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   Chapter 81 Friendship

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10692

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" Are you alright?"

" yeah, I am fine! It's really shocking! If you people know that they are selling drugs on the campus, why can't you take some action against it? I mean you people are having a powerful background and you can easily wipe out drugs from our campus but still, you people are not taking any action!"

" Hmmm! It's complicated!"

" I am not talking about your relationship status dude! It's about our campus!"

" See! We can't stop it, we are trying to reduce the availability of drugs inside our campus! It takes time! Isac and his friends are also powerful and they got a strong connection with the underworld mafia! And by the way, my relationship status is not complicated! It's single !"

" Ok!"

" Can I be friends with you?"

" Are you trying to offer your friendship because of your sympathy towards me! See I don't like to be treated as a charity case and moreover that girl what was her name?

" Natasha??"

" Yeah! Exactly! She will think that I am trying to seduce you for some monetary benefits! So to be friends with you is out of the question! To be frank I don't want to take the risk! She has a crush on you and she is trying hard to make you fall for her!"

" oh come on! You are a brave girl! And I am not asking for your hands for marriage, man! It's just a friendship and you are all alone on the campus! I don't want you to get troubled by the Red Dot because of me! They are going to trouble you and if they knew that you are friends with me they won't dare to torture you! So just take my offer and stay safe!"

" Hmmm! Ok sounds pretty much convincing!"

" so is it a year or no?"

" Of course it's a yes!"

" Ok, give me your number!"

" ok! Tell me yours I will text you!"

They exchanged their number and had their breakfast! They didn't know that their pics were taken by some of the students and they posted the pictures in their college We chat group! Bee heard the sound of a notification from his phone and when he opened his phone he was shocked to see the picture of them!

" We have a problem!"

" What? Is that demon back to attack us? Now I became strong  and I can beat him down with a little help of yours!"

" No no, it's not about him! Actually, our photo has been taken by some stupids and they have posted them on the college We chat group! I hope you don't have any problem with that? For me, it's a usual thing but you are all new to this and I really don't want to drag you in this mess!"

" I have an issue!"

" ok! So what are you going to suggest? Stop meeting you or stop contacting you! Anything is fine! I really don't want to hurt your feelings! I am ready to stop whatever relationship we are having together! "

" What are you talking? see, you are my friend and I really don't care about society! It's just me and you! If you are not comfortable with me then you have the right to break the friendship with me! But I won't entertain you to break the friendship because of some stupid pics and rumours!"

" What? Oh, thank God! You are just awesome! I thought you are going to cut the contacts with me because of the rumours, but you just surprised me! I mean I like your attitude! You ar

During the lunch break, she saw Bee before the class and he came there to call her! She was shocked to see him waiting for her outside the classroom which was not his style! Her classmates started to murmur themselves and she knew that the girls are not going to believe her! She wanted to take him away from her classmates so she packed her bags and ran to him!

Bee was shocked to see Yun running towards him with a serious face! Ge stayed there with a concern and she neared him! She grabbed his hands and ran to a corner which was not easily visible to others dragging Bee with her! Both of them were gasping for air and Bee was staring at her amusingly!

" Are you alright Yun? Why did you run from there?"

" Oh, God! I didn't know that you are having so many fans, I mean they are ready to do anything for you! They were about to screw me!"

" Wow! But what makes you run from there?"

" hmmm! My classmates want me to set a meeting with you! So that they can talk to you and you can choose a girl from their gang! They were asking for your contact number but I didn't give it to them! I have denied their request too! But still, I can't believe them! "

" What do you mean by that? Ain't I handsome?"

" you are ok Bee! It's not about your look I am referring to! See, They didn't know you in person and yet they are ready to spend their whole life with you! How is it possible? I mean how can someone love a person without knowing his character? These people are really weird! And I really don't want to create a scene before them by chatting with you! I don't like to get treated friendly because of you! They are so mean!"

" Ohhhh! Ok ok! No issues! I can manage it! Come let's go to the canteen. My friends are already waiting there for you!"

" your friends! But why are they waiting for me?"

" Can't you listen to me at least for once without asking any questions? "

" Fine! Let's go!"

They went to have their lunch! Yun saw three boys sitting on the table who were eagerly watching her every movement! She was hesitated to sit with them but Bee grabbed her hands and made her sit with them!

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