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   Chapter 76 The Truth

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 10644

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" what are you looking at? I can do anything to you and no one is going to ask me! I just don't need to explain to you anything since we are legally bound to each other! You can't go away from me, Yun! You have to live with me! listen to me carefully! We are going to get married within in weeks and I don't care you love me or not! It's my decision and you are going to obey me because you don't have any other go!"

Yun surprised to hear his harsh comments! She just spat out at him even though she was deeply hurt!

" what the hell? I don't want to get married to you! You are a cheat and I really don't like you! How could you torture someone you love like this Zhen? I loved you and I lost my virginity to you and still, you are accusing me of your extra-marital affair with Jessica! How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me?"

" Love and me! I can't believe you!! You are so naive and innocent Yun! That was what I liked about you! You won't think much! You just let me have you the way I wanted! and you signed the contract with me for money! See you believe anyone blindly! You have got trapped with me! And you can't revoke it! Because I have added some clause in it which will force you to live your whole life with me!"

" What do you mean? I am not rich Zhen and I don't have billions to offer you for releasing me! I am a poor and an average girl, how do you going to make use of me? You are going to lose your time! So please just leave me, Zhen! I am not going to file a case against you! I don't have any problem with you! And I really mean it! Please leave me!"

" Oops, still it's a no from me, darling! I won't release you and I will definitely make use of you! But now I am not interested to talk about my plan for you! "

Yun couldn't believe him! Her throat became so dry that she couldn't say anything to him! She never expected that Zhen is going to entrap her using the contract! She stood there like a statue and Zhen knew that the news was a real shock to her! So he moved closer to her and pulled her hair!

" haaaaaa! What are you doing Zhen? It really hurts! Take your hands off me! "

Yun screamed in pain and she tried to hit him which was clearly blocked by him!

" Don't you dare to show your fighting skills to me! Just sit there and endure the pain! It's your punishment for dancing with the stranger!"

" Please stop it, Zhen! It hurts! Please stop it!"

Yun was about to fall consciously on the bed but Zhen released her and Yun cried silently!

" Why are you doing this to me, Zhen? I didn't do anything to you!"

" You don't remember it right? The way you insulted me before everyone in the pub!"

" What are you talking about! Zhen?"

" Ho, so you don't remember the embarrassment I faced because of your filthy attitude! You hit my face and made me look like a fool before the crowd! I lost the bet with Roxy too because you denied coming out with me! But for heaven's sake, I got the opportunity to fuck you! I just wanted to end it on the day I fucked you! But you made me happy and I really enjoyed that night! I wanted more of you! I have really enjoyed the day and I wanted to make your mine forever!"


" Yeah, she is a typical wife material but I am not interested to start a new life with her and she is not my type!"

" Zhen? I wanted to ask this question to you! Why did you marry her?"

" well, I met her at a party and I send my men there to ask her to come to me! But she denied him! I went to her and I had personally asked her out! But she angered me by defying me and I kinda kissed her! She was too stubborn and arrogant! She hit me on my face before the entire crowd! I was really embarrassed before them! I had lost my bet with Roxy too! It's all happened because of her and I wanted to strangle to death!".

" Ohh!! But you didn't bother to tell me anything, Zhen! I thought you left me! I was in madly love with you and you just dumped me because of her!"

" No way! She is just my money bank! I need her and I am not going to spare her! You are my darling and I will marry you!"

" Then what about the contract? "

" We can live together for the time being and let me set a date for our marriage! My mom actually wanted me to marry you! But my sister is not interested in you! She liked Yun very much!"

" Your sister is so annoying!"

" Yeah! Let's talk about business! Did you get the contact get signed from Grey?"

" Yeah! Do you know something??? he was so demanding and I have to escort him the whole three weeks for the contract! Finally, he agreed to sign them !"

" How could he say no to you darling? After all, You are so tempting!"

" Yeah, I know! But don't force me to do these kinds of works! My grandpa didn't like them and he had asked me to marry Alex if you are not going to marry me within one month!"

"' What? that was a good deal too! Alex is not bad Jessica!"

" Stop it Zhen! I love you and I can't sleep with any other men! You are the only man in my life!still you want me to marry him? You are so annoying!"

" Hmmm! Let me see! I will talk to your grandpa! Is that ok? Are you happy now?"

" Yeah! Thank you so much dear! Ok, when do you want to go back? Just text me!"

" Of course! What about your father? Is he going to attend the marriage?"

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