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   Chapter 87 My past

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10488

Updated: 2019-09-29 15:00

" you don't remember anything right?"

" Nope! But I heard about you a lot from my friends. And trust me you really don't want to hear about it."

" I don't mind! Just tell me, what did you hear about me?"

"Ok, my friends told me that you are a womaniser and you wanted to trap me too!"

" OMG! That was gross. So that was the reason because of which you had ignored me completely."

" Yeah. You can't blame me for that. no one is going to sleep with a dangerous playboy."

" oh my, Yun how could you be so mean? You should have inquired about me, man! I mean you could have asked someone about me."

" Why would I? It was almost at the end of my graduation and I just wanted to finish my course. I have to work my ass out to get the money for my living. I barely gave time for myself and why would I inquire about a person who is not so important in my life?"

" Yeah! You have a point! Why did you change your dwelling place?"

" after that accident, everything changed so drastically that I wanted to shift my hostel too. I started to live with my friend who used to work with me. She helped me a lot to go through the accident thing you know. I don't remember anyone. And everyone used to treat me like a zombie. They behaved as if I was infected with some contagious disease. So I started to avoid them too. It'm was hard for me to remember the familiar faces in our college. It was weird to see someone watching you pathetically and others spreading rumours about you. I was kinda lost in my past. Nobody knows that I was hurt inside and I need some kind of patch up but they ignored me.".

" Hmmm! Then what happens? I mean who told you about me?"

" oh yeah. I was about to come to that point. See I was left all alone and when I was having my lunch in the cafeteria I found a gorgeous girl who was smiling at me. I was shocked to receive such a warm smile from that girl. My mind was overjoyed and when I saw her coming towards me butterflies started to fly inside my tummy. She asked to sit with me and I allowed her too. She told me my past and she was very kind to me!"

" was that Natasha?"

" Yeah! But how did you know that it was her?"

" I knew everything. Anyway, Did she describe me as a monster to you?"

" OMG! how did you know that?"

" I knew it! She was a cunning bitch and she has convinced you that I was a a horrible brat right?"

"yeah! But how did you know that? Just tell me!"

" I will but first up all finish the story of yours. I am eagerly waiting to hear the rest of your story."

" Ok. So Natasha helped me to enlighten me about my past. There was a guy with her who also knew about me. They described me everything and I was heartbroken to hear it. I couldn't remember anything even though it was my past."

" Did they describe me as a womaniser to you and you believed them too. How could you Yun? You are unbelievable."

" Yeah, they did but you can't blame me for that Bee. I was helpless and no one was there to help me other than them!"

" Ok I am sorry. Just continue. you were saying Natasha and Wu helped you during the tough time of yours. But how could y

er. And you loved Isac. Wow such an amazing story. Natasha is a brilliant one in telling stories to people. But I didn't know that Wu will accompany her. It was my fate and I didn't blame anyone!".

" But Bee! I didn't believe this story. You may be a playboy but you are not a killer."

" No you are wrong "

" What do you mean?"

" I was the one who asked my men to kill Isac."

" what? So it was all true! Oh my God."

" No. I killed Isac but he is not a person from your stories. You were told to believe a cooked up story which was manipulated by my enemies no our enemies."

" Our enemies? But why did you kill him? And why did you try to kill me?"

" it's true that I killed Isac but I didn't try to kill you and I killed him two months before."

" What? But why Bee? If he was alive I should have seen him in my college!"

" You told me that you don't remember any familiar faces in our college. I guess you can connect the rest of the things she told you."

" Oh my God. She fooled me and I believed her because of Xi."

" Hmmm. You did!"

" Bee could you please tell me what's my story?"

" I can't! It's up to you to regain your memories. I want you to remember everything. You can do it, Yun."

" Hmmm!"

" ops I forgot! I want you to see the video clip which will show you the true intentions behind your hydband's decision to marry you!"

" ok! Show me! I wanted to know his truth."

Bee gave her his phone and she watched the entire clip. She could not hold her tears and she just burst out. She gave the phone back to him.

" why is it always happens to me? I chose the wrong guys always. It was not their fault it's my fault. I loved Zhen but I have always felt something was missing between us. I never complained about it to him but I knew that something is not right about him. But my eyes were got blinded by his fake love. Now I knew why did he make me sign the marriage documents? "

" Hmmm! Ate you ok? Do you need anything to drink?"

" No."

" Bee the person who did I love during the college was not Isac???"

" No!"


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