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   Chapter 88 Will You Marry Me

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10318

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" it's already late. Come let's get inside."

" Bee. You are hiding something from me. Please just tell me what is it?"

" It's not the right time. I will tell you later."

" Do you really think you can beat Zhen? He is not an ordinary man. "

"I can not until and unless I have that agreement with me. I am waiting for my man to deliver it to me. He is on his way to our house"

" Hmmm! Thank God he got it from there. Otherwise, I would be living with Zhen like a slave."

" Yes. You are right! He will treat you like a sex toy and he was about to keep you as his whore.

" WHAT? what are you telling? Oh my God. I can't believe it! I really didn't know that meeting his father for the first time will trap me like this. I Didn't do anything to attract his father's love and care. I met him accidentally and I didn't tell him the truth about our relationship"

" Why didn't you?"

" Because he told me to keep it as a secret."

" And you believed him too. Do you really think he is in love with you?

" No, he didn't love me for sure. it was his lust for my body and I thought he was in love with me. I knew I am stupid. But I believed him."

" You are so stupid. If you love a person with whole your heart you didn't care about the world around you. You won't listen to others. It's your life and your life depended on the person you are in love with. If you have any hidden secrets then you will definitely care about the world rather than the person you are in love with or you pretend to be in love with."

" Hmmm, you are right. what will I do now? He is after me and how can I live without his interference in my life?"

" simple! You should get married to a person who is more powerful, richer and handsome than him!"

" Are you kidding me? Marriage is not an excuse Bee. I can't do it even if he is going to kill me."

" It's up to you Yun. It was a mere suggestion from me. Don't think that I brought you here to marry me. "

" Why are you helping me? Why do you wanna fight against Zhen for me?"

" There is a reason for it Yun and I want you to remember it since it was connected with our past."

" Bee, I couldn't do it. I have tried a lot and whenever I tried to remember anything, I was under utter pressure which affected my health too. I told you my life was in trouble after that incident and I wanted to erase everything related to it. But you are making me more upset telling about the saddest thing in my life."

" I won't tell you anything but you should promise me that you will not ask me about my connection with you."

" Fine! But I really want to know it, Bee."

Bee got a call from someone and he talked to the man for around 5 minutes excusing Yun.

" Who is it? Is it him?"

" No, it's my man who is back with the marriage agreement of yours."

Bee asked the man to come in and he took the document from him and after giving him some money. He read the agreement and he was damn sure that the man has trapped Yun legally. He asked his men to inquire about the other copies of the document and he told him that on

used to stay here with you! Oh my God. I can't believe it!"

" hmmm! I am leaving. Take some rest and take care. Bye."

Bee kissed her forehead and left to his office.

Yun was confused and she could not remember her past which was connected with Bee. She took the diary and got inside her room. She started to read the diary.

She has a habit of writing the diary and she used to note down the important events of her life in it. When she opened it she was really shocked to see the content. She had described everything in it like the first day in her college. Her friendship with Rim, why did every other student hate them? Why did Rim change her university? Who are NG5 and RED DOT? Who is Bee? How did they become friends? Why did Xi cheat her with her sister? How did She fall in love with Bee? Why did Natasha hate her? Why did she fear that something was going to happen to Bee? Who were their enemies? Why did she love Bee so much and what was her biggest wish? Everything was clearly written on it. And she cried a lot reading the diary.

She read the whole diary in one go and she could not stop herself from crying. She knew that she was the one who write the diary but she could not remember any of the incidents. She was hurt for rejecting his proposal. She could not believe the fact that Bee

Was in madly love with her. She wanted to remember everything. She closed the diary and left her room. She saw Marry cooking the food for them. She got inside the kitchen and asked her.

" Can you please help me Marry?"

" oh dear! It was you. How may I help you?"

" Can you tell me anything about us? I mean about me and Bee. I wanted to remember every single thing about him. I could not remember any of it! Please help me Marry."

" Oh dear. But sir has told me not to tell you or ask you anything related to your past. You know it I can't go against his order."

" Please Marry do something! I need to know about us."

" Oh honey, I am helpless! Wait a second. Why can't you go to the room and find out it for yourself?".

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