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   Chapter 94 Their First Fight

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10449

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They just broke apart and Bee lifted her in bridal style and carefully placed her on their bed. He sat beside her and caressed her lips.

" Yun, I know it sounds weird but I think I need to tell you this. I can't watch any other men near you! It's so frustrating when I saw you in the arms of that bloody stranger. You didn't bother to kick him out and it really infuriated me! It is our honeymoon and you are dancing with some Rascal, Do you have any idea, how much it hurts? I just wanted to break his jaw and bones. When I was trying to calm myself I saw Someone taking your photos. It's so irritating Yun!"

Yun heard him and she knew that he was genuine, she could read it from his eyes. She looked him affectionately and she held his arms in hers.

" Don't get mad on me! Please! They were not looking at me Bee, you are the one drawing the attention of every girl. I just wanted to keep you away from them, I was frustrated to watch those sluts thinking weird things about you. It's just looked my blood. I was angry and jealous. I don't know why did it feel so wrong? I can't share you with anyone else. You are all mine. But you were checking out each of them, making them go crazy for you! Now you are blaming me! Oh my God! I can't believe you. You are such a disgusting man!"

"What the hell?What did I do? I didn't ask anyone to dream on me! I didn't do anything! You must be kidding me! don't you dare to give me that look! Oh nan, seriously what the hell did I do?"

" You did a great crime by wearing such sexy clothes, Bee. It's so captivating even my heart skipped a beat to see you in casuals! Those girls were only staring at you. They saw me with you and I have even shown them my fingers so that they will come to know that the man they are ogling out is my husband! I was doing everything to take their eyes off you! "

" What? Yun are you serious? You wanted them to see that you got married to me? Oh my Hod! I think I got married to a kinder garden girl. I must be in jail for marrying a child. Hahaha!"

Bee burst out to laugh holding his stomach. He laughed so much that his cheeks began to hurt.

Yun was watching him with her mouth opened and she couldn't believe her husband who was angry at first and now he is laughing at her. She couldn't believe the audacity of the man. She bit her lips so hard that a loud scream escaped from her own mouth. It distracted her husband and his full focus was on her.

" Why are you staring at me with your mouth opened? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat flies?"

Yun suddenly closed her mouth and looked at him without saying anything. He smirked at her and she tried to get away from him. But he grabbed her waist so tightly and pulled her more towards him.

" Bee? I am damn serious and you are laughing at me??You are unbelievable!"

" Hey! Just calm down. Why couldn't you get it? I am in love with you I can't share the special bond with anyone, you belonged here !"

Bee poked his finger towards his chest and it brought a bright smile on Yun's face.

" Really?"

" Hmm! By the way, do you still find me sexy in these clothes?"

come a miser. You got the wealth because of me and now you are trying to abandon me."

" I will transfer the money but for god sake don't annoy me during the office time, I need to attend two meetings today, and I won't be free."

" Whatever, Just transfer the money.I am waiting."

" You are so demanding. I thought you like me but Now I think you liked my wealth rather than me. "

" Ops, you are saying this to me? what a sarcastic one. You killed your own blood for money and you are lecturing me about love. seriously I think you have gone crazy."

" Yes I am because I am surrounded by a bunch of lame and mean people, so obviously I will go mad."

" Whatever. hope you are running late. so stop lecturing me and transfer the bloody money to my account.I don't want to ruin my mood by talking to you.So leave."

Zhen didn't speak a word to her, he stayed silent and watched her furiously. He knew that she is after something and he didn't want to get her angry now. so he smiled at her and left to his office.

Jessica got dressed and left to meet her friends. She was spending money like anything and she knew that Zhen is not happy with her spending habit, but she couldn't keep her away from the shopping and partying. She wanted to get the half of the property in her life. She didn't love him, She was actually using him. She always wished to spend a luxurious life and her grandfather was providing everything to her, but she didn't know that her grandfather had a huge debt to pay off. When she came to know about the debt, she lost everything. She was struggling to get everything back to her and she knew that Zhen is going to be great help. She moved in with him once they had finished final rituals of his father's death.

Zhen got inside his office and opened his laptop. He got a message from his man and he opened the TV to watch the news. It was the marriage picture of a lady who resembles Yun and the person holding her hands was the super model Bee. He couldn't believe his eyes. He zoomed the picture to make sure that the lady is his ex wife.

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