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   Chapter 79 The Embarrassment

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10968

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" why should I? She is the one who deliberately extended her legs in the middle of my way! She is the one who caused the trouble! I was asked to serve them the wine! Everything was crystal clear and I think it's better to check the CCTV footage! If you want to be more professional why can't you call the cop?"

" OMG! See!!!she is criticising us for the loss! Hey girl! We know that you are so poor and filthy that you need our tips to live your life! You people are living on our kindness and yet you are showing attitude towards us! I just can't believe this! Such a crazy street dog"

" Why are you so interested to give your pet name to me? I think it suits you perfectly!"

" What the!!! Manager! Have you seen that! Your subordinate wants us to apologise to her and she has also asked us to get the Footages from here through which she can prove her innocence! I think I should inform my dad about the incident so that he can seize the hotel and other subsidiaries activities of your boss! Do you wanna try mejQuery21407564131192510776_1568285758503"

" No no, Madam! We are very sorry! Yun just shut up! Why do you want to create issues to us? Keep your mouth zipped! I didn't know that some awful thing is going to happen here! I was kinda busy in my office otherwise I will have come here to welcome you all! I am extremely sorry for the insult you had faced because of this worker! Yun!! apologise to her now itself! I don't need to hear your explanations! If you want to continue here you shall obey me! "

" I am sorry sir! I won't do it! "

" What the hell??? Then you can pack your bags and leave my hotel! now itself! Get lost!"

Natasha was very happy to hear the decision of the manager and she started to look at him with admiration!

" You are the best manager! I think I should tell my dad about you! He would be happy to know that you protected me in a tough situation! My Dad will give you gifts another good job too! "

The manager could feel the butterflies flying inside his stomach! He was about to kick Yun out of the restaurant but he was shocked to hear the response of Yun!

" why should I pack my bag? Do you have a valid reason to fire me? I have signed a contract with your boss according to which you guys should offer me a one month notice period prior to my resignation otherwise I can very well file a case against you all at the labour court! I hope you know the outcome of a case in labour court and especially being a foreigner I will obviously get protected by the law of your country! I really don't want to damage the reputation of this hotel! So please don't force me to file the case!"

Natasha was startled to hear the reply of Yun! Her eyes were about to pop out! She has underestimated Yun! Bee bursts into laughter after hearing her response! He had never seen such an alluring girl with outstanding beauty and intelligence! He just clapped his hands and laughed out loud. His friends were also started to laugh with him!

Natasha looked at them unbelievably! She was trying to insult the girl because of whom Wu is still suffering at the hospital! She really wanted to beat them for making fun of her!

" Guys! Have you lost it? You are laughing at me! I was trying to help you to take revenge on her but you ar

! He grabbed his phone and called his assistant

" Brian! I want you to arrange a bodyguard for a girl! I will text you her details! it's very important and I want you to keep it as a secret! Don't share it with my friends! Is that clear?"

" Ok, Sir!"

Bee knew that because of them she is going to get hunted by the Red Dot! He wanted to save her like any other girls on his campus and at the same time, he didn't want his friends to know about the fact that she was being saved by him!

He joined them back and he found Yun serving them the food! After finishing her duties she bid bye to her co-workers and she just left towards her hostel!

Bee couldn't take his eyes off her! He was very disturbed to see her working hard and he really wanted to help her but because of his friends, he stayed silent.

They finished their food and was about to leave the hotel. Natasha came to Bee and asked him to drop her at her home! Be asked Maison to drop her and he left with Taison. Natasha was angry at Bee for ignoring her and she just left with Maison!

Bee wanted to be alone with Taison!

" Did you get the history of that girl?"

" Yep! She lost her parents since she was a kid and she is staying with her uncle and his family along with her granny. Her uncle's family is not good and they used to torture her since she was the real owner of her Dad's company! She got a scholarship from the university ad she is an intelligent girl who had also got the training in kungfu and kickboxing!"

" She has no friends in our college and Rim was the only friend of her! She was trying to protect the girl from Wu who was trying to molest her at the women's washroom! She found Rim on time and she has helped her from him by attacking him!"

" What the fuck? And why didn't you guys inform this to me? I should not have transferred her friend to the other university and she was actually innocent! It was Wu who had broken the rules of our gang! She was actually saving her friend from rape!"

" Yeah!"

" Taison! Do you really think that Yun is innocent?"

" Yeah, she was! And Wu had actually tried to confess you all thing but he feared you and changed his mind!"

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