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   Chapter 86 Hitting the Realisation

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10486

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" Just shut up! You are impossible Wu. I was trying to be nice with you and even after forgiving your mistake you are accusing an innocent girl of your mistakes! Shame on you Wu."

" I don't need your forgiveness. You have to choose between us. Is it me or her? It's up to you to decide. If you are choosing her over me then you can leave my house now itself and I don't need any explanation from you."

" Ok! I choose her! Bye Wu."

Bee left his home and Wu was startled to hear his replies. He had a hope that Bee will choose him over her but he was wrong. He broke the glass on the floor and started to break everything he found before him. Bee knew that it was difficult for him to make a choice. but he wanted Wu to realise his mistakes. He thought of giving him some space to think so that he can finally understand his mistakes and correct them.



" Sir, we are about to land. Can you please call madam to tie her seat belt. She is asleep."

" No don't call her. I will do it."

" Ok."

They reached his home and Yun was still sleeping. He brought her to his old mansion where he used to live during his graduation. He brought her in bridal style and laid her on his room. There was no one in the house except for his old maid Marry. She knew the story of Yun and Bee. Marry liked Yun very much. Bee strictly restricted Marry from telling anything to Yun. He wanted Yun to remember everything by herself. He didn't want to add pressure on her. He adjusted the AC and covered her with a duvet. He thought of staying some time inside his special room.

The room was filled with the pics of Yun and him. Her favourite things her books her favourite teddy bear everything was neatly placed inside the cupboard. He was able to live whole these years with the help of these memories. He treasured them the most and he never let anyone inside the room. He spent some time inside the room and instructed the maid to cook something for them. He went back to his room to get freshen up.

Zhen wang was back from the shopping. He had spent too much time on the malls and parlour for Jessica. She has bought so many things that Zhen wanted to call a separate cab to deliver them to his hotel. He knew that Yun didn't have anything from the morning but still he didn't bring anything to her. He wanted to torture her more by keeping her starving and thirsty.

He preferred her to be his slave and Jessica to be his wife, but when he found her dancing with a handsome man he lost his coolness. He was trying to be nice with her whole the time. It was difficult to pretend to be a good and caring husband before her. But he wanted to get everything in his name and he was ready to sacrifice her innocent life for his victory. he was actually waiting for his father's official declaration of his father.

His father wanted him to get married to Yun and it was kinda difficult for him to ditch her. His father's spies are all around him and he could not take a risk by dumping her so he pretended so well that he didn't share his real intention with his long t

delling and acting career is only my hobby. It's not my actual career."

" But he is very dangerous. He used to kill people who will go against his wish. I didn't want him to kill you. I want you to be safe."

" He can't kill me. You don't have to worry about me. It's not a big deal."

" Are you sure?"

" Yes, I am. I hope you are hungry. Come let's have anything. Marry has prepared us delicious food."

" ok. Let me get freshen up first."

" Ok. Take your time. I will be waiting for you in the living room."

Yun took a quick bath and she found some dress in the closet which was correct fit to her. She wore them and went downstairs to have food with Bee.

Marry could not believe her eyes when she saw Yun approaching towards her wearing the same old dress of hers. Marry can't keep her anxiety and she hugged Yun.

" oh Dear, How do you feel now?"

" Good"

Yun was surprised to get a hug from Marry. Bee knew that Marry was going to ask her too many questions so he instructed Marry to take rest and he served the food.

" Why is she crying? Did I do anything bad?"

" She has a daughter around your age. She must be missing her. Come let's have food."

" Ok."

They had their food in perfect silence. Yun wanted to ask a thousand questions to him but she didn't want to irritate him.

" I know that you wanted to ask so many questions to me. Can you come with me to the garden? I think we can discuss it from there."

" Of course."

She finished her food and they left the garden

" your garden is beautiful. It's perfect. Did you like flowers too?"

" No, but someone who was so special to me liked the flowers and the garden too. "

"  Wow. It's unique and you got very beautiful and rare flowers. I really liked it."

" Thank you. I am happy that you liked it. By the way, what did you want to know? Ask me anything."

" Ok. Why did you help me? I mean I have always insulted you and ran from you but you still offered your hands to help me. I can't remember my college days clearly because of an accident and it has changed my life!"

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