted her and laid down her on the couch. Bee was watching the entire scene and he was happy to see the protective aura of his wife who was ready to do anything to avoid him touching the girl.

Taliya couldn't believe her eyes, she thought Yun to be a naive and sober girl but now she sensed the danger in getting Bee back in her life. She wanted Bee to lift her and take care of her, but this lady is killing her every plans mercilessly. Taliya wanted to fight back but she decided to wait, meanwhile she will collect the details of Yun so that she could find some weakness of her, using which she will blackmail Yun and ask her to leave Bee once for and ever.The thought of Yun leaving Bee brought a bright smile on her face.

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