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   Chapter 85 Best Friend

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 11421

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Yun woke up late in the morning and she could not open her eyes. She was having a severe headache too so she laid on the bed holding her head. Bee had already checked her twice from the morning and when he saw her awake, he went to take her breakfast with aspirin.

" Hey, cupcake! Wake up. Its already getting late. Come, get up now."

" What the hell? How did you manage to get inside my hostel? You are a born stalker Bee! Oh my God! Did the warden see you? She is going to kick me out from here. Just leave. I can't talk more, I have a severe headache and my head really spins! Please just leave, don't create issues."

"' Wow! Are you gone crazy? I mean, haven't you checked the place? where have you spent your whole night? Just watch around and talk."

Yun checked the whole room and she could barely remember yesterday's events. Her face became pale when she realised that she was sleeping with Bee in his place. She knew that she saw him in the bar and they left together but she didn't know that she has spent the whole night with him. She was on the verge of break down but she composed herself and asked him.

" where is this place Bee? Why did you bring me here? You should have dropped me at my hostel rather than keeping me here the whole night. Why did you take advantage of me? I know I must be vulnerable to you but you should not have slept with me! I thought you were my friend but you just turned out to be a traitor! Why did you do that Bee! I believed you, I trusted you but you just..!"

" Oh my God! Just stop it, Yun! You are accusing me of nothing! I didn't do anything! Seriously you can check yourself! I slept in my room and you slept here! Yesterday you could barely walk after having Four bottles of beer and I thought of taking you here in my home! Because your hostel won't keep girls who come at midnight. As per their rules, they will definitely kick you out with issuing a bad conduct certificate in your name! I don't think that you wanted it. I thought of helping you and you are calling me a traitor! You know something you are unbelievable and I think it's better to leave!

Bee cut her off and he left her room after saying something.

"By the way, Take your breakfast and aspirin! I have kept a dress in the closet for you! You can use my washroom to get freshen up and come downstairs after finishing your business! I will be waiting for you in the living room and I will drop you to your hostel."

Bee left the room without eating to hear any explanation from her and Yun just stared at him as if she has seen a ghost!

Yun removed the duvet and she was relieved to know that she has not done anything with him. She felt bad to wrongly accusing him. She got inside the bathroom to take a quick bath and after finishing her routine, she had her breakfast and took the medicine too. She opened the closet and saw a beautiful floral gown which reached till her knees, the dress was very beautiful and she never wore such tight clothes. She used to wear baggy clothes and she also had a big google which almost covered half if her face. She really looked like a studious person who was only interested in reading books. She tried to check her googles but she could not find it. She used to wear glass in order to show that she is an ugly girl and her eyesight was perfectly fine.

But Bee has presented her something which was not her type. She wore it since she

already late."

" Ok Bee. Let's leave! Ba bye Natasha."

Natasha couldn't ask them to take her with them since she had lied to them. She rolled her eyes at Yun and gritted her teeth furiously at them.

" Can I ask you one personal question?"

" Yes."

" Why are you ignoring her? She is in madly love with you Bee. She is not a bad girl and she had insulted me because of the insecurity of her. I couldn't understand you. "

" see, it's complicated. She is like a sister to me. We were used to hang out during our high school and I was very comfortable with her too. But things got changed when I started to talk with some other girls. She started to irritate me for spending time with other girls. She was like a stalker who used to torture me 24 by 7. I had talked to her parents and they brought her to a counselling centre too. I had already confessed my feelings for her and I am damn sure that I am not going to fall in love with her."

" Ok! It is complicated. I think she hates me. Just try to talk to her and convince her.she us your childhood friend and ignoring someone for loving you is not a good manner."

" She is not going to get it because I have tried a lot. So it's better to ignore her."

" Hmm.Ok, let's leave!"

Bee dropped Yun at her hostel and left to meet Wu. He knew that Wu has recovered fully from the fight. He came to know about the extension of his leave even after the recovery. Bee got inside his room and he found Wu having the drinks from his minibar.

" Wu. I hope you are recovered and why are you drinking so much?"

" It's not your bloody issue Bee. This is my life and I can do anything I want. If you guys are going to interfere in my life because of that stupid gang I am ready to leave it too."

" Hey what happened to you man? It was your fault. The whole fight took place because if you. You told us a cooked up story and we have punished the poor girl too. Who told you to molest her inside the bathroom? Yun was trying to block you from hurting her friend and we had already tortured them a lot because if you!."

" Oh! So you came to know about the whole thing and you are praising her because of your cheap romance. You were my friend and you should have supported me. I never expected it from you Bee."

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