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   Chapter 78 Saving Yun

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Bee had a soft drink and he was thinking about Yun! He couldn't believe that such a brave and intelligent girl like Yun believed Zhen so blindly that she has ended up crying in the end!!! he was hurt to see her in such misery! He knew that she was mentally and physically tortured by Zhen. He wanted to erase all the horrible memories of her and give her a beautiful life full of happiness!

Bee took his phone from the pocket and he played the recording which he had recorded from the bar while Zhen was talking to Jessica! He wanted Yun to know the truth of her husband even though it would break her heart! He could not hide the truth from her! He messaged the whole recordings to her! She didn't hear the message tone of her phone since she was in deep sleep!

Since it was a long journey he decided to take some rest! Bee Li closed his eyes and he remembered their past!


Yun didn't feel like attending her classes! Rim has transferred to a different college and nobody wants to be friends with her! She was all alone in the big campus and she could not forget the lovely days they had spent together! It was all happened because of that bastard Wu and the college administration has not done anything against him, she heard her classmates' rumours that Wu is going to join soon and he will torture her for beating him mercilessly before everyone! But it didn't bother her!

Yun lost her friend because of that bastard and she was not ready to forgive him at any cost! She knew that the entire college was with them because of their power and wealth but she was not! She was ready to face the challenges offered by the gang!!

Yun got inside her class! She chose the language class of English and she needs to sit in the other class along with different students from other classes who have chosen the same language! She sat in the middle of the classroom and no one was ready to sit beside her! The teacher has come and started to take the class!

Bee Li was passing before their class and he happened to see Yun sitting in the classroom! He couldn't take his eyes off her! She looked stunning in that simple dress! Her lips were soft and strawberry coloured! Her eyes have a strong magnetic force which was dragging him towards her! He had never seen such a gorgeous girl in his life and yet she was all alone! He wanted to be friends with her but something was pulling him backwards!

The class got finished and Yun has left the college campus to her workplace! She was actually doing two jobs at different shifts for paying her tuition fees and other costs! While on the other hand, Bee Li was chilling out with his friends and he saw Natasha the hot and sexy girl of the college coming towards him with her friends! Bee has no interest in her and his friends were compelling him to make her his girlfriend so that their strength will be pretty much good than the opposite gang which is Red Dot! The Red Dot gang is actually taken care of by the gangsters who were directly involved in illegal activities! The Red Dot Team is also having Five members of which Isac is the most venomous one! Isac is the only son of the mafia king, Marcos! People feared them like hell and being a new student Yun has no idea about the gangs and their wars!


ou really think that I am not worthy enough to touch them then why did you order me to serve them, my lady? "

" what the hell? How dare you talk back to us? We are going to fire you from here! Call the manager! I want to see him right now!"

" Can you see the button over there? You can press it! The manager will come to you! And you don't need to send me over there for calling him!"

" Look at her!! Just see her audacity man! She is unbelievable and I can't tolerate this anymore!"

" just leave it, Natasha,! It's not a big deal! We can deal with it! Why do you want to fire her from her job? Let her go! After all, it's just a wine bottle!"

" Bee! She is the one who had beaten our Wu so badly that he is still suffering in the hospital! Instead of protecting him you are supporting this girl! I just can't believe you Bee! Why are you doing this to us? I wanted her to say sorry to me, now itself!"

" excuse me! Why would I say sorry to you? I didn't do anything and it was you who kept your legs on my way and made me fell on him! If you want to call the manager you can call him! And I don't think that you are supposed to shout at me for college issues! Anyway, go on!"

Bee Li liked her cool attitude and Natasha pressed the button many times to call the manager! The manager came running there all the way from his office!

" Yes, madam! How can I help you? What's the problem?"

" Ask your servant!"

" I am not his servant and I am working here as a waitress! So you better call me by my name and I hope you know my name too!"

" See! Can't you keep your workers under their limitations? She is saying too many things to us even after breaking the wine bottle! I am not going to pay for it! It was her mistake and we are not ready to bear the loss of yours!"

" What the hell Yun? It's your first day in the customer service and you are treating the customers irresponsibly! I can't believe you!"

" Sorry, madam! What shall I do now? I will do anything! Please save us!"

"!Tell her to apologise before everyone! She should bow before me and apologise! and I am ready to bear the loss too!"

" Yun! Just apologise and don't repeat this!"

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