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   Chapter 83 Meeting his granny

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 11528

Updated: 2019-09-24 21:59

" Mind your language! If you want to be friends with us you shall apologise to her!"

" But I didn't mean to...!"

" You don't have to apologise me!"

Yun cut her off with her awesome attitude and Natasha didn't expect it from her!

" Yeah, nan! Just stop it! "

Natasha was relieved to hear Mike and she didn't utter a word!

" May I know the reason?"

" Why not? Bee, it's simple! I believe a person should apologise only when he realised the mistakes of his wrong deeds! Natasha didn't know it! Because she was brought up like this! Arrogant and spoiled! So I shouldn't expect the apologies from her since she was confused about it! So it's better to drop the issue! But mark my words, Natasha! If I hear you say anything about my parents, I won't spare you! And no one can block me from breaking your filthy mouth! don't think that I am generous! "

" Hahaha!!! Oh man! You are so awesome! I mean I liked your attitude! Wild and beautiful! Why didn't we meet earlier? I like you, Yun!"

" I didn't mind breaking your hands to Mike! It's not the time to flirt and I am not interested in you!"

" That was gross! It hurts !"

Mike pretended as hurt but Yun ignored him!

Natasha was not at all ready to leave the issue! She could not see the boys admiration towards Yun! So she just started her usual cold war!

" Mike! You are praising her for insulting me! How could you? Why are you not supporting me? You guys are actually backstabbing me!! And It hurts!"

" Are you done? Shall we finish the food and leave?"

Bee asked Yun clearly ignoring Natasha who was expecting a comforting hug from Bee!

"Yeah! I have an important session in the afternoon! Guys! Thank you so much for the food and bye!"

"Bye Yun! It was nice to meet you!"

" me too!"

Yun stood up and grabbed her bag! She left them by sparing a murderous glance at Natasha! Natasha averted her eyes towards Bee but she saw the murderous glance of Yun which was a clear warning to her!

Bee was silent throughout the fight but he was observing Yun as he was trying to understand her emotions! He knew that Natasha has triggered the anger in her and she was clutching the table so hard that he could see her knuckles turned white! Bee found it very irritating to see her annoyed and he wanted Natasha to leave them too but he was really impressed to see the response of Yun! She is too bitchy to mess up and he was damn sure that Natasha won't think about mentioning the name of her parents before anyone! It brought a slight smile on his face! But soon it faded away when she bid them bye!

Natasha stayed back with them because she wanted to pacify Bee and she knew that Bee is going to hate her more! So she shifted her chair closer to him! She held his hands and started to explain her innocence!

" Bee! Why did you force me to say sorry to that girl? She is a real bitch! Have you seen her audacity to talk back at me? No one talked to me like she did and it infuriates me to the fullest! I mean I just want to burn her alive! Feed her organs to piranhas! Oh my God, that slut is too much! I really can't understand the seduction power she is having!! Look at Mike he had gone crazy for her! I guess she had fed you guys some portion and that was why you all become puppets to her! "

" ENOUGH!!!!!"

" If you say one word against her I will make sure that you are kicked out of this college!"




tening me? You scoundrel!"

Granny pulled out his ear as if she was going to punish him!

" Ho granny! I am Just joking! Leave me and Come let's have food. I am starving!"

" Ho honey come! Let's sit I will serve you the food!"

Sisy brought their food and granny served the food! Yun's mouth watered to see such delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine! She started to have the food and a loud moan escaped from her mouth because of its taste!

" It's so good granny! How did you make this? It's so delicious and I really liked it!"

" it's so simple dear! I will teach you but you should visit me regularly!"

" Why not? Anything for this pot of delicious food!"

"' Haha! Have it! "

" Thank you, granny!"

Bee was only staring at Yun who was having her food carelessly! She was not bothered about anyone around her and the way she had her food truly indicates that she is genuine! Granny liked her very much!

They finished their food and bid bye to Olivia! They got inside the car and Bee started to drive his car! Yun heard the sound of her phone and she took it from her bag! She saw the pics of Xi with her sister Feng Zhao. Xi was kissing her and it was a heartbreaking one! She could not hide her tears from Bee and she started to cry!

Bee pulled off his car and he stared at her with a concerned face!

" What happened? Did I hurt you? I mean why are you crying?"

" Nothing! I just remembered my granny seeing yours! I missed her so much and I just wanted to see her!"

Yun didn't lie to him since she actually missed her granny! Bee comforted her and wiped her tears!

" It's ok Yun! You can go back to your granny once you finished your graduation! You are so lucky to have loving granny! Everyone won't get such luck!"

" Yeah! It's true!"

" Shall we leave? Or do you need some more time to relax?"

" No, I am fine! Just go!"

" Ok! "

Bee dropped her to her hostel and he gave her a small present. she hesitated at first but when he told her that the present was actually given by his granny, she grabbed it!

She was very eager to see the gift and she opened it before him! It was a miniature of Lord buddha she liked it very much! She bid bye to him and got inside her hostel! Bee called his man to make sure that he is there protect Yun!

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