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   Chapter 95 His Ex

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10694

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" oh, shit! It's her!! It's that fucking bitch! But How could it be? Oh my God! She has cheated on me and got married to this fucker! I was searching for her everywhere and she was actually enjoying with this bastard! I wish I could strangle her to death but now it seems my wish is not going to fulfil since she has got a strong and powerful husband with her!"

Zhen couldn't control his anger and he smashed the flower vase. He was fuming with anger and he was gasping for air! He never thought that Yun would leave him for someone else even though he never loved her.

" That bitch is actually happy! She is smiling at him and I am damn sure that the marriage is not on the basis of any contract. She liked him, in fact, she is in love with him. I could see it from her eyes, I should have arranged tight security to guard her outside her room. But I got distracted by that bitchy Jessica! Oh man, I need her! I really wanted to torture her! She slapped me on my face and I am not going to spare her. She should be begging for my forgiveness. "

The thought of Bee holding Yun's hands and they living happily together, has irritated him and he just lost his patience. He called his men and asked them to get the details of Yun and Bee from the media. He was ready to spend billions to her her back.


Yun was looking at her wedding ring with a bright smile. She couldn't believe that she was living happily with her husband but deep inside her mind she worried about her ex. She wanted Bee to be safe and she never wanted anyone get hurt because of her. Their honeymoon went good and she started to love him too much. She knew that she is getting attracted to him day by day and now she couldn't spend a day without him.

" Hey! Why are you sad? Do you want to go back to our honeymoon suite? I think you missed the place."

" No! It's just I was thinking about our marriage and all. But you should be watching the road rather than staring at me! I don't want to die soon!"

" don't worry I am not going to leave you soon! You should have to tolerate me more and more! And by the way, for your kind information, I can stare you as much as I want! Because you are mine!"

" oh!! you are mine too! Love you! Hmmm, I think I need to tell you this, Thank you so much for everything Bee. You made me happy, made me laugh at silly things and living with you is the most amazing thing in my life! I just want us to be happy!"

" We will be happy, please don't stress out too much, cupcake! We are almost going to reach our home and I don't need any more excuse from you!"

" Excuse? For what? I didn't get you! What do you mean?"

" It's been two fucking days I haven't fucked you and now you are asking me why?"

"Bee! It's not an excuse! It hurts and I just want us to get close! I want our souls to become one and I can't see it as an excuse! It's a genuine concern from my part and you are criticising me for that! I can't believe you!"

" I don't know! It's like you are doubting my love towards you! It's really frustrating! We have already become one soul and two bodies. But still, you are doubtin

" it's a long story. When we were in love during our college days. My father gave his word to one of his friends that I will get married to his daughter and he asked me to get engaged to her!"

" So you were already engaged to her and you married me! How could you do this Bee? It's so unbearable! Oh my God! I can't believe you! You just broke my heart. I trusted you I loved you and gave my wholeself to you but still, you didn't care to share this secret with me!"

" Listen, Yun! You are mistaken! My father was hospitalized at that time and it was the most crucial time of my life, I just wanted him to be alive. I did it to keep him happy and alive. I have already told Taliya everything about us and she agreed to do the ring exchange by accepting all my conditions. "

" What?? Did you guys exchange rings? Oh my God! Bee, you should have told me before. What if the girl is in life with you and she came here to claim you back! "

" No no! She is just my friend and she helped me during my tough time. My father liked her very much and I am only trying to return the favours she has done to us. I have clearly informed her about my love life and there are no complications in it. Why do you feel insecure about her? She is not a threat to you"

" Bee! I think she is after you! But if you are so much confident about her intentions, I don't mind to keep her here!"

" Why did you say that? I mean why do you think she came were to live with us??"

" Oh come on Bee! Haven't you seen the suite cases she carried all the way with her! If she is here to visit you, why would she bring her luggage with her? It's really wired and you didn't even notice the things around her you were watching her like your life is depended on her! I don't like it, I don't want you to stare at any other girl for more than 10 seconds!"

" Oh my goodness! Is that your jealousy talking to me! I loved to see your possessiveness over me!"

" I don't want her to come between us! She is a friend of yours and tell her to stay on her limits. I don't want to waste my energy by protecting you from her!"

" Ok madam! It's done!"

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