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   Chapter 80 The Unexpected Attack

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9406

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" Then it was my mistake! I should not have sent her friend away! She must be missing her so badly!"

" Yeah! But it's our past and it's better to ignore it! I think we shouldn't create more issues in her life! She is struggling hard to earn a living! "

" Yeah! And there is another problem !"

"What was that?"

" Isaac and his gang are going to enrol her in their group! They were very happy to hear the news of the fight between Wu and Yun!"

" Sounds horrible But how is it going to be a problem for us?"

" see they wanted to use her as a carrier! He thinks we won't protect her because of the fight and they can easily use her for their transport!"

" Oh my God man! She is in real trouble!"

" Yes! It is because of me Taison! I just created a mess out of nothing! "

"  How are you going to tackle this?"

" I don't know! But let me think about it!"

" Hmmm! Come let's go now! it is already late!

" yeah man!"

They drove to their homes and Bee was only thinking about Yun! He really wanted to help her but the circumstances are not favouring his decision!

Yun reached her hostel and got inside her room! She called her granny and got freshen up before going to bed!

She could not sleep! Her mind was filled with the thought of the man with beautiful eyes! She couldn't forget his face even though she has a crush on Xi! She missed Rim so badly that she got up from the bed and went to the balcony of her room with her laptop! She decided to go through the balance sheet of her Dad's company which was running in an utter loss but she couldn't find any faults in it! She had also transferred the copy to her Dean for his suggestions! The fund flow of the company indicates that a lot of money has been utilised to create fixed assets but her uncle denied it! So it's of no use to ask her uncle about the provisioning of the company! So she asked her Dean's help and he had promised her to help her!

" The man what was his name? Yeah!! Bee! and he also belongs to the same gang of Wu and yet he is trying to help me! Even though  I have never asked for his help!!Sounds suspicious! ! Is he trying to be friends with me? so that at the end he can break my heart just like Rim! No no, I shouldn't let him do that! I should be very careful! Maybe they are angry at me for beating their friend but why can't they understand that I was just trying to protect my friend from him! They must be trying to screw me! And I can't let them win over me! But why did his face haunt me like a nightmare? He is just a stranger to me and I shouldn't let these things to affect my career!"

Yun was still thinking about him and she found something was moving behind the bushes. she got up from her seat at once and She found a man standing outside the hostel who was wearing a black dress from

e some breakfast?"

" Hmmm ok!"

" Are you alright? I mean can you walk by yourself?"

" yeah, I am perfectly fine thanks!"

They walked to the canteen and Bee ordered the food for both! He paid the amount and Yun tried to stop him but he didn't listen to her!

" It's on me! Come less finish this !"

Yun couldn't understand his motive and she couldn't say no to him since he was the only person who offered his hands to help her while the entire campus was watching her fight with Isac without bothering to help!

They got seated on the chair and she started to have her food in her usual way and Bee stared at her amazingly!

" What are you looking at? Eat your food! Don't worry I am not going to eat your's!"

" You are different! It was the first time I am seeing a gorgeous girl eating food without any fear of damaging her makeup! "

" oh, it's simple! I didn't wear any makeup so I just don't care about it!"

" and you dint really need that because You are so beautiful!"


" Nothing! Sorry I didn't introduce myself to you! I am Bee and I belonged to the NG5 gang!"

" I know! "

" Ok! Our first meeting was not an impressive one and I am really sorry for the troubles I have caused you! I didn't know that you were trying to protect her! You did the right thing and we are really sorry for your loss!"

" Hmmm! It's ok! Who's that man ?"

" Isac? He is a bad guy! He sells drugs and his father is a mafia man!"

" Omg! I shouldn't have challenged him!"

" What were you saying ?"

"' Nothing! Why did he want me to be a member of their gang? "

" Ho, it's a long story! He wanted girls in his business and we never allowed them to exploit the girls of our college! You had a fight with one of us and they thought that we won't interfere in your matter and they can use you as their carrier so easily!"

" OMG!!!!"

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