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   Chapter 89 ”Why do you love me so much ”

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10258

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" You mean my room?"

"No! Master has a special room in this house and he never allowed anyone to see it or clean it. He used to spend time inside the room. He is keeping something valuable inside it and I think you should have a look at it. Maybe it helps you! who knows?

" But where are the keys? Have you seen them?"

" Yeah! He used to take it with him all the time. I guess he took it with him today also."

" Oh No, how can I open it without getting its keys? Oh my! wait a second. I saw something in the garden. Sometimes he lost the key in the garden. Let me get it. I wanted to explore inside the room before he comes back."

"Ok. I will let you know if he comes !"

" Thank you Marry."

Yun ran outside and she saw the keys on the table. she grabbed it at once and ran inside the home. She was not ready to waste any seconds and she went directly to the room to explore inside it. She opened the door to the room and she saw it's inside her whole body became pale. She was startled with her jaws hitting the ground. She couldn't believe her eyes. The entire room was filled with her pictures of different sizes. She started to walk through the room carefully analysing the pictures and the more she looked the more she became disheartened. she could not identify the feelings because She was happy and sad at the same time. She stopped before a cupboard and sat on the chair she found before it.

The room was not so spacious as the other rooms. The whole room is painted with light pink paint which was her favourite colour and it has love shaped windows. The whole wall was literally filled with her various pictures. Most of them were taken at the time of her graduation and the remaining pictures were new which was taken two or three months prior to their meeting. She was amazed to see his treasures.

" Oh my God! So it was him who took my pictures while I was playing with goofy. He gifted me goofy too. He was actually following me everywhere like my shadow. I could not understand him. Why would he keep my pictures in a special room? I mean I know that he valued them like a treasure. But what's the point in keeping the pictures of a married girl?Oh my God, he used to keep my teddy too. The teddy was gifted by my father when I was a small kid. I thought I lost it but how did he get it from me? Why can't I remember anything? He must be in madly love with me otherwise he won't have kept my things here. I think I too loved him a lot and maybe because of that, I gave him my favourite teddy bear. How can he love me so much?" Yun thought to herself. She wanted to search more and know more about them.

She wanted to search inside the cupboard. She took the key and gently opened the cupboard. she saw her intimate pictures with Bee inside it. She took the pictures and she could easily tell her love story with Bee to anyone using the pictures. She watched the pictures with a slight smile on her lips. There were so many pictures of hers with Bee and she watched each of them very carefully. Those pictures we're beautiful and uni

the night and she slept on the floor and she woke up suddenly hearing the footsteps of a person. She stood up from the floor all at once and stared the figure before her, it was Bee. He was watching her with genuine concern. She ran to him and hugged him close to her heart. He could hear her heartbeats of him and she has tightened the hug on him. He hugged her too but when he heard her cries, he pushed her slightly away from him. He started her eyes and he knew that she has been crying.

" What happened? Why are you crying? Ade you feeling sick? Do you want me to call the doctor? Just stop crying and tell me what had happened to you?"

" I am fine! Perfect fine. And porasr don't call anyone here."

" Ok! But How did you sneak inside my room? How did you find this room? Why did you open it? Did Marry help you? You should not have come here without asking me. It's my private place and I didn't like to share it with anyone else."

" I am sorry Bee! I didn't know that you loved me so much. I read the diary and saw our pictures too, I know you were madly in love with me and it was my fault that I couldn't remember it. I tried Bee, but I could not see your face and I am really sorry. I didn't know that you loved me sincerely. I am sorry for everything. I had slapped you, insulted you before everyone but still, you are living here with my memories. I can't forgive myself for torturing you. You endured the pain because of me. You tolerated everything for me. I am sorry"

" Hey, it's ok! You don't need to cry. It's our past and I really don't want you to stress too much but at the same time, I want you to remember me, remember our old times. but please don't stress too much."

" It's of no use Bee because I tried hard, but I could not fetch your face from my memories."

" it's ok, don't get panic and please don't cry. it's already getting late. Go and take some rest."

" Hmm! Bee! Can I ask you something?"

" yes of course!"

" Why do you love me so much?"

" I don't know. You are everything to me!"

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