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   Chapter 93 The Wedding Day

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 11128

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" Bee, After the accident my life has changed so drastically. I was living with my friend and most of them told me only mean things about you. I thought you are a worst man and I started to hate you. My friend showed me your photos and she told me so many fake stories in which you were constantly trying to make me sleep with you. The whole story was such a convincing one that I believed them. I am sorry Bee"

" It's okay. Granny is so close to me and she like you too much and you are the perfect one for me."

" Love you."


Zhen contacted his lawyer and he got everything under his control. He has become more arrogant and rude towards everyone especially towards the loyal employees of his company. He fired almost everyone who go against his wish. He acted like an emperor and Jessica did the day night shopping.People started to suspect them for his father's unexpected death. He took his father's place within the second day of his father's death.

People started to spread the rumors of them and they never dared to discuss it before him because everyone feared him so much.


I pronounce that your wedding vows are sealed and you may henceforth be known to all as husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.

Bee kissed his wife who was the most gorgeous girl to him.He simply kissed her lips and a tear escaped from her eyes.Bee kissed her tear and kissed her forehead too.It was such a romantic scene to watch the two loving birds uniting the day of their marriage with the blessings of their loved ones. Yun was so much happy to place the ring on his finger, she couldn't stop smiling and Bee was also very happy. The ceremony was grand and very few relatives and friends were invited to attend the wedding.The Media and press didn't release the news of his marriage because of his request and he promised to spare some time to them with his wife.

The whole function went good and finally they left to Paris for celebrating their honeymoon. Yun was very tired and she slept through out the journey while on the other hand Bee was actually making the best plan to trap Zhen and his so called girlfriend. He knew that it was easy for him to ruin them

The air hostess was a slut, from the beginning itself she was trying hard to get the attention of Bee towards her. She was furious to see his concern and care towards his wife. When Bee asked her to adjust the temperature, she decided to use the chance wisely and she just fell on his lap as if she has twisted her legs and lost her balance,

ll from his granny and he was busy chatting with her. Bee excused her and got outside of their room to finish off his undone business. She waited for him inside the room but he didn't show up till the evening. She slept on the couch waiting for him.

She heard a knock on the door and she just rushed to attend the door. It was Bee. She gave him a tight hug and she kissed his forehead.

" Please don't fight anymore Bee! I really can't stay without you! I am sorry for lashing out at you!"

Bee put his finger on her lips.

" I knew that it was that bastard who dragged you to the dance floor and I criticised you because you were not at all ready to give me a chance to explain the incident happened in our jet. Just watch this video, I have cameras installed in my jet and I took the footage to show you."

Yun took the phone and she watched the entire footage. She felt guilty and she begged his forgiveness!

" Yun, I won't leave you never, I won't cheat on you! You are my everything!"

" I love you, Bee! I can't see you with any girl. When I saw you guys kissing, my mind went completely blank and I just left the place. It was not your fault! It was my fault to believe things without knowing the truth!"

" It's okay dear! Just ignore the issue sweetheart!"

" Hmm! I am really sorry!"

" You really want me to forgive you?"

" Yes!"

" can you do me a favour?"

" Of course! Just tell me!"

" Today I want you to be mine in every sense! Ate you ready to do that?"

" What? Bee, you are too much!"

Bee took her in bridal style and locked their room. Yun was a little bit nervous and he smiled at her affectionately, Yun hid her face inside his chest and her hot breath was falling on his chest. Her lips were partially touching his chest and he found to feel the hardening inside his pants. He got inside their room and carefully placed her on their bed.

He took off his shirt and pants, Yun closed her eyes to hide her shyness! He git seated on the bed watching her whole body. He touched her lips and caressed her face. He slightly pinched her lips and she didn't utter a word to him. They could feel the increasing temperature inside the room and they just started to kiss.

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