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   Chapter 77 The Truth 2

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10183

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" No, he actually wanted me to get married to her! I didn't introduce her to my father and she treated him so nice that he had agreed on the marriage wholeheartedly!"

" what the fuck? How did he know about you guys?"

" It's because of Sam! He is working as spy fora spy for me and I guess he is updating every single detail of mine to him!! I really need to take care of that bastard! I can't show my real self to him! "

" let him know Zhen! Let him tell everything to your father! He needs to understand everything one day!"

" Have you lost it, Jessica? He has not yet transferred the properties in my name! And how will I let him know that his son is a gangster and he is also involved in the prostitution business! Do you think that he is going to accept me the way I am? He just hates narcotics and prostitution! So I can't let him know the true identity of me till he transfers the entire business in my name! I want you to wait until I became the true owner of the Wang group!"

" Oh! It's really annoying to wait for an indefinite period of time! Hmmm! Ok, I will wait!"

" Thank you, dear! I will marry you and we are gonna rock our life! "

" Sounds good! But to be frank I can not believe you, Zhen! How did you manage to keep Sam away from all these secrets of yours!"

" On man! It's the toughest task I have to go through 24 by 7! But I have got my men around him! They used to give me the details of every single movement of him! So, for the time being, he is not a threat to us!"

" That was good! I think Yun is going to tell everything to them! So how do you going to deal with her?"

" She won't disclose it to anyone! I will torture her so much that she won't dare to raise her finger against me! I will show her the real world of mine! Being an innocent girl she won't dare to cross her limits! I can very well deal with her! I got stuck up with that bitch because of my father! I didn't know why did he visit my office on that day! He found her and I tried my best to keep her away from him! But it's just happened and I have to tolerate her for a while!"

" Yeah! My bad luck! But I think you should be more careful! Being a hot and gorgeous girl she can easily escape from you with the help of any men!"

" What do you mean?"

" Don't you remember it? Yesterday she was asked to dance with B and he chose her over thousands of girls! They danced together like a perfect couple! I could see the happiness in his eyes! I have never seen any news of him related to any girls! People used to think that he is gay but he is actually waiting for the true girl in his life! If he likes her and he is going to protect her we will be in great trouble Zhen!"

" It was just a dance and he is not going to fall for a girl who is already married! But the way, Why did you think so?"

" It's because of him, Zhen! I think you don't know anything about him right? Maybe that was why you are underestimating him! But please Don't tell me that even after becoming the most eligible CEO of Wang Groups you didn't g

she was staying there too! I am such a stupid and maybe because of that he was able to cheat on me so easily!"

"Ok, call her and ask her to get the papers and handover them to my man who is going to visit your home soon! But before that, we should leave this place! Come with me!"

" Ok! "

Yun tried to get up but she could barely walk since her whole body aches! Bee Li offered his hands to her and she held his hand to walk! They got inside his room and Yun was asked to change her attire! She wore some baggy clothes and big spectacles! She kept her hair under the wig! She wore some heavy makeup and she looked entirely different! It was difficult to note the similarities of real Yun from the new one! Bee Li was also confused to identify her as Yun!

They left the hotel in the Bahamas to the Airport! But before leaving Yun contacted Niyu and asked her to get her the papers from the drawer and she has also revealed the password to her! She told everything to Niyu and Niyu felt so sad to hear that someone like her got cheated by her master! She also asked Niyu to stay careful! Niyu took the papers and handed over them to the delivery boy who was sent by Bee!"

They got inside the car and Yun slept on the way to the airport! When they reached the Airport Bee tried to wake her up but she didn't hear him since she was in deep sleep! So Bee took her in bridal style and got inside his private jet! He was so happy to stay beside Yun! He laid her carefully on the window seat near to his and ordered them to pilot to take them all the way to New York!

Bee could not take his eyes off her! He caressed her face and she squinted her eyes in pain! Bee didn't see the bruise on her cheeks while caressing her! But when he realised that she was brutally tortured by Zhen, he could not get hold of himself and he contacted his men to trace him and beat him! But his friend Li who was working in the Wang Group told him to stay patient for the time being! And Bee listened to him without taking any hasty decision!

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