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   Chapter 84 Lost Love

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10284

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Yun liked the gift so much and she kept it on her study table! She had her dinner and opened the social networking site after finishing her homework! She opened the pictures of Xi and she saw some new posts from her sister! Most of them were her selfies but in some of them She found Xi with her and she couldn't realise the sudden change in his attitude! She has tried to call him numerous times but her calls got directed to another number and there was no response at all!

So she sends messages to him but still, there was no response and she thought of chatting with him via We chat and she saw him online too!"

" Are you there? Please say something!"

" Yea!"

" What happened to you Xi? Why did you start avoiding me? What did I do? Why are you not picking up my calls? Just tell me the problem! What is it?"

" I don't have time to speak to you! So please don't irritate me! I git my true love and I don't need you anymore!"

" Are you real? I mean, just tell me the God damn reason of yours! I won't irritate you but you better tell me the reason! Why are you trying to run from our relationship? And who is this new girl you are talking about?"

" Our relationship! Are you kidding me? There is nothing between us! You were my friend and you chose your career over me! I begged you from going abroad but you didn't listen to me! Your priority was your life and career but mine was always you! Anyway, it was my horrible past and I have already moved on!"

" Xi! But you don't have any problem at that time I mean finally, you agreed and you were the one who dropped me at the airport too! I can't believe you, you are ignoring me because of that incident which occurred before one year! Oh my God, at least try to be reasonable Xi! I am not a kindergarten kid to believe this stupid excuse of yours!"

" Ho, so you wanted to hear the truth right? Fine! I don't like you, Yun! You were not loyal to me! I know that you are having a relationship with various men and you used to sleep with them to earn your living! I didn't believe it at first but I got proofs which clearly indicates that you are a whore who used to seduce billionaires for money! You should have told me! I didn't know that you were so much desperate to get fucked! I regretted to spend time with you and fall in love with you! I never kissed you or hugged you because I respected your belief and waited for you, but you cheated on me! I can't take this anymore! I am in madly love with your sister and she is much better than you! She obeys me and loves me like I am her world!"

" How could you Xi? You should have asked me? You believed them and you didn't care to ask my explanation! I know my uncle and sister told you the story in which they described me as a disgusting cunt! But I thought you loved me, Xi! You were the only one whom I loved the most but you didn't deserve it, Xi! I don't need your love and money! I don't care to explain to you anything! It's the end of our disgusting relationship and bye!"

" Fine! Don't try to call me! I don't like to hear your voice an

for an untrustworthy man?"

" Yeah! You are right! I can't ruin my life! Can you sit here?! I can't see you! My head spins! "

" Fine!"

Bee sat near to her and Yun kept her head on his shoulder.

" Do you know something? I wanted to enjoy my life like a teenager but my life is not simple! I have so many problems in my life and I barely get time for myself! Xi couldn't understand me! I couldn't let him kiss me or touch me because of my career but he mistook it and just dumped me without letting me know! It hurts!"

Yun tilted her face towards him and held his hand in her hand. She kept his hand on her chest.

" can you hear it? My heart aches! I don't know how to lessen the pain! I had this stupid drink to sleep without any worries but it is not letting me forget him! Please just help me! I have not begged anyone in my whole life! But the pain is too much! Please do something!"

" I don't know I can help you! But I can't keep myself away from you! Just stay straight!"

He was watching her strawberry lips whole the time and he really wanted to touch them but he controlled his urge. But when she moved near to him keeping her head on his shoulder, Bee couldn't control himself.

He cupped her face and lightly kissed her lips! Bee knew that Yun was going to push him away or slap him but to his surprise, she didn't do anything! He deepened his kiss and Yun too kissed him! But the kiss ended soon since Yun fell back to sleep! Bee smiled at her and laid her down on the bed. He went to his room to sleep.

But he couldn't sleep because his mind was occupied with the thought of Yun. Her smiles her cry her first kiss everything is so special to him. Bee knew that she was in love with that unlucky guy and he wanted her to forget that man! He needs to spend more time with her. That kiss has changed his feeling for her! He decided to make her his and he wouldn't change his decision at any cost! He knew that he was falling for her. She is so innocent and pure. He liked her attitude and his granny also liked Yun!

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